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#18 Spoiler discussion

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by golem, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. golem

    golem Warlord

    Sep 22, 2001
    Praha, Czech rep.
    How are you doing?

    I have played first evening and I am 750 BC.

    12 cities, 12 techs, new tech each 20 turns.

    It looks as a really good challenge - the map is pretty big. I have found Romans, conquered two cities and looking for the rest.
  2. Smash

    Smash Super Lurker Retired Moderator

    Oct 28, 2000
    Vancouver, Canada
    ok I guess.Science is slow thats for sure.Just deciding which techs to pursue is tough enough.But it is nice not having any unhappies or any riot factor problems.
    Right now I'm pretty much bullying my way thru.Stealing tech,extortion,armed aggression,etc...all the fun stuff :D

    Took awhile but the gold has piled up.Bribing is a logical tactic.Poor ai will send 4-5 units my way only to have them defect and turn around

    My first wonder was The Pyramids.Thats a big change for me :D
  3. Becka


    Aug 11, 2001
    I've already finished the game, but I managed to keep up in tech with the AI throughout. I was surprised, since this was my first Deity game (wasn't it at Deity?)
  4. anarchywrksbest

    anarchywrksbest Deity

    Jan 25, 2002
    Northern Ireland
    This my first Deity game for quite a while (last one was a bit of a wake up call). Anyway I have gone for a trade approach, amassing large amounts of gold and buying tech off the more advanced civs. Military front is a bit quiet, going to buy my way through the game.
  5. Narz

    Narz keeping it real

    Jun 1, 2002
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    Fundamentalism is cool!! No unhappiness to worry about, no fliping through all your cities making sure each one is balanced (happy vs. unhappy). This is gonna be fun!

    - Narz :king:
  6. Marlos

    Marlos Christian Soldier

    Nov 28, 2001
    Canton, MI, USA
    I agree, Narz, this GOTM is cool! :cooool: You make a unit, send it out, build another without losing production levels.

    I am 1300AD now, researching Invention and no one has started LW yet! I have overcome the research shortfall by expanding like crazy and have 23 cities with large swaths of land available for settling. I go to war :soldier: with everyone I meet since I will not pay their tributes. :mwaha: Steal a tech, buy a city (get another tech), rinse, repeat.

    I have constructed Pyramids :egypt: , MC :jesus: , STWA :ninja: , and plan to target ASTC and/or INC after getting LW.

    For those who do not like to manage a lot of cities, this game will probably drive you crazy! :crazyeye: For those who can/will manage many cities, this game has been made for you!

    I understand from the GOTM thread that the AI has been inadvertantly restricted from changing governments. This should make victory much easier, despite the Deity level game.
  7. golem

    golem Warlord

    Sep 22, 2001
    Praha, Czech rep.
    So, I have finished - 420 AD. This was the funniest GOTM for me - that was really relax - no unhappy people. Just to fight or bribe or bargin. Marco was the most important for me - I can recommend.

    Maybe I am happy that this time I have received my best GOTM score so far - but I would enjoyed it anyway.
  8. Smash

    Smash Super Lurker Retired Moderator

    Oct 28, 2000
    Vancouver, Canada
    I have to agree that playing in Fundy is quite a fun way to play.If we do this again sometime I will make sure the AIs can switch governments.That should be a harder challenge.

    At 1AD:

    34 cities
    23 techs(16 turns per)
    7 wonders:
    King Richard
    Great Wall
    Hanging Gardens(captured)

    Egypt destroyed.

    Collosus was a bit of waste I think.I got a couple of "decent" camel payoffs from it but then killed off the routes when I annexed Egypt and cities were razed.I wish now I had built The Lighthouse instead.Too late now.
    Engineering came from a hut after trading techs via Marco's.Nice boost to early wonder production from KRC.
    Pyramids never a horrible plan, but particularly good for this game.

    Main "army" consists of:
    11 elephant
    7 knight
    3 diplomat
    5 trireme

    Operation Invade Rome underway.AI has saved me oodles of turns down the line by trading maps :D.I can't see my game done by 420ad though.:(

  9. Narz

    Narz keeping it real

    Jun 1, 2002
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    Damn Golum, you finished in 420AD? :eek: How did you do it? Conquer, spaceship, couldn't have been spaceship...
  10. golem

    golem Warlord

    Sep 22, 2001
    Praha, Czech rep.
    Conquer, of course. I have built Marco, Sun than changed the maps and hooray to fight. That was a nice job.
  11. Jayne

    Jayne Emperor

    Jun 12, 2002
    Worcs UK
    Just finished... by retirement. This is the first deity game I've played in ages and I did quite well for me! I destroyed Egypt, which made me the largest civ, but didn't get very far with conquering anyone else. This is probably the first time on deity I've got all the techs... but it was too late to build spaceships. I don't know how some of you guys win so quickly... perhaps my research/production priorities are wrong.:crazyeye:
  12. anarchywrksbest

    anarchywrksbest Deity

    Jan 25, 2002
    Northern Ireland
    I have finished by spaceship, and when did it land.....2020 ;)
  13. Narz

