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2007 August GOTM

Discussion in 'Civ1 - Game of the Month' started by Dack, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Pikachu

    Pikachu Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2003
    Where are your save files, Screech?
  2. Screech

    Screech Chieftain

    Feb 10, 2007
    Sorry I thought I had posted them already. I actually just looked for them and couldn't find them. But then I did - I had renamed them, incorrectly so, to Jan07... lol wrong month. Anyways here they are:
  3. simonnomis

    simonnomis Chieftain

    Nov 29, 2005
    OK... Thought I'd give this a whirl...

    Here's my tale:

    The story starts as the new King Simonnomis demands a report on his nation and a critical assessment of our great English cities is undertaken.

    Our bureaucrats soon discover that our economy is seriously undermined by a lack of Markets and Trade routes, and the Economy ministry swings into action, whacking up the tax rate in order to rush buy Markets, Banks and Caravans.

    Gradually economic growth picks up, and then begins to rocket, enabling the science rate to increase and still enjoy huge tax revenues. The government wisely reinvests the taxes into city improvements, while our busy settler population works hard improving our land, roads and mines.

    Reports from abroad indicate that our enemies have advanced technologies beyond our wildest dreams, and so our scientists are provisioned with new universities and told to speed up their research.

    Meanwhile, the Military advisor recommends that we prepare ourselves in case of an invasion from one of our enemies. The military-industrial complex is given priority as new technologies such as Conscription are brought into being. New barracks are built to accomodate them, and our wise English government decides that each city needs at least 4 divisions of defence, and 1 cannon division.

    1650: Our wise bureaucrats soon discover that our nation is beginning to rapidly outstrip that of our enemies. Ever conscious of their jealously of our manifest greatness, King Simonnomis decides to limit the rapid English population growth, demonstrating the first instance of population control. This calms the enemy civilisations and their warplans are temporarily put on hold.

    1725: The French arrive in England with an armor and mechanised infantry at London. Fortunately, London is very well defended with Riflemen, and the French sue for immediate peace. Our military advisor assures King Simonnomis that our military has grown so rapidly that we are now the most powerful on the planet, although the French are not far behind.

    1730: The Mongols arrive at London and a mutual technology exchange occurs. The English emmissary leaves feeling cheated receiving two dated technologies in exchange for our Conscription and Metallurgy techs.

    1740: Our discovery of Combustion makes our barracks obsolete. Defence spending rises rapidly and within one turn new barracks adorn our entire civilisation.

    1754: The traitorous Mongols declare war on our refusal to pay tribute. My wise emmissary laughs in their face, our military advisor assuring us that their puny armies will be wiped away if they dare to attack.

    1750s: The English stockmarket is so buoyant that our nation graciously loans the French and Babylonians vast sums of money in order to improve their lands with irrigation (using Terraform), as our ministers again note how feeble their population growth is and how we are destined to eclipse them all without even a fight at this rate.

    1760s: Several Mongol invasions have been repulsed, and their entire Eastern navy (of sails and triremes) sinks to the bottom of the ocean attacked by our cruisers.

    1760: Suddenly, the government fears it made a mistake in improving our enemies lands, as the French construct the Apollo wonder and begin spaceship construction! Our science minister is duly executed for failing to note how much more advanced our enemies are.

    1766: French spaceship construction begins.

    1772: Just when things seem to be as bad as they can be, the Mongols land diplomats and steal Communism from London.

    1776: Widespread disorder breaks out among our cities. The stress of science development has reduced the flow of luxuries and the nation hangs in the grip of Revolution!

    1778: To add to our woes, the French build the Manhatten project and travellers adivise us of their construction of a devastating new kind of weapon which could destroy our cities in one go!

    1782: The French make a sneak attack on London and declare war. Pitched battles are fought in the London suburbs and many citizens are killed in the crossfire. The armors are finally destroyed, with the loss of several Riflemen compounded by a devastating naval bombardment by French battleships against numerous English cities, and renewed Mongol attacks on the East and West coasts.

    1786: The Babylonians arrive, but their government wisely chooses not to raise our wrath any further and sues for peace, exchanging some technologies, although we see we are considerably more advanced than they.

