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1900 AD Giant Earth Map Scenario.

Discussion in 'RoM Scenarios and Maps' started by Antmanbrooks, May 29, 2010.

  1. Antmanbrooks

    Antmanbrooks Chieftain

    Jun 20, 2007
    The Cheshire Plain.
    I have a plan to create a scenario using the following set-up but would like some ideas and help to get it as accurate as possible. I will probably be using RoM, AND, CoC and possibly ROME as I love the idea of the Colonial units and the WWI units that are likely to follow in this scenario.

    Year: 1900 AD.
    Map: GEM (Giant Earth Map) converted for RoM using the modern resources - Horse in the America's, Potato's in Europe etc.
    Playable Nations: All the recognised major nations are listed below including colonial possessions, plus smaller independant nations. I will choose between 30 and 50 playable nations and some that are not playable to start, but using the "assimilation" feature I may have them as conquered and they may re-appear if I do that? Feedback on what nations to include would be welcome.

    Bold = Suggested Playable Nation.
    Italic = Playable Vassal

    Spoiler :
    1 Qing Dynasty - China
    2 India (United Kingdom)
    3 Russian Empire
    4 United States
    5 German Empire
    6 Dutch East Indies (Netherlands)
    7 Empire of Japan
    8 United Kingdom
    9 France
    10 Italy
    11 Austria-Hungary
    12 Ottoman Empire
    13 Spain
    14 Brazil
    15 Mexico
    16 Korean Empire
    17 Burma (United Kingdom)
    18 Northern Nigeria (United Kingdom)
    19 Egypt (United Kingdom)
    20 Philippines (United States)
    23 Southern Nigeria (United Kingdom)
    24 Siam
    25 Romania
    26 Persia
    28 Belgium
    29 Annam (France)
    30 Tongking (France)
    31 Argentina
    32 Portugal
    33 Netherlands
    34 Canada (United Kingdom)
    35 Afghanistan
    36 Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (UK and Egypt)
    38 Nepal
    39 Colombia
    40 Chile
    41 Arabia (mainly includes Hejaz, Nejd, Hadramaut and Yemen)
    42 Morocco (France)
    43 Abyssinia
    44 Algeria (France)
    45 Australia (United Kingdom)
    46 Ceylon (United Kingdom)
    47 Peru
    48 Switzerland
    49 Cameroon (Germany)
    50 German East Africa (Germany)
    51 Cochin-China (France)
    52 Bulgaria
    53 United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway
    54 - oops did have Chile in twice?
    55 Greece
    56 Sudan (France)
    57 Gold Coast (United Kingdom)
    58 Venezuela
    59 Madagascar (France)
    60 Ruanda-Urundi (Germany)
    61 Serbia
    62 Portuguese East Africa (Portugal)
    63 Cape Colony (United Kingdom)
    64 Portuguese West Africa (Portugal)
    65 Upper Volta (France)
    66 Croatia-Slavonia (Austria-Hungary)
    67 Denmark
    68 Tunis (France)
    69 Uganda (United Kingdom)
    70 Kenya (United Kingdom)
    71 French Guinea (France)
    72 Niger (France)
    73 Cambodia (France)
    74 Cuba
    75 Bolivia
    76 South African Republic Transvaal (United Kingdom)
    77 Ecuador
    78 Bukhara (Russia)
    79 Senegal (France)
    80 Natal (United Kingdom)
    81 El Salvador
    82 Porto Rico (United States)
    83 Guatemala
    84 Uruguay
    85 Sierra Leone (United Kingdom) (including protectorate)
    86 New Zealand (United Kingdom)
    87 Ivory Coast (France)
    88 Togoland (Germany)
    89 Malaya (UK)
    90 Nyasaland (UK)
    91 Jamaica (UK)
    92 Chad (France)
    93 Northern Rhodesia (UK)
    94 Southern Rhodesia (UK)
    95 Paraguay
    96 Liberia
    97 Oubangui-Chari (France)
    98 Dominican Republic
    99 Dahomey (France)
    100 Straits Settlements (UK)
    101 Laos (France)
    102 Mauretania (France)
    103 Nicaragua
    104 Honduras
    105 Muscat and Oman
    106 Sarawak
    107 Portuguese India (Portugal)
    108 Italian Somaliland (Italy)
    109 Khiva (Russia)
    110 Orange River Colony (earlier called Orange Free State) (UK)
    111 Territory of Papua (UK, de facto Australia)
    112 Basutoland (UK)
    113 Mauritius (UK)
    114 Canary Islands (Spain)
    115 Costa Rica
    116 Hong Kong (UK)
    117 Montenegro
    118 Trinidad and Tobago (UK)
    119 Panama
    120 Crete
    121 North Borneo (UK)
    122 British Guiana (UK)
    123 British Somaliland (UK)
    124 Portuguese Timor (Portugal)
    128 Bhutan
    129 French India (France)
    130 Middle Congo (also called French Congo) (France)
    131 Azores (Portugal)
    132 Luxembourg
    133 Zanzibar (UK and Oman)
    134 Cyprus (UK)
    135 Newfoundland
    136 Gabon (France)
    137 Eritrea (Italy)
    138 German South West Africa (Germany)
    140 Portuguese Guinea (Portugal)
    141 Malta (UK)
    142 Guadeloupe (France)
    143 German New Guinea (Germany)
    144 Kwang-Chou-Wan (France)
    145 Martinique (France)
    146 Barbados (UK)
    147 Réunion (France)
    148 Gambia (UK)
    149 Madeira (Portugal)
    150 Hawaii (United States)
    151 Spanish Guinea (or Rio Muni) (Spain)
    152 Cape Verde (Portugal)
    153 British Solomon Islands (UK)
    154 Fiji (UK)
    155 Comoros (France)
    156 Bechuanaland (UK)
    157 Swaziland (UK)
    158 Dutch Guiana (Netherlands)
    159 Iceland (Denmark)
    160 Macau (Portugal)
    161 Bahrain (UK)
    162 Grenada (UK)
    163 Trucial Oman (UK)
    164 São Tomé and Príncipe (Portugal)
    165 Kiaochow (Germany)
    166 Sikkim (British India)
    167 Isle of Man (UK)
    168 Maldives (UK)
    169 Bahamas (UK)
    170 Jersey (UK)
    171 New Caledonia (France)
    172 French Somaliland (France)
    173 German Solomon Islands (Germany)
    174 New Hebrides (shared between UK and France)
    175 Saint Lucia (UK)
    176 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (UK)
    177 Aden Protectorate (UK)
    178 Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands)
    179 British Honduras (UK)
    180 Saint Kitts (with Nevis) (UK)
    181 Guernsey (UK)
    182 Kuwait (UK)
    183 Rio de Oro (Spain)
    184 German Samoa
    185 Caroline Islands (Germany)
    186 Antigua (with Barbuda and Redonda) (UK)
    187 Dominica (UK)
    188 Gilbert Islands (UK)
    189 French Polynesia (France)
    190 Gibraltar (UK)
    191 Danish Virgin Islands (Denmark)
    192 Fernando Po (Spain)
    193 French Guiana (France)
    194 Brunei (UK)
    195 Spanish Morocco (mainly Ceuta and Melilla) (Spain)
    196 Seychelles (UK)
    197 Tonga (UK)
    198 Bermuda (UK)
    199 Monaco
    200 Faroe Islands (Denmark)
    201 Micronesia (Germany)
    202 Witu (UK)
    203 Marshall Islands (Germany)
    204 Greenland (Denmark)
    205 Guam (United States)
    206 Montserrat (UK)
    207 Qatar (UK)
    208 San Marino
    209 Liechtenstein
    210 Andorra
    211 Cook Islands (UK)
    212 American Samoa (United States)
    213 Wallis and Futuna (France)
    214 Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)
    215 British Virgin Islands (UK)
    216 Cayman Islands (UK)
    217 France Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)
    218 United Kingdom Anguilla (UK)
    219 Saint Helena (UK)
    220 Palau (Germany)
    221 Niue Niue (UK)
    222 Elobey, Annobón and Corisco (Spain)
    223 Moresnet (Neutral territory)
    224 Mariana Islands (Germany)
    225 Ellice Islands (UK)
    226 Falkland Islands (UK)
    227 Nauru (Germany)
    228 Christmas Island (UK)
    229 Vatican City
    230 Straits Settlements Cocos Islands (UK)
    231 Tokelau Islands (UK)
    232 Pitcairn Islands (UK)
    233 Goust
    234 Ascension Island (UK)
    235 Tristan da Cunha (UK)
    236 Tavolara
    237 Phoenix Islands (UK)

