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1 Thing i can't figure out, need help.

Discussion in 'Mod Creation Help' started by LinFri, May 22, 2020.

  1. LinFri

    LinFri Chieftain

    May 22, 2020
    Hello there,

    Im totally fresh to modding but with some effort in the past week, I could make my own Civilization and leader with unique abillities and Art. Everything works.

    But my current Problem is: When I activate the Mod (Gedemo nenetsia) from which I took many files, everything still works on my mod except the Gametext. In the Pregamestart Menu, where you pick the leader, it displays no text, just the reference (for example LOC_LEADER_LEINY_KIM) but when I deactivate the other mod from which I took files, the text shows correctly.

    Maybe in short how i created my mod:

    -Copied the mod from Gedemo Nenetsia.
    -Changed all the Art (Textures) to the Art I Wanted and changed the names of the icons with correct references.
    -Made a new empty modbuddy project
    -Moved all the Files from Gedemo Nenetsia except BLPs in my project in the same order. Changed alle the references correctly (With nenetsia mod deactivated everything works as it should)
    -Deleted my mod art and copied the mod.Art from nenetsia but changed the Mod ID and Mod Name
    -Cooked the XLP files and put them into my modbuddy project
    -Changed the text and Abillities like I wanted. Only thing I didnt change was civlopedia and rivernames ect.
    -looked at the modinfo file from gedemo nenetsia to get all my frontgame and ingame actions and imported files correctly from my own modbuddy project build.

    If you need any files to help me, just tell me. Big thanks in advance !
  2. maconnolly

    maconnolly Warlord Supporter

    Jun 3, 2019
    If you can attach your ModBuddy project, or indeed the cooked mod (the one from your Mods folder), in a zip or similar, I'd be glad to take a look this weekend. Would probably get to it tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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