    1796: The Mongols continue to use diplomats to disrupt our economy. They bribe our musketeers and then destroy Peking's University. Another one steals Code of Laws from Peking.

    1804: The French land again, this time demanding tribute and threatening us with their new nuclear weapons. In order to save our population, the government decides to comply and pay a hefty tribute of 300million gold pieces.

    1806: The French spaceship programmes accelerates as engines are added to their structurals.

    1810: Finally our scientists have achieved Space technology, and we begin to rush build a spaceship.

    1812: Further Mongol diplomats wreak havoc, destroying London's university and Exeter's City Walls.

    1814: Our science ministry reports that the Babylonians have exchanged further technologies with us, including nuclear fission. Several nuclear weapons are commissioned in order to reduce the risk of French action.

    1818: Our threat of Nuclear weapons forces the Mongol government to comply with our demands for peace, and the desist any further espionage activities.

    1828: Finally Robotics are discovered, and the space programme goes into full swing as all parts of our great English spaceship are put into construction.

    1834: The public is shocked and outraged to learn that the French have launched their spaceship, due to arrive in just 17 years. Our English ship has just 2 structurals and 1 engine finished. Taxes are hiked to 90% and an extra-special effort is required of all English citizens to work as fast as they can. Over 500million gold pieces in excess of budget costs are expected the following year to help pay for our rush construction.

    1834: However, our treasury is exhausted, and the dramatic decision is made to sell off our entire complement of universities at 160million gold pieces each in order to pay for spaceship components. Over 8 components and 1 module are purchased in this year alone!

    1837: It took just 3 years in the end, but the English finally launch their great spaceship, ahead of schedule, equipped with better and faster rockets in order to make it to Alpha Centauri in just 10 years, some 4 years ahead of the French spaceship. The treasury is empty, our cities have been run down of their improvements, and the populace are tired of 90% taxation. But we have succeeded. The Babylonians show a last desperate effort to catch us, producing more than 5 spaceship parts the following year, but their efforts are too little and too late.

    1847: Our 10,000 colonists arrive safely at Alpha Centauri and the great English nation slowly spreads itself across the galaxy.


    I didn't remember to note the score, not that I ever play for that. Aim here was to win the spacerace. I don't enjoy conquering the world. I used Terraform part way through as I thought the enemy civs were falling behind (bit of a mistake, but made it more challenging anyway).

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  4. Pikachu

    Pikachu Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2003
    The Hall of Fame is now updated with results from this GOTM.

    It is good to see some activity here again. Thank you all for your contributions :)
  5. Comrade Aart

    Comrade Aart Civ1 diplomat

    Oct 22, 2003
    People's republic of Sesamestreet
    Ok. I gave it a shot as well. ;)

    Try #1:
    Let us build some nice musketman to protect our.... --AAARRGGHHH! Armor! FRENCH armor!--
    ergo: goodbye London and Coventry! :(

    Try #2:
    No more Mr Nice guy! Moved capitol immediately to Birmingham; in the middle of the land (no sea attacks) and lots of production. Tried to beeline to Steel, although my Science Adviser doesn't give me the options for that. Never had it this badly before. :(
    My democracy starts to get shape, but soon the Babylonians dodge my Ironclads and Battleships and capture London. Took me lots of turns to get it back, since I had to build a ground unit that could capture the damn city.
    It is obvious I couldn't catch up with the French by researching technology myself. That is why an enormous army of English diplomats land on the shore of France and start stealing it. I think I capture like 15 some tech from foreign powers. :)
    Although I captured Babylon to shut the Babs up, they still keep coming. Over land luckily, but I almost lost the damn city.
    In 1850AD I built the Apollo Program. To my big surprise, the French built 4 pieces of their ship in the first turn.... while running despotism!!! It is obvious the computer players get some nice perks on king difficulty. :)
    The French keep building pieces of the spaceship every single turn. That was the point that I teared down all my libraries and universities and start rushing the damn thing.
    In 1873AD my spaceship arrives. Then French could have beaten me easily, but they kept on building components, while missing the solar panel. After I launched my ship, they didn't build a single piece! Did they surrender?

    Anyhow: Nice game! Very nerve wrecking though! To catch up with a democracy to a monarchy (and later despotism) is really a challenge! It seems easy, but they were better researchers all round.


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