[C3C] 1) Leaderhead and 2) Game not responding Issues


Apr 12, 2020
Hello all. Wondering if theres still Civ3 players around here in 2020... So i m adding nice goodies i found in this site to a scenario i m creating for the past 30 days or more. Basically its not a scenario but just new leaderheads and history based units for few nations. (eg. Montana BB , B24 flying fortress etc etc for Americans. Bismarck BB, Tiger tanks for Germans. Hood etc etc for British and so on..) I think i ve added so far about 90 new units. Now i got 2 problems i cant solve.

1 problem) Under foreign advisor tab, Hitlers leaderhead appear in a black portret (box). I ve checked all pcx files from German-Leaderhead zip i ve downloaded from here and corrected one from 32bit back to 8bit palleted. Yet the problem insists. (I dont know how to edit or correct Flc files. Never done that before neither im such advanced modder). I m just on "Add new terrain, Wonders, Leaderheads and Units with proper sound and history-based civpedia texts copyed from Wiki" level.

2 problem) Please keep in mind that in a normal game or downloaded scenario, turns usually last about 1 - 8 seconds up to the very end of the game. In my scenario all turns last about 2 - 4 seconds max up to the time i enter "Modern era" (Renamed to WW2 Era). Then as soon as me and my rivals start building all these new units (Battleships,Cruisers,LongRange Bombers, Medium Bombers, UBoats,Carriers,Fighters, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks etc) every turn passing, last a bit longer. So from that exact point and within 20-30 turns, game freezes and "Not Responding". I waited about 10 minutes for 1 turn just to check if it only need more time but no. Game was not responding. I thought i should lift some weight so i removed 5 out of 15 civs scenario. Game still acts such even with 10 civs.

Its sad cause i still got in mind to add Hellicopters, AA guns, Tank Destroyers, Heavy Howitzers and Artys, and many infantry / Mashinegun Units.

I m running under Win7 Ultimate 64bit Updated, i3-2100cpu 3.10Ghz, 8Gb Ram, SSD discs, NVidia-GTX1060-3Gb,
Game is Civ3C Complete under 1.29 Update

Thank you in advance for any response or solution on these 2 problems.
Regards and happy gaming
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Moderator Action: Hi Madroskylos and welcome to Civfanatics! There are a lot of Civ 3 players and modders still around....and I think you'd get more help from the main Civ 3 Creation and Customisation forum, so I've move the thread to there.


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Madroskylos... The Leaderheads are probably using White (255, 255, 255). Pure White shows as Black in Game. Change the Pure White to a lesser White such as (250, 250, 250), (254, 248, 251), etc... The White will still appear as White without being Pure White. IF you have Animation Shop, this can be corrected in the finished Leaderhead file by replacing the Pure White with a Lesser White.

The Game Freezes could be due to several things but the slowed AI turn times are probably due to Harbors and Airports. Shipping and Air Trade cause the AI more time to Calculate and this can become Greater with Many Harbors and Airports that allow Trade.

IF you upload one of your Leaderheads with the Black issue, I will take a look at it and correct it.
For starters, try removing "Allows Air Trade" from Airports and "Allows Water Trade" from Harbors. Those Improvements can still be flagged to allow Veteran Units and will still Repair them. This will show you if those Improvements are causing the AI Move Time Delay.

There could be many other simple issues causing the Game Freeze such as a single Unit with problems or if a Ship is trying to offload an Immobile Unit to shore. Point is to start somewhere in order to narrow the issues and find what is causing the Problems. I am guessing that there are a few simple things causing your Game problems.
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