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(2-51b) Counterproposal: Add column in Units table to increase XP thresholds for leveling up units (+ Gunsmith building)


Jul 17, 2018
Counterproposal to https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/2-51-proposal-units-lose-xp-on-upgrade.680806/

Supplements https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/2-85-proposal-era-scaling-free-exp-for-ai-units.680857/

Problem: humans are too good at keeping early units alive and upgrading them to be super units with lots of high tier promotions, which necessitates the AI to keep up with more unit spam. However, losing XP on upgrade feels bad for unique units and easily makes early veteran units worse than newly made units. It also discourages making near-obsolete units until you reach the upgrade tech.


Add a new column in the Units table to increase XP thresholds for level up.
e.g. a Warrior needs 10, 30, 60, 100, 150 XP to level up, but a Fusilier would need 35, 55, 85, 125, 175 XP instead.
This should solve the problem of upgraded units being too strong, since you have limited time to grind your units to get new promotions before they need to be upgraded.

All free XP sources from military buildings are increased to make newly trained units have similar number of starting promotions as they currently have. Military Academy is moved back to Replaceable Parts as the latest building to give XP for the last 3 eras. The Gunsmith building (taken from Enlightenment Era mod) will patch the large XP gap between Armory and Military Academy.

In this model, a Warrior with 65 XP upgraded to Fusilier will still have 3 promotions, but will take an extra 60 XP to reach the next level up. On the other hand, a newly trained Fusilier also starts with 65 XP, but only takes 20 more XP to reach the next level up and be on par with the veteran unit.

New building: Gunsmith
Unlocks at Metallurgy
600 :c5production:
Never Capture
Maintenance: 4 :c5gold:
+2 :c5science:Science
+25 XP for all Units
Increases the Military Unit Supply Cap by 1
-1 Unhappiness from :c5food: and :c5production: Distress

Armory change:
+25 XP for all Units instead of +20

Military Academy change:
Unlocks at Replaceable Parts
1800 :c5production:
+40 XP for all Units instead of +25

Colonialism change:
Also boosts Gunsmith

Units will have level up threshold increased based on their unlock tech tier.
Tech TierXP threshold increaseFree XP availableFree promotions available
Early Ancient000
Late Ancient - Classical0151
Early Medieval5402
Late Medieval5402
Early Renaissance10402
Late Renaissance20652
Early Industrial25652
Late Industrial30652
Early Modern401053
Late Modern - Information451053
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Dec 19, 2017
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