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(2-NS) Remove indirect fire from the archery line

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Mar 8, 2021
Remove an overpowered mechanic that enhances human play much more than AI play.

  • remove indirect fire promotion from the entire archery line
  • change Babylons UU (Bowman) promotion to [+ 25% RCS while garrisoned]

  • In my experience, once I take this promotion my archery units are OP. I don't have to consider terrain anymore, which is silly and reduces situational complexity greatly.
  • It's very easy for human players to rotate their units and get this promotion on all of their units, and for the AI to not have it on any of their units. It is stronger than logistics, stronger than +1 range, and any of the other options. To be able to give damage and receive none in return is a problem. Once combined with +1 range, which the AI rarely achieves, you have assembled the archery voltron.
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Please propose a replacement promotion for Babylon's UU. Removing it without replacement is unacceptable.
Proposal failed due to lack of sponsorship.
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