21civ Standard Size Erebus Scenario


Feb 2, 2006
21civ Standard Size Map based on Mana Chart (updated for 0.30)

Flat world
Similar to my other scenario in concept, except that placement follows this mana chart:
I made one modification in the placement, in the lines that extend 3 out going up, down, right, and left, i made the last 2 of each branch out instead, to better make it fit in a square map.

Ingame Image:
Spoiler Worldshot of Arctic regions :

21civ Standard Map Scenario V1.3 Download (updated for 0.30)

1 solid landmass, toroidal shaped (north edge connected to south and west edge connected to east)
19 Civs start on the map with a settler and 2 warriors (4 for Doviello) (Mercurians and Infernal can be summoned in later and have spots ready).
Civ placement attempts to adhere to what is written and according to terrain types, also balance of different alignments.
1 Barbarian city between 3 goods, basically a likely spot for basium to be summoned to later.
1 ideal empty spot for Hyborem to settle once he's come into the game.
Every Unique Feature is added, as well as a few strategically placed fortresses and ancient towers.

I recommend the option No Settlers, so that each civ starts with 1 city and can only gain more through capture. The map was designed with that intent. You can choose options for scenarios by choosing Custom Scenario rather than Play A Scenario.

In my test runs every civ does fairly well, I tried to give each civ everything it could need, and anything else they can trade for.
Feeback is welcome.

Extra Images:
Spoiler Civ Placement Minimap :

Spoiler Civ Placement Birds Eye :

Spoiler Worldshot near Clan of Embers :

Spoiler Worldshot centered on Lanun :

Rivers Mapscript
Figured I'd add this since we tend to use it in multiplayer. It's a modified Inland Sea map, but it's toroidal. With a low sea level there tends to be only the occasional lake. I made this mapscript because I like the terrain of inland sea (no ice, nice mixes of floodplains and forests, and tons of rivers), and everyone tends to end up with decent starts. Also, unlike a lot of the toroidal mainly land scripts, theres no water barrier running across the top of the map, which pretty much defeats the purpose of toroidals everyone can get to anyone open mappedness heh.
Wow, as soon as I win (or lose) my current game I am going to have to try out the map.

Is there anyway to make the screen shot bigger?
just gave it a try, and i must say: the map is great. Unfortunately, the no-settler setting didn't work (al least it didn't in my game), so the AI was free to keep founding new cities. Not sure if this is a bug in the FFH2 version, or just this map though
It seems to me that the orcs might be disadvantaged in that the jungle could encroach on their resources before they get a chance to build on them. Perhpas leave an extra empty grassland on the other side of the sugar and the bananas.
Also, I don't see why not remove one of the moutian tiles just north of the Lanun, to give them some flexibility in landing a sneak attack on the Doviello or Gigori.
Oh, must only save options for me maybe? then try setting the "No Settlers" options from the Custom Scenario setup to get the desired effect.

About the Clan, the jungle growing can be problematic if you don't get to it quick with placeholder farms, not quite sure which jungles to remove tho. originally i had jungle in every tile heh, been cutting it back a lot but want to keep the motif (plus gave them jonas for Exp for extra health, and river access, and tons of health resources). they seem to be doing well but ill try to do something about their resources so none of them are 1 tile adjacent to a jungle non-diagonally (so jungles would need to grow twice to cover a resource). i dont think this is a problem for their copper tho, since im fairly certain jungles wont grow on resources that typically arent on grassland.

About the Lanun, i was thinking with forts you could get to that sea. the mountain wall is so that its an enclosed Fresh water lake (+1 food that way, then an extra +1 food from lighthouse makes them competitive later on). had been considering actually restricting their water movement more with more land bridges so that more people could reach them (atm bannor+khazad borders eventually cut off access to lanun if you dont have water walking units or open borders with one of them). ill fiddle around with them a bit.. i want some land bridges to them without restricting their sea access.. but maybe ill put some fortress there to start so they can get through with ships still without mathematics. tho theres always the Maelstrom for getting around too heh.
The Maelstrom dumped one of my units on ice, which was kinda useless. Fun though.
the lanun spot is decent in and of itself, as are all the starter spots, having plenty of resources as they do heh
but each spot is specially tailored to each civ, so generally another civs spot will be less than optimal

you put scenarios into the \Saves\Worldbuilder folder in your BtS folder.
Spoiler :

Played a game of this map as Amurites with a Sage strategy using AV.
Won a Tower of Mastery after killing everyone who wasnt AV religion by using the 4 weaker AV civs as vassals for their mana. Finished off Alexis after winning since she declared on me right before I won heh.
Wow, this is pretty awesome! I can't wait to try it out, someday... <insert standard moans regarding computer issues>
updated scenario, now version 1.2 is linked in the first post and here:
minor changes to open up some passages and help out some civs that were lacking a bit, or to limit some that were becoming dominate too quickly, details in spoiler:
Spoiler :
-Switched Hippus lake to a plains/Oasis so they still have fresh water access but in a tile more useful to them since they were lacking commerce early on
-Moved Lanuns landbridge by bannor up a bit so bannors culture wouldnt eventually block them from others, allowing them access to doviello and grigori more easily; also added a fort there so ships can reach the upper sea; also made their western landbridge split 3 ways so they could go north and south around khazad
-a few extra passages in the cold mountain regions
-some more jungles under a few towers near the clan to make them better defensive spots; moved clan resources and removed a jungle or two to make their resources less likely to be covered in jungle early
-more hills in Ljosalfar area, to limit their food a bit; hill in city tile for extra protection
-a few more hills for khazad to limit their food a bit and to fit flavour more (i over compensated for food before for them)
-changed all svartalfar yield tiles to tundra so they would be untouched by hell terrain later so they could keep their forests, added 3 deer and a river to compensate for poor basic tile yieldage of tundra (did same for Illians and Doviello originally)
-switched a malakim Ivory to wheat to help with their sickness
-random terrain changes to make things look nicer
It's probably too late, but I think the map would look a lot nicer/more natural if some of the starting positions were moved by a couple of squares. The neat grid pattern would then be broken a bit.
In about 5 games played until Hyborem was summoned, he not once spawned in the area designed for him. This is slightly problematic for Hyborem, since he can't move his starting city or build settlers to relocate, so he never gets reagents without conquest. Most times he spawns right on the edge of someone's cultural borders, often on the North side of the hippus. (each game I played as Alexis).
How will humans get more use from that area? I thought Hyborem spawned with Dis already settled and a settler in normal FFH and just assumed he starts with Dis already founded and no settler in your scenario :D. BRB gonna go take control of him to see.
So the human starts with a city founded already too. So its just going to come down to luck on whether hyborem gets close to the area you set up for him.
you just can't build new settlers, you start with 1 normally, and basium starts with 1 in addition to his city, and hyborem start with 2 settlers i think.. weird things can happen with hyborem tho depending on whether its multiplayer (with simultaneous turns) or single player.. in one case hes had a turn before you control him, so he builds a city where he starts
Great map. I had a wonderful time tormenting Cardith Lorda as Perpentach. I really enjoy your modmod too :)

I'm wondering how you got the camera angles in your screen shots. Is that an in-game camera angle?
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