    Given the limitations of even a superb map like the GEM maps, not all those nations/colonies are going to be present and even some of the bigger independant nations like Switzerland may not fit on the map, so inevitably I'm going to omit some or merge others. For example I will be merging 'Orange River Colony' with 'South African Republic Transvaal'.

    I would like advice on;
    • The nations people would like to play.
    • What technology the nations would have possesed in 1900 AD and what units they would have possesed too, especially the Asian, Middle Eastern and African States.
    • Who was at war with who in 1900 AD?
    • What is the best way to create a scenario like this? I have done this kind of thing using WB before but is there a better way?
    This isn't going to be a quick thing and may take a month or two, but I hope you are as excited about this as I am! :D
  2. Antmanbrooks

    Antmanbrooks Chieftain

    Jun 20, 2007
    The Cheshire Plain.
    Sorry to say this is unlikely to be finished now... just can't get motivated since the new Civ is due out later this year. Sorry for anyone that was anticipating this, though the lack of replies suggests there wasn't much interest anyway. ;)
  3. wolfman1234

    wolfman1234 Chieftain

    Mar 27, 2004
    Spain GMT+1
    Well, i will allways be interested in any scenario with RoM, there are so few... :(
  4. cheesemijit

    cheesemijit Chieftain

    May 5, 2009
    Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
    This scenario would be great but over 40 civs on GEM with RoM and full of cities is too much for even the best of computers.
  5. Antmanbrooks

    Antmanbrooks Chieftain

    Jun 20, 2007
    The Cheshire Plain.
    Sadly that is true, I've got another GEM map with 44 Civs that I posted last week but it's a hard push on my PC which is pretty good. Turns are taking about 2 mins in 1100 AD. It's worth it though as I just love Giant Maps.

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