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Sep 10, 2002
There was a thread for Spain in this section, but i'm not able to find it.
So i'm opening a new thread.

In that thread i read a very good idea: razing Marseille before French born and flip it.
It works!
It means more space for Barcelona, no tension on french border, and one french costal city less, useful to win the race for first colony in new world.

The second very important move for Spain is to get Rome and its shrine: gold is very important for economy, because colonies are very expensive until colonization civic.

In european cities do not build anything but religious buildings, jail, lighthouse, and later markets.
For other buildings, just wait for renassaince era and use settlers to upgrade all your cities in one shot.

The matter of this post is something i discovered in my last game with Spain: Krak of Chevaliers!!!
You can build it in Cordoba, with presence of islamic religion, and its effect is a citadel in every city.
Citadel is the spanish UB, with extra culture, useful to enlarge lands in south america and get the silver in the other side of Andes.
To keep islam in Cordoba, you do not have Teocracy, otherwise Islam disappears, and you cannot build Krak.

You can change to Teocracy later, before Academia, of course.

Some tricks: delay conqueror events as long as possible. If you get Conquistadores, the conquest of Aztecs and Incas will be a piece of cake.

Try to found protestantism before HRE, to keep control of holy city (in my case it was Madrid) and discourage other civ to convert.

To defend from those native Dog Warriors in America, heavy spearmen are more effective than Tercios.
Keep 3 heavy spearmen on the copper in the south, and 3 heavy spearmen in the hill east of the gold in the north of SA.

It is a very funny game.
Let's start a game with Spanish.

Scenario: 600AD
Speed: Epic
Difficulty: Regent

Starting year: 722
UU: Tercio (Arquebusier) - Conquistador (Cuirassier)
UB: Citadel (Castle)
UP: The Power of Discovery (Naval units receive +2 movement points)

UHV1: Be first to found a colony in America
UHV2: Secure a total of 10 silver and gold resources by 1650AD
UHV3: Spread Catholicism to 30% of the world population and allow no Protestant civs in Europe in 1650AD
Spoiler :



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First move:
  • spread Catholicism in Madrid and go for Monastery
  • send Settler for Santiago
  • road over sheeps
  • send whole army to east to get Barcelona and destroy Marseilles
Spoiler :

In this game a free horse unit happens.


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Lucky event: i found a weak Marseille.
Spoiler :

As usal it is defended by one strong crossbow.


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    SP Lucky roll of dices - weak Massilia0000.JPG
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First step achived with no casualties.
Spoiler :

No casualties is a very lucky start.
Loosing a lancer and one or two swords in this step is OK.
Loosing both two lancers and one or more sword, is a hard start.
Failing in this goal, give up and restart.

For next step (Cordoba and Rome) you'll need at least 3 Lancers, 3 Trebuchets, 3 or 4 Swords and a Crossbow.


  • SP Lucky roll 2 - Barcelona without casualties0000.JPG
    SP Lucky roll 2 - Barcelona without casualties0000.JPG
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Next targets are spread Catholicism in Santiago, build monasteries (for science, culture and missionaries), meet Bizantium for tech trading, and explore Europe.
Spoiler :



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Machinery from Bizantium
Spoiler :



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Lucky event: Catholicism spread in Santiago without need of a missionary.
So there is the opportunity to build barracks in Madrid.
Spoiler :

As usual Madrid has to spend some turns to train a missionary for Santiago.


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France asks to trade Theology: this is usual.
Spoiler :



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Year 880AD: Fortification
Spoiler :

Fortification is necessary to unlock UB, to train trebuchets, and to allow Krak des Chavaliers.
All these stuff is strategic for Spanish goals.
(and it is a well tradeable tech)


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Let's spend a post to talk about workers.
I'd like to work tiles in Spain in the following way
Spoiler :

Lumbermill on almost all forest but those in the east of Madrid.
Madrid needs food.
Mines on the hills, and there should be at least a windmill in the land of Don Quixote, you know!
Obviously do not waste time to work core tiles of Portugal, and wait to build roads: you'll have lot of time later.


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Nice! I always tried to destroy the Moors first thing. Destroying Marseille is a good strategy I never thought about.
I'll be staying up to date and start a game with Spain as well!
Bad news in this history: no Mezquita in Cordoba this time.

While Madrid trains army and Barcelona and Santiago build religious buildings and workboats, my Lancers go to explore around.
Spoiler :



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And HRE wants to expand in Italy.
Spoiler :

Some notes about Rome:
in a game with Spain, Rome can be independent, and it MUST be conquered just after Cordoba.
Or it belongs to Bizantium, in this case it is weak and easily conquered together with Naples in one war campaign, after Cordoba.
If Rome is French, in this case France is weak, so the strategy is to conquest Bordeaux first, Rome next, then France will capitulate.
But you cannot allow HRE to get Rome. A war with HRE is out of your plans and you'll waste time, army and everithing.
So, if HRE enters in Italy you must warn, and run for Rome ASAP.

In this case HRE lost most of its army in Venice, so Rome is safe.


  • HRE is going to Italy0000.JPG
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Extra event! Vikings declare war and try to attack Santiago!
Spoiler :

I needed of one reload to manage their landing. After that, its time for reprisal.
I had three Lancers in Madrid, waiting for trebouchets, so i sent them to the North...

Just 3 archers in Denmark!
Spoiler :

And some turns later...
Spoiler :

I kept Roskilde just the time to train a worker then i gifted it to HRE.


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Poland traded Civil Service, useful to upgrade my swords, so i'm ready to get Cordoba.
Spoiler :

Cordoba must be captured in two turns:
first - declare war and enter on sheeps
resist to moorish attack
second - bombard with trebouchets and attack.

I had an army of 4 swords, 3 Lancers, 3 Trebouchets and 1 crossbow.
I lost 1 Lancer and 2 swords

Trick: do not use a workboat from Barcelona before peace with Moors. Send it later.


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Nice! I always tried to destroy the Moors first thing. Destroying Marseille is a good strategy I never thought about.
Not my idea. I read somewhere in this forum the strategy to destroy Marseilles.
I can confirm it works, because i played lot of games with Spanish.
Lot of advatages: no tension with French borders, more space for Barcelona, free way to go to the east in the beginning of the game to meet Bizantium, HRE and other civs, and Rome. I think it is the key for a well planned victory with Spain.
I got to the year 1550 with Spain but sadly the conquerors only got in Mexico so Peru won't be conquered by me. Bu good news is I managed to build Notre Dame , Escotrial (or something like that), Santa Maria del Fiore, and I have the whole Italic peninsula.
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