    Narz keeping it real

    Jun 1, 2002
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    Man, my eyeballs hurt. This is a damn tough game. Note to the GOTM guys (whoever sets up the particular game itself) : this map is huge! Don't get me wrong, its fun, but its also very tedious. All the micro-management, especially building caravans... beads, gold, coal, hides, supply, demand, :aargh3: . If this was anything other than Fundy, I don't think I'd have the pacience to finish (of course if it wasn't fundy I'd have tanks by now). Tracking down these AI's is certainly a challange. The Egyptians went first, then the Romans, then the French (they had a lot of cities) but man is it a pain trying to find some of these other guys.

    The Persians are hidden way out there, many continents away, through ocean and river, forest and mountain, they are safe for now, but when I am through with the others and can redivert my forces... they are next :vampire:

    If I had to do it all again the only thing I'd do differently is build more librarys. The science is slow but in the long run its worth it, I hate settlers, there are so slow, I can't wait to get Explosives (free upgrade, woo-hoo! [dance]).

    I'll keep y'all updated. I'm curious to hear everyone's stratagies. It won't effect my planing much, I aim to be done within another 20 or 30 turns.

    - Narz :king:
  14. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    I finally got started on this game, and now I'm a little past 0AD, so I'll give a general status report, and make some screenies and log, probably tomorrow.

    First, I'll say I've hardly researched any beakers of science at all. I decided to play Power Fundamentalism (PF), and will post greater details later. I always lag you fast starters in 0AD, and catch up in Democracy after 0AD. You all are going to laugh when I tell you how many cities I had in 0AD... four. Actually, five including the size 1 Advanced Tribe that I am killing off. But I have over 1,000 gold and 22 techs with 0% science most of hte time (PF in action!).

    As this is aPF game, the first thing I did was build MPE. Then trade and orchestrate, with zero or minimal science, and IPRB caravans. My SSC was not my capital, and in fact, I changed the name to SGC (Super Gold City). It makes obscene amounts of gold, and I have passed on all science improvements, as well as the CO and INC.

    I've been able to sustain 1 advance per day, for very short periods. The interium is a couple three repositioning and reloading the caravans. The absolute top priority is for even size 1 cities to produce caravans. This is the essense of PF. This is where the science comes from. And the by-product is more gold than can even consumed.

    I've had some hides repeaters, and Egyptians demand hides. Hides are far and away the best, in this early game. My caravans have netted up to 880 gold/science per delivery, and that's because I'm deliberately not gifting the Key Civ. This balloons the gold before Inv and Nav, as the 200% multiplier is still in effect. And I have more gold than any game I've ever played, at this early point. So much gold that I cannot spend it all..... this is due to my empire being so small... I should have bit the bullet and expaded more. But now I'm wiping out Egypt, except for one city that is a hides/dye repeat demander a long way from my SGC.

    I have given top priority to my SCG, as it has both Colossus and KRC. Other cities support it with food routes, and have helped it grow, though it has taken much longer to grow than Rep/Dem. All terrain is irrigated, and all forests are gone, except for the one silk.

    BTW, I've swapped maps with most civs, to find out the trade situation.

    About wonders, some things were quite different for me in this game.

    Here is my build order:

    1. MPE. By far the most valuable wonder in this game. By far.
    2. Pyramids.
    <lost the Hanging Gardens>
    3. Colossus
    4. Lighthouse (this is a MAJOR departure from my "usual", necessitated by the nature of Power Fundy & ocean trade).
    5. KRC. Extremely valuable in PF.

    ---- planned: ----
    6. Sun Tzu.
    7. Michelangelos Chapel.
    8. Magellan.
    9. Leonardo.
    10. JS Bach.
    11. Adam Smith.

    Well, that's about it for now. I will post a great deal about this game, since this is such an unusual game. PF, however, does not lend itself to high scores (due to small city sizes), but it is second only to PD in terms of strength, though I have not yet been attacking many civs yet.

    EDIT: Jeeze, over 10 typos in a short post, LOL.
  15. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Having never played Fundamentalism, I'm struggling with this, and dispair of ever finishing this huge map. Madly building Diplomats, Caravans, Cities, crawling thru Science, having some fortune with the Caravans, Paid $216 once, several $144. Each turn, I check thru every city: if a little production, switch to Warrior, buy it, switch back; if 13-16, Phalanx, 23-26 Diplomat, 43-46 Catapult, so as to attempt to use all of this gold.

    I built Pyramids first, did that right, and have been exploring, fighting, bribing my way along. Just got Mike's, hence a flood of gold. Presently feel the great need for Leonardo, then Magellan and Caravels.

    It seems I was getting gold anyway when my Science was over 50%

    People have commented how great Marco Polo is, but it did not produce for me in the past few games so I'm ignoring it.

