1.17 Korea Domination stategy - Monarch/Epic


Dec 18, 2021
The Khanate of Kazan
Korea has a small core and no historical area, plus a terrible -50% to culture - not the most optimal parameters for playing domination. Nevertheless, this goal is achievable. We have plenty of food in the core, not the worst science and city maintenance parameters. We also put low inflation and maintaining civics on the plus side.
Playing Korea is very similar to playing Japan; it is also very important to establish control over your neighbors as early as possible.
So. To avoid the constant problem of over-expansion, we'll use the three-city strategy. Yes, you heard right, we will place three super megapolises (in the distant future) on a small piece of land. So we will use 3000BC game. And Rebublic

Spoiler Victory screen :

Found you capital on hills 1N from Dye - Siljikguk - so you can grub Fish from Japan. Swith to Clergy and Citizenchip, stay with despotism to whip you cites. Whip Library and Granary nad start build second Settler to found your second city - Pyongyang. Stong production city. Third city in core will be Gwangju on silk, but found it in industrial era. Not early. There is no need in it nad you must secure Fish from China for it (raze Shanhai for exp) Also then you found it - give him more food resourches - to fast grow (to 10 for exp). And cutural bomb maybe be needed in city also. So it take 3-4 cultural place and recive all resourches needed for large population.
Wait 2-3 turns from starting game and sell\give China chip tech, and get open borders with them. Send your starter Horseman to contact India first and then send him along the silk road to Persia (beware Barbarians). Trade tech with Persia and India. Horseman must survive till europeans spawn. In my game i used it for contacts till global era. The rest forces (swordman and 2 archers staying at Pyongyang spot and waiting chances to capture Shimyang (if it Barbarian - do it now, if it chines - wait till barbarians capture it, and then recapture). Sometime it could take a lot of time.
Build wall first, then barraks and swordmans here. Having Shimyang its must have - to get Confucianism.
Research first for Scolarship. You need biuld Cheomseongdae in capital. Also try to build Jetavanaramaya in Pyongyang (so we need found it fast). First great person who born - you need great artist, to use Cultural bomb to recapture Fish from Japan, then they appear. And keep some great artists for Museum - i build in each core city it. Boost generation of great ppl

The 4 city we need - its Chichihar on coal.
Go for heavy swordmans and start planning invasion to Japan. Take Tokyo and make vassal of them.

Then wait for Mongols and it's Game Over)) The plans of Great Empire will be destroyed. In my games mongols didnt declare war to China, they declare war to mee. Once they used only small army nad i survived. And sometime they use full forces. So build lage army, it help me. They didnt declare war then i got some lancers, swordmans and so on..
The next thing you need - the whole China. Wait for mongols collapse, or China collapse. Whatever)) You need China. Period

Also dont foget to switch to Confucianism to build Porcelair Tower and Forbidden Palace. Then switch back to Buddism. And try capture any city with islam - build Tadj Mahal and Image of the world square in capital. With meritocracy and regulated trade you'll get nice science in capital.
Then you get China - switch to Monarchy for jails and Constabulary. Start planning colonisation of Siberia before russians - with couple of cites you can control lagre area of land. Next thing - vassalase your neighbors - Thailand, Indonesia (i capture independet Plembarg (Tamils collapsed) and released it to Indonesia - next turn they asked be my vassals)). Mugals/India. If England still in India - leave thier cites for stealing tech, or return them to India

Probably you'll be one of the tech leaders now. Go for Represantative for industrial era and free stateman (you'll need atleast one for administrative center, then your Empire grow very big). Switch for Democracy and Constitution. Then you'll get Statue of Liberty and Supermarkets(!) - you ready for Rebublic. Switch now and enjoy fast grow of your core cites.
And settle all great people (generals, spys), but not right now. Food you need, but it can wait. Build Neuschwanstein Castle(!!!) - you'll get 3-5 additional great ppl very fast. . Add try to build Louvre and Crystal Palace. Manage wonders and great ppl - you need balance all 3 city with population and production.

I made screenshots for explanation

Spoiler Pyongyang :

Spoiler Siljikguk :

Spoiler Gwangju :

I had made calculation and with vertical farms the maximum population of cites:
Pyongyang - 45
Siljikguk - 55 (unhealthy) and 50 (healthy)
Gwangju - 35
The total 135 - not bad for such tiny peninsula

And some screenshots for better understanding strategy in attachments

P/S UHV - get 1 or 2 UHV, but not both. Make fleet of Privateers and sunk 18-19 ships and sunk 20 then you'll need GA - for industrial revolution or for stabilty reason. And for stability keep 2 great person in you stabilisation fund)
P/S2 You can run with Republic "Green pill" - Central planning and Egalitarism OR "Red pill" - Individualism and Free Enterprise
Green give you more happines and production in core citis, Red give you more science. Depending of you situation, the choice is up to you.And all time Manosticism for pumping great ppl.
P/S3 Koreans are weak warriors. Fight with barbarians, independet - ok, but with strong army (Iran, Ottomans, Mugals) - it's pain. Your tank will die on rifflemans, your maching guns will die with first attack of grenadiers... Therefore, you need not only an advanced army, but also a very large. Things get much easier when you have bombers


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You're insane. I love this
I enjoy doing this with one city on the dye as the only core city, with single city bonus you can get a core pop of close to 200 with dozens of settled GP , an important factor is you must raze kyoto and capture tokyo when you supress japan so you can build a city 1 SE of kyoto else the japanese rebuild kyoto and steal your Rice. and the west side of the river in the north makes a nice city. I've never manages to complete domination as a OCC, though Korea could possibly do it.
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