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Discussion in 'Civ3 - PBEM Games' started by Captain Dantos, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Captain Dantos

    Captain Dantos Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2018
    Hi, I'm looking to play a 2-player PBEM game on one of my maps unless any players have great user-created maps, as I've had a difficulty finding these and I'd love to play good maps.

    Settings would be as follows:
    * Map File (custom large or huge) available for you before the game starts, and you get 1st choice of starting area, or alternatively random starting area for both players from 8 starting locations.
    * 1-2 bonus traits or bonus starting units+gold if not playing Inca (e.g. will give seafaring, militaristic or commercial as a bonus to Russians).
    * 6 AI civs, all modified with bonus traits to compensate unless you don't like that
    * Level: Preferably Demigod, Barbarians: Roaming (can be Raging if other player wants, depending on map size)
    * Game can be co-op or otherwise (as long as I get to kill off AI civs, I don't mind letting the other player build the spaceship). My maps are challenging enough that I often don't catch up in score with the AI's until the late Industrial age!

    Game preferences:
    * Mass Regicide or normal (either is fine)
    * Random seed preserved or not (either is fine, but I usually do preserved)
    * Normal production (not accelerated)
    * No diplomacy win (too cheesy)
  2. fanofrazorblade

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    Feb 4, 2016
    message me if you want to play

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