    3950 BC, Hut $50, founded Kyoto, started Horse.
    3850 BC, choose Alphabet for Writing.
    3700 BC, first Warrior, founded Osaka Silk w other Settler.
    3600 BC, Hut is Settler from None.
    3450 BC, finally a road and 2 Science Beakers/turn.
    3400 BC, located a Whale.
    3350 BC, ALPHABET, choose Writing over Code Laws, Currency, Masonry Pyramids, Polytheism, Map, Warrior, Wheel, Mysticism. Very odd to not want Monarchy, Hanging Gardens, Michelangelo... do need Pyramids.
    3350 BC, produced first HORSEMAN.
    3300 BC, Horse popped Hut Chariot. F11 shows us #1 nearly everything. Building 2 Settlers.
    3100 BC, located another Whale. Realized I should be irrigating.
    3050 BC, produced first SETTLER.
    2950 BC, founded Edo.
    2750 BC, founded Satsuma. 60,000 4 c, $4-0, Sci 2/13 Mfg=12 FS=8
    2700 BC, WRITING, choose Code Laws over Currency, Masonry, Polytheism, Mysticism, Map, Warrior, Wheel, Pottery.
    2600 BC, Started Colossus. IPRB warrior & phx for Settlers.
    2300 BC, produced first DIPLOMAT.
    2350 BC, 100,000 pop in 4, $7-0, Sci=3/13, Mfg=13 FS=8.0 #1.
    2050 BC, CODE LAWS, Choose Masonry Pyramids over Currency Map Literacy Poly Warrior Wheel Mysticism Monarchy Pottery. Produced first PHALANX. Cleared jungle, founded Kagoshima Whale. Building Colossus / Pyramids, 4 Settlers. 1850 BC, founded Nara.
    1600 BC, 200,000 in 6, $11-0, Sci 6/10, Mfg=18 FS=7.5 #1.
    1500 BC, MASONRY, Choose Map over Currency, Math Literacy Poly Warrior Wheel Monarchy Mysticism Pottery. Founded Nagoya.
    1000 BC, Romans started the Pyramids, too late! No Barbs!?
    975 BC, MAP MAKING, choose Currency? over Polytheism Math Warrior Literacy Wheel Mysticism Pottery Monarchy. Clearing Jungle.
    950 BC, Fdd Izumo. 320,000 pop / 7, $17-0, Sci 8/12, Mfg=28
    900 BC, produced first TRIREME. Soon found a nice thing!
    825 BC, River, Dip Hut only $50, still no Barbs or anyone else!

    700 BC, Egyptians start Pyramids, Greeks start Colossus. Kyoto builds PYRAMIDS, Americans sw to HG. CURRENCY, choose Trade over Poly Math Literacy Warrior Wheel Monarchy Mysticism Pottery Constr. Second Trireme sails, Horse Hut discovers Literacy.
    430,000 pop 8 c, $19 -0, Sci 10/13, Mfg=29 FS=7.0, 10 techs.

    Decided to rush Science, then switch to 3 Caravans to build the Colossus... Persians start HG. Three Triremes sailing.
    575 BC, Trireme & Dip popped Hut: Settler from None.
    550 BC, Southern Dip popped Hut: only $25. Science only crawls.
    525 BC, AI Rome built HANGING GARDENS, French start GrtLibr, Egyptians abandon, Persians sw to Colossus! Jungle cleared. Another Dip pops Hut: Advanced Tribe Nagasaki. We are loaded with 9 Dips guarding & exploring, 3 in production, no Barbs.
    500 BC, Egyptians start Colossus too. Founded Peking, and Shimonoseki in the Jungle. Nagasaki Island.
    540,000 in 11 c, $25 -0, Sci 13/10, Mfg=33 FS=7.6, 10 tech.

    475 BC, Persians nearly complete Colossus. We buy it for $584. Contact yellow Warrior.
    450 BC, The COLOSSUS of Kyoto is ours. Egyptians change to Great Wall, Greeks to Lighthouse - I wanted that! Persians change to Lighthouse. Bribe Egyptian Warrior for $30, None.

    425 BC, Pasargadae Persian builds Lighthouse, Greeks change to Oracle. We discover TRADE, choose Poly over Math Literacy Warrior Wheel Monarchy Republic Mysticism Pottery Construction.
    Egyptions talk, exchange Literacy for their Seafaring, then offer Writing rather than Trade, they scoff. They also have Math and something else. We demand tribute, they declare WAR. Bribe Phalanx for $77, None. Northern explorer Dip pops Hut: Republic.
    400 BC, Memphis does not fire.
    375 BC, Sioux st Great Wall. Located Heliopolis. Founded Nanking
    350 BC, Romans start Great Library.
    325 BC, founded Yokohama, Egyptian Catapult, we run.
    770,000 in 13 c, $40 -0, Sci 20/10, Mfg=45 FS=7.4, 13 tech.
    300 BC, Romans abandon GL, 820,000 pop. Bribe Egyptian Catapult for $200, None. Memphis doesn't fire at our new Catapult.
    275 BC, Nones CAPTURE MEMPHIS, $27+60 Gran, steal MATHEMATICS.
    225 BC, Solidifying Memphis, moving Settlers & Caravans
    1020,000 in 14 c, $48 -0, Sci 24/9, Mfg=52 FS=6.4, 14 tech.

