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25+ Colors

Louis the XIV

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Jun 23, 2020
Court of Versailles
Hi everyone!
I feel like I should have done this the moment I started modding, and believe me this would have come in very useful to me.
So anyway this modcomp adds 25 new colors and I might add some more in a future update.
Some credit also has to go to Leoreth because I used a lot of the colors from his mod Dawn of Civilization.
I have tested this with a few of the colors, not all so tell me if there is a problem with one of them since there may be.
This is not a module, if you want to use this in a custom mod then copy this folder:
The interface folder is the only folder that matters. If you are from England you can rename the folder to Colour.

Also if a moderator sees this, this thread should be moved to the Graphic Modcomponents sub forum. I didn't know there was one!
Anyway I'm sure you will find this as useful as I would have:)!
List of colors: (not going to mention the ones that already exist in BtS)
-Dark Cyan
-Light Purple
-Light Blue
-Very Light Blue
-Light Orange
-Very Dark Blue
-Very Dark Red
-Dark Grey
-Middle Green
-Light Brown
-Dark Orange
-Dark Green
-Dark Indigo
-Greyish Cyan
-Dark Rot Green
-Middle Pink
-Medium Indigo
-Pale Orange
-Brownish Red

To define the color of a civilization you have to do this:
all of the words are seperated by an underscore _.
Hope this comes in useful:)!
The colors that are written like this: Very Dark Color, are defined like this: PLAYERCOLOR_VERYDARK_COLOR.
P.S. It took me 10 minutes to create Rainbow colored download link! As a challenge I might try to create the Rainbow color in Civ 4!
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Louis the XIV

Sun King
Jun 23, 2020
Court of Versailles
Is this good enough? Or should it be a bit more blue?
Spoiler Prussian Blue :

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