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1.16 Mughals UHV

Discussion in 'Gameplay Guides' started by rmontaruli, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. rmontaruli

    rmontaruli Prince

    Sep 10, 2002
    Start 1200AD

    UHV 1: build 3 Islamic cathedrals by 1500AD
    UHV 2: build Red Fort, Shalimar Gardens, Taj Mahal by 1660AD
    UHV 3: have 50000 culture (75000 in epic speed) in 1750AD

    First target is very hard in a 600AD game: it requires 12 cities and 12 temples, and all cities in India are independend and strongly garrisoned with 4 crossbows, and some cities are walled.
    The UU siege elephant is very strong, but the time to conquer each city, and wait for healing each time, is not enough.
    So i solved starting my game from a previous savegame with Indians, where cities are weakly garrisoned and have a better displacement and some infrastructures already built.
    I won that game with Indians in 1200AD, and a turn after i changed to Mughals.

    Spoiler :

    In this way i could conquest whole India quickly.
    I converted all cities to Islam with a Great Prophet, and the first UHV target was got in time.

    I used Despotism just to whip temples, then i switched to Monarchy, Manoralism, Feudalism and Monasticism for GP bonus.

    The hard part is the second UHV target, because lot of techs has to be researched.
    The solution is to bulb GP: i had a good Great Prophets production, thanks to existing infrastructure from the previous game with Indians, so i bulbed a lot.

    Mughals will be attacked!
    From all directions!
    Turks from the west, Mongols and Chinese from the east, Tamils from the south and European Colonizers from sea.
    The keys to survive are:
    1) luck
    2) trading and gifts
    3) garrison strategic points
    4) escape and give them all cities not necessary for UHV.

    All buildings, wonders, and culture makers must be built in Delhi, Lahore, Bhopal.

    Culture UHV is not difficult to achieve.
    After having got last tech for wonders of UHV2, i put cultural slide to max, but it is not necessary: a Mausoleum (UB of Mughals) in each city is enough.

    Spoiler :


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