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    Sometimes. Our very first game was Emperor on continents. We 'civilized' our part of the world, and discovered the New World just as Alexander was wiping out his last opponent. We looked over his lands and saw nothing but musket and pike everywhere. Everywhere!

    We considered it as hordes. And they were quite difficult to beat as they came in wave after wave against our beachhead. There seemed no end of Greeks.

    Sure. But the Greek hordes were quite sufficient to make the invasion a challenge.

    It can probably be handled better, no doubt.

    How were you able to snipe the enemy capital when it was surrounded by hordes? Was it near the coast?

    Yes, the AI needs fewer, more advanced units, and the means to use them. The game needs a significant rebalancing.
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    May 11, 2009
    I assume that they will do not fix unit values for sure; if they do, it means that they do not test the game at all... It would be an admitted guilty... So assuming that, any change in number of troops, will be detrimental...
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    Hmm, I see your point, if the units costs were higher it would make a better 1 upt in late game.

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