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18 Civs for Earth and Europe

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Scenarios' started by Luke1195, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Luke1195

    Luke1195 Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2015
    Hey everyone I made these two scenarios and decided to post them on this site.

    The 18 Civs World Map "Earth Major Cities" is just like the original except it has pre-placed cities with no city razing. It also has all wonders already built in the correct cities. Most of the cities are Barbarian cities but there are no barbarians and each Civ starts out with Warriors and Archers to conquer the Barbarian cities around them. In order to prevent more city building, mountains and oases were created everywhere a new city could have been made, so AI can't found new cities. Don't worry though - there are plenty of Barbarian cities.
    To even things out, each civilization starts with three cities instead of one, and the cities have some minor improvements around them. They also have some population and culture. Each capital gets 12000 culture so they are listed as the top cities even when another city gets a Great Artist culture bomb. Each civilization starts out with 3000 gold because otherwise civilizations with Holy Cities (Egypt, India, China, Arabia) would get an advantage from the incoming wealth.
    Even with the above, having all wonders pre-built still causes the playing field to be somewhat uneven. Some civilizations have 5 or more wonders (America, Greece, Egypt) while others have none (Mongolia). Also, France builds culture twice as fast as everyone else because the Eiffel Tower causes automatic Broadcast Towers to be placed in every city (I tried getting rid of them, but it looks like the game has a check against that.). This usually causes London and Berlin to be overtaken by French culture. It also causes some problems for Spain. The United Nations and the Apostolic Palace being built from the start also poses issues, as the elections are random and can vastly change the game. If this bothers you, you should take out the UN and Apostolic Palace and whatever wonders you don't want, whether its all wonders after a certain era, or specific ones, or all of them.

    The Europe Map is the same as the original with 18 Civs and some minor changes to resources. The Civilizations start out with their capital cities founded. Egypt's capital is Memphis since Thebes is off the map, and the Ottoman capital is Ankara since the Byzantine capital Constantinople is the same city as Istanbul.


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  2. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
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  3. Sturmgewher88mm

    Sturmgewher88mm Kaiser

    Sep 28, 2013
    On the Europe map, the Celts start in the south of France FYI...

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