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1001 Brazilian Knights

Discussion in 'CivBE - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Protagonist, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Protagonist

    Protagonist Chieftain

    Mar 10, 2014
    This is a fanfic I'm working on with, a dolled-up retelling of an actual play-through of BE Earth, told mostly from the perspective of Rejinaldo, though a few other characters will appear (there will be one character for most unit classes). I'll be seeking out the Purity Affinity.

    Some mods I'm using during this are:
    -Stronger Aliens
    -Improved Loadouts

    Italicized texts are journal entries from Rejinaldo himself

    Spoiler Log 1: Planetfall :
    For the people of Brasilia, the Seeding was a military operation. We brought with us the greatest Brazilian veterans, Security Systems, and a Weapons Arsenal. People came from all across the country to try to get on those ships. We would have brought them all, if we could. Unfortunately, we could only bring a hundred thousand people. I was chosen to be the commanding officer of this entire operation. I alone am responsible for the success or failure of this project. I cannot fail.
    The planet we landed on was a planet called “Xeria”. A world covered in purplish fora, underneath a cyan star. It’s a hot, tropical world. Some of the plants grow softly at night. The planet’s life is mostly invertebrate. The high oxygen levels allow for insects the size of elephants.
    Just now, we’ve set up our Colony. Cidadela, we’ve named it. The very first successful Seeding Project. The people of our colony are celebrating with the construction of an Old Earth Relic in the center of our town. I can see the construction site from my office. If it reminds anyone of Earth, I fear I will have the ugliest view on the entire Planet.
    We’ve sent a field researcher by the name of Becca Williams out into the field. Meanwhile, Paladin Team will be sent to explore the area around our city. We’ll see what they find. We’re especially hoping to find resource pods, pieces of equipment sent from our sponsor ahead of us. Not everything could fit on the colony ship, after all.

    Spoiler Log 2: Amazing Discoveries :

    (turn 27)
    Becca Williams was followed by a small companion rover. She walked towards what appeared to be ruins. At first, she assumed that they were a derelict settlement, but the more she looked around in them, the more this seemed unlikely. There was text on this world, markings that were not of any human language. In the center, the was a device that looked like a pillar. She walked over to it, and suddenly, was struck by a vision.
    The vision was fuzzy. She could barely see a thing, but she could feel...concepts. She was in a city. The city was filled with humanoid shapes. People? They were crowding around a monument. A large, towering building. She couldn't make out what it was, though.
    And then, as quickly as the vision came, it left.

    Today, Becca Williams discovered something amazing. She discovered what she believes to be a sentient alien race that used to live on this world. She has dubbed them "Progenitors". This raises many questions. Were these aliens friendly? Why did they leave this world? And, more importantly, where are they now?

    In other news, combat while wearing an environmental suit is rather difficult. Our soldiers on this planet are barely even militarized. I've been working on adapting infantry tactics and armor for this planet. I've dubbed this new infantry type a "Marine". Each one wears a specialized armored environmental suit, and carries assault rifles, and each are retrained in old-earth tactics. The same principles of Old World armies, just adapted for this world. You go to war with the soldiers you have. Make sure those are the soldiers you want.

    Also, our logistical situation has improved. We can now construct vehicles. Soon, we'll be building construction equipment for workers as well as combat vehicles.

    Spoiler Hutama :
    Hutama invited me over to play golf today. I haven’t played Golf in forever. My game was always chess, and also boxing. Hutama was a very good sport, and went easy on me. He also offered to buy me a drink, from one of his breweries. I accepted. The drink was brewed from native plants. It hadn’t tasted like any cocktail from Earth I’d ever tasted, but it was nonetheless delicious. It had a sort of sweet, minty flavor to it.
    I usually wouldn’t criticize someone in their own home, but it bugged me too much. I asked him why he had already spent resources on luxury items like golf courses and breweries. I warned him that such items will not help him survive. After making a hole-in-8, he asked “what’s the point of survival if people aren’t going to be happy?”-a good point.
    However, he told me that nobody was going to be happy if they couldn’t survive. And with the planet being what it was, he was wondering if we could establish a cooperation agreement. It wasn’t long before we started signing the papers.
    Hutama also says that he's constructed Marines as well, but using a different strategy. His Marines are given very discreet implantation, such as an eye implant with a tactical feed. This supposedly makes up for the various problems of fighting wars on this planet.

    PS: Ask ADVISR for golf lessons

    Spoiler Kavitha and the great alliance :

    Kavitha also asked for a meeting with me.
    I came over to Mandira, into a large temple. I sat in the pews, listening to her sermon about the great mistake. She says that it was not a mistake, but instead all part of God's plan for humanity. She said there was no such thing as accidents, only inevitability.
    As people left for their jobs, I stayed behind. I asked her why she had called me here, and she spoke of Hutama. She said that Hutama had also made an agreement with her. God's plan, according to her, was for there to be an alliance between her people and others. God's plan, she says, is for there to be a time of great unity before there is war between us. She said that I was part of her prophecy.
    I began to consider. Our real enemy is the planet, not each other. We are all refugees from Earth. We must stick together for as long as we can.

    PS: It seems that Kavitha might be on to something. Samatar is asking me for a meeting. I've already told him I'm too busy, but if it's for a cooperation agreement, the answer is yes. It turns out it was.

    Spoiler Aliens Attack! :

    (turn 106)
    David was a new recruit. He and his brother Aaron had joined the military in order to follow in their father's footsteps. Their father was a great war hero from the Ghandi Wars. Unfortunately, his brother had to stay behind during the seeding.
    They were on a training mission in the African Union's territory, walking through the purple grass at night.
    David looked up, and began to see in the air large, green orbs.
    He got on the ground, grabbing a friend of his with him. When the orbs hit the ground, there was an explosion from each one, spreading acid everywhere. 2 Marines were killed. David got up, and saw far in the distance, 2 manticores. He ran towards them, him and his team, and fired.
    After killing the manticores, David started to relax, thinking himself safe. He then looked off in the horizon. Wolf Beetles. Wolf beetles everywhere.


    Samatar was sitting in his office when a warning light went off.
    Samatar's eyes widened. "Aliens...In our borders!? Activate the turrets!"
    He ran to the balcony, where a holographic screen showed him the conflict between the aliens and the Brasilian Marines. He said "Skiet!"
    The turrets trained themselves on the xenos, and then opened fire.

    David crouched, and got an enemy in his sights. He pulled the trigger. Suddenly, the entire swarm of aliens exploded. He was a little confused.
    Suddenly, they got a radio signal from Samatar. "What are you waiting for, friend? Retreat!"

    And so they did.
  2. Protagonist

    Protagonist Chieftain

    Mar 10, 2014
    Tragically, my computer stopped working, so I lost my saves. I'll have to start again later.
  3. Sonereal

    Sonereal Call Me Ish Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    That's a shame, because the AAR started off interesting enough.
  4. Tambien

    Tambien Theseus, Duke of Athens

    Mar 21, 2011
    The Best Place on Earth, Virginia

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