    200 BC, Paris builds Great Library, Egyptians sw to Grt Wall
    Bribe another Catapult $252, None, reduce Heliopolis. Gold Kyoto SSC to Satsuma PAID $42+1, Demand Road, goofed Trade arrows. Delay capture Helio for Polytheism and reinforcements.
    175 BC, Athens Greeks build Oracle. POLYTHEISM, choose Mysticism for several reasons over Construction, Warrior, Banking, Monarchy, Wheel, Pottery (Egyptians). 30,00,70% Silk Kyoto to Nagasaki Island PAID $114+1, Demand, half of Mysticism. Walk into Heliopolis $66 +60 Granary, steal Pottery.
    150 BC, Egyptians abandon Great Wall, a blessing! Satsuma made first ELEPHANT. Fundy is new to me, trying a Temple, Harbor, soon Market. Liked the Silk Caravan! How to choose between expansion, Marco Polo, or more exploring?
    125 BC, Founded Hakodate. Located Thebes w walls, they offer $200, No, WAR!
    100 BC, Romans find our Dip, demand Republic, No, WAR. Bribe too expensive, No. One Catapult blast reduced the Warrior guard of Thebes, the walls did not help them, captured $134+60 Granary.
    75 BC, Dip locates Egyptian, talk, offer $150, WAR, Bribe their Warrior for $25, None, locate Pi-Ramesses. Dip in jeapordy.

    50 BC, First COAL MINE. Built Forth Trireme. Subvert Pi-Ramesses for $122, got $45 & Phalanx. Warrior, Egyptians want to talk, offer 4100, No, WAR, their Catapult will kill our None Warrior. Thebes is secure. IPRB Nagoya Harbor $112. 30,00,70%
    1590,000 in 18 c, $62 -0, Sci 30/10, Mfg=62 FS=5.9, 16 tech.
    25 BC, lost the Warrior. MYSTICISM, choose Philosophy over Warrior, Construction, Monarchy, Wheel, Astronomy, Banking. Explorer pops frozen Hut, only $25. Founded Manila. Horse scout located Rome with walls and the Hanging Gardens.

    1 AD, Gems Kyoto to Peking PAID $120+1 over water.
    1780,000 in 19 c, $68 -0, Sci 35/10, Mfg=74 FS=5.7, 17 tech.
    8 Settlers+8, 2 Warr, 6 Phx, 6 Horse, 1 Chariot, 4.Elephant+2, 3.Catapult+1, 4.Trireme, 11.Dip+5, 1.Caravan, 3.Explorer, also building 1 Temple, 1 Market, 1 Harbor.
    20 AD, Sioux abandon Great Wall.
    40 AD, Sioux started Great Wall. Barb Horse surprised our Elephant, now Veteran. Bribe Egyptian Catapult $96, Ri-Ram.
    60 AD, Sioux abandon Great Wall. Frozen Hut is None Settler! Bribed Roman Settler for $584, None, located Ravenna.

    80 AD, Greeks & Sioux start Great Wall. PHILOSOPHY, choose Warrior Code, then choose Monotheism over Construction, Monarchy, Astronomy, Medicine, Iron, Wheel, University, Banking. I'm hoping Michelangelo will generate $much tithes, and Crusaders will be like fast Catapults. Elephant explorer Hut: $50.
    2100,000 in 19 c, $72 -1, Sci 35/12, Mfg=90 FS=5.4, 19 tech.

    100 AD, Sioux abandon Great Wall. Explorer forest Hut: Iron.
    120 AD, Sioux started KRC. Popped Hut near Rome, Horse None!
    140 AD, Cleared jungle, founded Matsuyama (Toyama), also Tikung (Fukushima)
    160 AD, Roaming horse kills Roman Warrior, becomes veteran.
    180 AD, Egyptian Phx wisely killed our Dip. Killed Romans. Elephant revenged our glorious Dip, located Elephantine.
    200 AD, Northern explorer pops plains Hut: Medicine. Reduced Elephantine and Alexandria. Just learned 50,00,50% Explorer bumped into a wounded Greek Legion, who offered $400 for a peace treaty, No. I then demanded tribute, received $150, still Spotless.
    2370,000 in 21 c, $86 -2, Sci 41/13, Mfg=96 FS=5.7, 21 tech.

