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2194 Days Remake

Are you interested in a remake?

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Apr 19, 2001
Chicago, IL
I have been away from Civ for a while, but I am back now. When I took a break I was working on a remake of 2194 Days Of War by Captain Nemo.

The new scenario is going to be on a gigamap, and the Americans and British are combined into one Allied civ.

It will be made for multiplayer, but will also allow a single player as the Allies.

All I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of things that need to be changed to make 2194 Days better.

I am also looking for help from anyone who may want to.

BTW, it is for MGE


Brilliant idea!

The Gigamap is an excellent idea. Every time I played the tiny stuff bothered me so much.

Combining British and America into one side is excellent
Who will be the new civ then?

Balance issues: in the original the germans tech advanced rapidly it was not uncommon to see the ME262 in '43

Plus German tanks are wayyyyyy to buff particularly compared to Soviet ones. The IS-2 (or JS-2 depends on where yer from) was a very advanced tank and was fully capable of beating Tiger's and King Tigers. The T-34/85 variant could more or less deal with Panther's and under. It should be at slightly stronger then Panzer IV.
Additional events to try and symbolize realistic concepts would be great. In the original Germans generally overran USSR. and playing USSR was haaaaaard. Nemo really likes those trigs where if you kill a unit another one gets created. I hated that **** and made it seem practically pointless to try and kill some enemy units which would never get out of the UNITKILLED cycle.

I would be glad to help in anyway you want me to. I have experiance in Civ2 scenario making. Plus my fascination with ww2 has led me to develop alot of knowledge of the topic particularly in the Eastern Front.
There's alraedy a gigamap remake of 2194, its called WW2- Fight for Freedom.
Another would be good, cause i don't think the Fight for Freedom is very good, graphics could be better.
Overall needs work, must make unit movements balanced so we won't be moving units half the game.
I'd love to see 2194 remade. Update the units with better pictures, not that the current ones are bad mind you just want more.

Also port this remake over to Civ ToT.

BTW Curt Sibling's Dictator (WW2) Scenario for ToT is a must have for any WW2 freak. Been playing that scenario now for two solid weeks! :cool:
yah but people without ToT are screwed :-(
Well, go get TOT then
Just one little problem with this:
Sorry, but I'm frusterated, I found Civ2 Classic at a regular
store, downloaded MGE at this site, but can't find TOT anywhere. Perhaps someone can make a patch like the MGE one?
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