2194 Gigamap Playtest


Apr 19, 2001
Chicago, IL
I have completed the first part of my gigamap remake. I am looking for playtesters.

This is to get a good idea of what is needed to be changed, what values need to be raised, lowered, etc...

As the Japanese...
How far did you advance against the Chinese after Part I?
How far did you get in the Pacific?
As Germany...
How far did you get into Russia?
Were your cities relatively safe from invasion by Britain?
How did you fare in North Africa?
As everyone else...
How quickly did you make discoveries?
Were you able to fight against the advances?

And then I need to know about other things that happen. The spelling in the events. If the events make sense, etc...

Other points of information...

Turns are monthly, starts in December of 1941

All terrain except OCEAN, HILLS, and MOUNTAINS are stackable
pap, i'mstill waiting for u to email the game files to me... :)
do it now! lol WMCS44@aol.com
Thanks to everyone that wants to playtest, but it turns out that we are going to need to playtest it as a PBEM.

It is not designed as a SP scenario yet, so unless you play in SP as the Axis or Japanese, then the game does not respond how it is supposed to.

So I propose that we all start a PBEM right here.

Ok. I just wanna tell me you that i´ve never played a PBEM before; so i´d like to take a shot. Let´s see what happens!!
I´d like to take USA
About the files, are you going to send them by mail? or will you post them here?
will you open a new thread in the "civ2-multiplayer and PBEM" section?
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