    220 AD, Egyptians fire and damage our Elephant, kill our Horse. Romans start Marco Polo. Explorer pops hut - surrounded by 5 Barb Horse, doomed. Wine Satsuma to Nagoya PAID $40+1. Explorer Hut: Advanced Tribe Sou, miles from nowhere. Wounded Elephant captures Elephantine, rejuvenated, plunders $60, steals Monarchy. Barbs kill our explorer...
    240 AD, French also start Marco Polo. Romans are worried, give us Construction for a Cease Fire, offer $200 for a Peace Treaty, No. We demand tribute, they ignore our feeble threats. They don't know our Legions, Catapults and Elephants are on the way! Monotheism jumped from 12 to 19 turns! F5 $91-2, Sci 41/19 Exploring Greece. Alexandria offers their $81, we reject. Horse attacks and wins.
    260 AD, Alexandria kills another Horse. Greeks and Romans sign a secret aliance against the Japanese, against us! Greeks are nervous, no CF, they offer $500 to make it worth our while... ok, we sign peace treaty to focus on destroying the Romans on the way.
    280 AD, Romans note our greedy eyes on Veii, demand we withdraw. Later they ask for a peace treaty, offer $300, No. Our CF has expired nicely. Elephant destroys Alexandria, $20. Other Barb Horse near Elephantine, IPRB a Dip!
    300 AD, Sioux abandon KRC. Northern Barb killed explorer. Bribe wounded Greek Legion for $94, None. Found French Elephant, wanted peace, No, offered $100, ok.
    320 AD, French capital moved to Hispalis. Sioux started KRC! Cleared jungle, founded Sapporo near Kyoto at last, finished settling our island. Located Giza, they offered all $63, but we are merciless. Dip pops Polar Hut: Monotheism!
    340 AD, choose Wheel Leonardo over Astronomy Caravel, Feudalism, Bridge, University, Banking. CRUSADER. Fdd Shuking. 50,00,50%
    3100,000 in 25 c, $102 -2, Sci 45/19, Mfg=109 FS=5.6, 24 tech.
    Romans offer $300 for peace, No. Elephant declares war, attacks Phalanx, promoted to Veteran. Romans activate alliance, Greeks declare war on us too. Bribe Greek Legion $102, None. Kill Warrior. Lost Horse attacking Warrior.
    360 AD, Founded Baguio (Izumi). Gems Kyoto to Pi-Ramesses PAID $216+1 and fills Science. Viroconium didn't kill explorer.
    380 AD, Wheel, choose Engineering over Astronomy Caravel, Feud, Bridge, University, Banking. Founded Shanghai (Omi).
    3200,000 in 27 c, $108 -2, Sci 49/18, Mfg=118 FS=5.8, 25 tech.
    400 AD, Giza Warrior lost to our Elephant! Silver Kyoto to Peking PAID $120+1. Elephant walked into Giza, $32, destroyed, finally DESTROYED EGYPTIANS. They were all spread out! Founded Hieraconpolis Two Whales (Echigo).
    420 AD, French abandoned Marco. Greek Capital movto Knossos.
    440 AD, French cap moved to Rheims. Rome did not fire on our advance Horse. Explorer pops Roman Hut: None Crusader. Bribe Greek Horse $49, None, kill Roman Chariot, become Vet.
    460 AD, Greeks kill new Horse & Dip. Catapults pound Rome, lost an Elephant, CAPTURE ROME and HANGING GARDENS, $105, Walls. Subvert Ravenna for $126, get Archer, Legion & Settler. Action with Greek Elephants. Rome will celebrate WLTK.
    480 AD, killing Greeks, founded PingWu (Kozuke). 50,00,50%
    4020,000 in 31 c, $140 -7, Sci 68/13, Mfg=134 FS=6.0, 25 tech.

    500 AD, Wine Pi-Ramesses to Matsuyama5 PAID $140+1, demand. Legion assaults Veii Phx, becomes vet. Explorer pops Hut: University and Science still in 14 turns! Veii destroyed, $15, Romans offer $150 but we say No.
    520 AD, founded Ise (Sado), Persian Cap movto Pasargadae.
    560 AD, Greek cap moveto Delphi, Sioux cap to Cedar Creek. Pompeii doesn't fire on our Elephant. Subvert Pompeii for $183, Phx & Chariot. Romans offer $100, No. Greeks have Neapolis and Cumae.
    580 AD, Greeks kill wounded Chariot, nearly finished Great Wall. ENGINEERING, choose Invention over Astronomy Caravel, Feud, Bridge, Chemistry, Banking, Sanitation.
    Built MICHELANGELO'S CHAPEL. 4590,000 pop, $164 -16, Sci 72/14
    600 AD, Athens builds Great Wall. Lost wounded Crusader. Crusader storms Antium, becomes vet. Subvert Cumae for $126, Archer Settler & Barracks. Great Wall forces peace. Subvert Neapolis for 2x =248 gold, no incident. Area seems secure, except for Greek Trireme. Horse walks into Antium, destroyed, $7. Buying new Dips.
    620 AD, Greeks land, demand Peace, forced by GW, we demand, they are insulted, WAR, Catapult. Barbs near Thebes. Silver Kyoto to Nagasaki PAID $134. Founded Issus.

