[GS] 2020 World Builder - Starting Locations Help

Vanilla Feline

Oct 14, 2016
I am putting together a map where I am aiming to have all Civs and City States start with predetermined starting locations. The goal of the map is to be an alternative to TSL Earth maps, where the map itself is unique but follows a similar geographical and historical logic to Earth.

That aside, I have created the map and everything is ready to go - except for the problem I've run into which is that you need to have all the Civs enabled which you have set starting locations for.
1. This physically isn't a possible option in the game creation menu.
2. The goal of the map isn't to have every civ on it at once.

I am not overly experienced with modding, so if anyone has a solution they could offer that would be great. If someone who has done something similar before wanted to collaborate with me on this project in terms of civ and CS placement I would appreciate that as well!
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