[Vote] (2-04) Proposal: Iron is revealed earlier at Mining, instead of Bronze Working

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May 24, 2022
Wales UK
this interesting thread has turned into something else.

I voted Yay as theres massive value into putting iron in at mining - production and early science

it feels that theres a disconnect between casual players and some elitism on the board who seem to want to make the game harder when its not necessary to do so having iron early is probably the difference between +1 science for say 40 turns (if the city can work it)

at lower difficulties having iron early makes setting easier but I have to say coal used to be my bug bear on vanilla where id not see any coal at all and that would be annoying it might be the case here if we put it to iron working but as a earlier post suggested strategic balance.

both sides have merit here and did vote yay despite in the minority

why 112 votes ? not 121? due to meh voting? (y and n)?
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