    640 AD, Roman chariot kills catapult. Sioux cap moveto Little Bighorn? Killed Greek invader, revenged loss of catapult.
    5320,000 pop 37 c, $300 -22, Sci 85/12, Mfg=164 FS=6.0, 27 tech.

    660 AD, Wounded Knee built KRC. Barb Trireme kills our West Explorer Trireme, stranding Dip. Silk Kyoto to Nagasaki PAID $144+2. Dip forest Hut: Friendly Legion, homed to Elephantine 18 squares away! 1.captured.Barracks, 1.Library, 4.Markets, 3.Aquaducts, 10.Harbors, 27 Settlers+6, 15.Misc.Phx+3, 10.Legion+5, 4.Horse, 1.Chariot, 5.Elephant, 6.Crusaders+1, 5.Catapult, 6.Trireme+1, 25.Diplomat+5, 5.Caravan+10, 3.Explorer, Casualties: 1.Crusader, 1.Catapult, 1.Trireme, 2.Dip, 2.Explorer
  16. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    Starlifter, GOTM 18 Log

    *=Oedo Years

    BC 4000 Start Road; Explore; Skip Hut
    BC 3950
    BC 3900 Roading
    BC 3850*S-A; Found Kyoto on Grassland (non-Shield Panama Canal); Start Settler
    BC 3800 2nd Road
    BC 3750 Located SILK; Set Sci to 20%, Tax to 80% (1b & 3g)
    BC 3700
    BC 3650*3rd Road; Start Irrigation
    BC 3600
    BC 3550
    BC 3500
    BC 3450*
    BC 3400 Irrigation Done; Size 2; Tax=4g; First in almost all categories (2nd in MFG GOODS, 4MT; 3nd in Land area)
    BC 3350 A; S-CL
    BC 3300
    BC 3250*
    BC 3200
    BC 3150 Road-Silk
    BC 3100 HUT-Archer
    BC 3050*
    BC 3000
    BC 2950 Size 2 again. HUT#2-Code of Laws. 3g Tax, 2b Sci.
    BC 2900
    BC 2850*
    BC 2800
    BC 2750 HUT#3-Chariot (on hill). Barb Archer was right next to it; Attacked; Vet!!
    BC 2700
    BC 2650*Barb Archer attacked my hill archer (almost dead, vet); Road Done; Chasing leader along Road; Killed-Ldr (w/ 1/3 MP); 2nd Irrigation done
    BC 2600 2nd Settler; 0 surplus food; Size 1 again. Start Colossus (Switch later to MPE).
    BC 2550 Found Osaka (Whale).
    BC 2500 Barb Horseman appears.
    BC 2450*Killed Horseman w/Chariot; Fortify Archer on Silk to withstand incoming horseman & kill Ldr.
    BC 2400 Killed horseman (w/Archer), Ldr (w/Chariot).
    BC 2350
    BC 2300
    BC 2250*
    BC 2200 3rd Irrigation (for new city)
    BC 2150
    BC 2100 1st Mine; Found Edo
    BC 2050*Currency; S-Trade; PYRAMIDS STARTED
    BC 2000
    BC 1950
    BC 1900
    BC 1850*
    BC 1800
    BC 1750
    BC 1700
    BC 1650* 4th Irrigation
    BC 1600
    BC 1550
    BC 1400
    BC 1450* Trade; S-Masonry
    BC 1400
    BC 1350 MARCO POLO's EMBASSY; 3rd in POP; 1st in most other categories (Sizes 3,3,2)
    BC 1300 Thebes is building Pyramids! IPRB Caravans to 40s. Contact Sioux-Give Alphabet as Tribute; they offer Peace(YES, Neutral); SWAP-Trade for Masonry; SWAP-CL for Construction (Receptive now); French- SWAP-trade for Wheel; Currency for MM; Masonry for Pottery;

