(2-VT) Reduce healing from Medic

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Sep 13, 2022
Original proposal: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/09-proposal-remove-malus-from-healing-promotion.679956/
Original discussion: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...l-remove-malus-from-healing-promotion.679095/

During the debate for this proposal last session, balance concerns over removing the CS malus were mentioned. In anticipation of ratification of this proposal, I offer some amendments to consider for balancing the new version of Medic.

Option 1: Reduce healing of Medic I to +3 hp (from +5 hp).
Option 2: Reduce healing of Medic I to +3 hp and Medic II to +3 (+6 total, basically back to old Medic I standards).
Option 3: Change Medic I so it does not provide bonus healing to the promotion-holder (it would only affect adjacent units; restores vanilla functionality).
Option 4: Add back the -10% CS malus, but only while defending while fortified.
(Adding for the sake of completeness: )
Option 5: Add back the -10% CS malus, repealing the original proposal.
Option 6: Ratify the original proposal as-is.

(I can split these into counter-proposals if necessary)

Options 1 & 2: Reducing the healing I think cuts directly to the main concerns over removing the CS malus. It reduces the healing over time from which a fortified unit benefits, and in my opinion does a better job at balancing the promotion than the -10% malus did originally: in the sample numbers in the original discussion the swordsman actually takes more net damage over three attacks with a slower Medic, further defining the Medic promotion as a benefit for your allies more than yourself. I can see a world where Medic II is left as the icing on the cake for a Medic specialist unit, or being downgraded along with Medic I, putting us in the situation where Medic I + Medic II = (old) Medic I + generic +10%, roughly speaking.

Option 3: This was mentioned in the original discussion thread, vanilla Medic I doesn't affect the promo-holder, instead solely improving nearby units. This could be fair compensation for removing the CS malus.

Option 4: If the ability to burst down Medic units is seen as the main way to counterplay the promotion, then re-adding a CS malus would probably be the way to go, but I would prefer to see it only when a unit is fortified, instead of double-penalizing the unit if they need to break cover and run.
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Dec 19, 2017
Proposal vetoed.

Only one proposal may be made per thread.
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