    [b]Initial MPE Report:[/b]
    STRONG-SPOTLESS (Jap Pop=150,000; Citizens=8; 3 Cities; 07Adv/17T)
    Roma-Icy-Despot-112g-06-MM            Mas     (Wri)   2Cit              [WAR-French]
    Fren-Unc-Despot-203g-08-MM Pot     WC     Whl (Wri)   3Cit              [WAR-Romans]
    Egyp-Icy-Despot-125g-05-   Pot        Mas     (CL)    5Cit (Thebes-PYR)
    Pers-Neu-Despot-263g-07-MM     Mys        Pol (Wri)   3Cit 
    Gree-Icy-Despot-161g-09-MM     Pol WC     Whl (Mys)   4Cit              
    Siou-Icy-Despot-109g-07-       Cst    Mas Whl (Mys)   2Cit
    [b]Final MPE Report (after trading):[/b]
    STRONG-SPOTLESS (Jap Pop=150,000; Citizens=8; 3 Cities; 12Adv/45T)
    Roma-Icy-Despot-112g-06-                       (Wri)   2Cit              [WAR-French]
    Fren-Unc-Despot-203g-11-           WC          (Wri)   3Cit              [WAR-Romans; Contact-Japs]
    Egyp-Icy-Despot-125g-05-                       (CL)    5Cit (Thebes-PYR)
    Pers-Neu-Despot-263g-07-       Mys         Pol (Wri)   3Cit 
    Gree-Icy-Despot-161g-09-       Pol WC          (Mys)   4Cit              
    Siou-Icy-Despot-109g-10-                       (Mys)   2Cit              [Peace-Japs]
    BC 1250* C-Engineering!! (36T) ; Tax-80% for Wonders
    BC 1200
    BC 1150
    BC 1100
    BC 1050*
    BC 1000
    BC 0975
    BC 0950
    BC 0925*
    BC 0900 PYRAMIDS; Thebes switched to HG.
    BC 0875
    BC 0850
    BC 0825*Thebes-HANGING GARDENS
    BC 0800
    BC 0775
    BC 0750 Osaka will be SSC; completed Col.
    BC 0725*COLOSSUS; Power=Moderate
    BC 0700 Beads demand went away as my Beads caravan approached Edo!
    BC 0675 Found-Satsuma; 1st in all major categories
    BC 0650
    BC 0625*French-Start Great Wall; Power=Strong
    BC 0600
    BC 0575
    BC 0550
    BC 0525* Power=Strong; 1st in all categories (6th in land area, 2nd in happiness)
    BC 0500 LIGHTHOUSE; Romans start GW; RB SSC Market (48g); Contact-Egyptians-Pay50 tribute(I want Writing); No Ally; SWAP Trade for Writing; Gift-CB (Cordial), Currency (Worshipful); Swap Maps
    BC 0475
    BC 0450
    BC 0425*
    BC 0400 Persians start GW
    BC 0375
    BC 0350 Sioux start GW
    BC 0325* Power=Mighty; Still 1st in all but happy(2nd) & explore (6th); I do not want GW; getting ready for KRC
    BC 0300 Greeks Start Oracle
    BC 0275 Engineering; S-Literacy (10b/22T); Barbs landed (2 Archers, 1 Ldr, I think; set trap; build dip); It took 38 game turns to research Enginering from scratch.....
    BC 0250 SSC-heliopolis(hides,204g,D,rec) Holy Sh!t! New Plan.... Everyone makes caravans!! Bribed 2 Egyptian warriors (113g apiece); Renamed cities to Trade Convention; Set 60/0/40 + 1 scientist in A06
    BC 0225* Paris-GREAT WALL; Romans, Persians-Abandon GW; Sioux-Switch to Oracle; FR-Rom at war; Romans capture Tours; Literacy; S-Myst (Choices inv,math,mon,mys,pol,rep,sea,WC); A02-SSC/SGC Celebrates
    BC 0200 Had to Withdraw NONE Warrior from Egyptian; Science is ZERO for now (70-0-30)
    BC 0175 1st Barb Archer dead againt my vet hill fort archer. (60-0-40)
    BC 0150 2nd Barb Archer Dead; Killed Ldr; A02-Alexandra(Beads,209g,D,rec); A02-Alexandra(Hides,209g,D);Set 70-0-30(1 Scientist); Persians-SWAP-Literacy for Mysticism, Wheel for Polythiesm, Trade for Math, WS for Pottery; Refused further trading; Gift-Construction; Swap maps
    BC 0125* HUT-Advanced Tribe (B0x, will kill-bad spot); A05 Scientist
    BC 0100 Sioux-ORACLE; Greeks Abandon Oracle; Philosophy; Monothiesm; S-Astronomy; IPRB more Caravans
    BC 0075 Egyptians-Start Great Library
    BC 0050 Most Advanced: Japs, Persians, French, Egypt, Sioux. A02-Alexandra(Beads,329g,D,rec); A02-Alexandra(Salt,172g,N); (Gems now opened up in A02 after these 2 deliveries); Set 60-10-30... cannot spare even one scientist (net cost=9gold).
    BC 0025* Astronomy; S-Medicine. (inv, IW, Med, Mon, rep, sea, univ); A02-Alexandra(Salt,172g,N);

    ----------------------- AD 0001 ---------------------------

    Pop: 001.1M (Fundy)
    Tax: 70% (72g, cost=0g, 1811g in bank)
    Sci: 00% (00b, 0T) (22 Total Adv, researching Medicine; Advs cost about 720b)
    Lux: 30%
    Prod: 044MT (0T poll, 0 polluted tiles)
    Cities: 05 (killing one)
    Wonders: 4 (Ancient: Pyr,Col,LH; Ren: MPE)

    Romans: 5 cities
    French: 4 cities
    Egypt: 8 cities
    Persians: 8 cities
    Greeks: 8 cities
    Sioux: 4 cities

    FORCES (Many are NONEs):
    02 Settlers
    03 Warriors
    01 Phalanx
    01 Archers
    01 Chariot
    02 Trireme
    03 Dips
    08 Caravans (5 in prod, out of 5 cities!)

    AD 0001 making 5 Caravans .... A02-Heliopolis(Hides,480g,D,rec); A02-Heliopolis(Gold,240g,N)

    ----------------------- END ---------------------

    No, it's not a misprint. I only have 4 cities, plus a size one junk city. But I am "richer" in this game than any I have ever played to this point. It goes to show the equalizing power of city size I suppose... though in hindsight, I think the thing to do is found more junk cities to increase the score, since no WLTP days will be available to boost score later on.

    I'll make some screenshots in a moment....
  17. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    Fundy Only

    City Status Screen:

    My SGC (Super Gold City):

    Power Graph:

    Note the Luxury setting (30%). At the moment this SS was taken, the Science was raised to 50% in order to ensure the last few beakers were polished off for the advance that was just earned with two caravan deliveries. Normally, the science is set ot 0%, and an advance is able to be obtained with just a single 2b scientist.

    Note the trade.... this is the essense of Power Fundy.... trade routed with my own empire are not nearly as profitable yet, and the 200% bonus is still in effect.

    When these citizens are dipped into the water, this city yields 480g for a single hides caravan to the Egyptians. Undemanded cargo is 240g, on this turn.

    This screenshot was done after the deliveries, btw, but I saved the moment before so people can eventually play around trade, if they want, with the .SAV in the archive next month.

    The big huge note is that there is no difference in bonuses or trade arrows between this city and one in a democracy, at this point in the game. Same trade arrows... no reduction is caravan science.... no corruption :).
  18. onejayhawk

    onejayhawk Afflicted with reason

    Jul 6, 2002
    next to George Bush's parents
    This my first GotM. I am in 1868 and look to kill the Geeks before too lomg. They are the next best civ out there. Being new to this I did not try for MPE. That's an ote for the future, But I have 30 cities of 8+ population and am down to 3 opposing civ.

    Cracking Paris and Athens was a *****, but France is now toast and am mopping up the Geek colonies. Bribes have gotten a LOT smaller. I also have al but 2 of the Wonders that anyone has built. Only missing Great wall and MPE of all things. Where the H___ did they hide that thing?


    PS How in GGE did anyone finish before the Dark Ages.
  19. Narz

    Narz keeping it real

    Jun 1, 2002
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    With the exception of a few multiplayer games, I think this was the longest Civ game I ever played. The only problem with the game (Civ II in genral not this game) is the tediousness of the "endgame", espeically on a huge map like this. Those Persians were such a b*t*h to find!! I had carvels combing the globe.

    I know I could've gotten a higher score, but my game was disorganized and I made some fundamental (no pun intended :D ) mistakes. I didn't raise the luxery rate until about 10 years before the end, I have a feeling I could've had alot more science (and wonders) if I had. Oh well.

    Next time I'm going to try super hard for an early win. Also I won't play for hours on end. I find I play better when I go for an hour, hour and and half and then take a break. In Civ, as in life, when you're in something for too long its hard to see the big picture.

    I hope I got into the top 5 this time!

    Take it easy all!

    - Narz :king:
  20. sekong

    sekong Net Surfer

    Feb 3, 2001
    I don't remember when was my last GOTM. This fundy concept is really interesting me. So I decided to give it a try.

    So far I'm arround 880AD, with other 5 civs. I finished off Egyptian long back. Now I realize it's a big mistake to lose this ideal science/trade partner, but it's too late. Now I'm trying to build up the partnership with Persian, but it did not pay off a lot. While writing this, I realize it's because they are running despotism without a capital! Stupid me. :( It may serve as a good proof that you shouldn't play after midnight, if you want to play a good game. I did not say it was not fun though. :)

    My cities just begin to celebrate. Although I planned to do it from the very beginning of the game. It's much postponed due to the lose of HG. My capital, size 13 West Lake is making 44 trades per turn. On a 3/3/4 setting, I'm making new science discovery for each 8(9?) turns, earnning ~110 gold per turn. I built Pyramid, GL, MP, CO, LW, captured Colossus from Persian. Greek built lighthouse earlier than me. That's really a pain in game like this one. The good thing is I'm expecting Navagation in next 4 turns or so. Since I exchanged maps with French and Greek, I can see Roman might be the closest one to my capital now, cross the ocean. From people's talk above, some of them found Roman without a Lighthouse, I guess I was too cautious with my boat to find them.

    So my plan is: building up navy and caravan on the side that facing Rome. Once Navagation is discoverred, LW will upgrade my ships. Send them to Rome, and try to make it our new science partner. Head for Gunpowder next, and try to end game with diplomats and muskeeters. :0

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