2D Game Style still the best.


Apr 23, 2005
What I like best about Civilization 1 is it's 2D game style which is beautifull and handy for a couple of reasons:

1. First of all the VGA color graphics are used to great effect and produces a nice shiny bright display of beautifull colors, while 3D games usually need some shading leading to darker colors and is less happy too look at it. Monitors are already pretty dark anyway.

2. The 2D tiles concentrate on the strategy part of civilization perfectly, no distraction from strange or odd 3D or isometric strangeness or twisting it in the min ,might even be easier to play for the brain.

3. Everything is a block in the 2D version of civilization, cities, units, carrier, nukes, it's cool. The 2D and blockness of it probably makes it easier to plan certain attacks, movements etc, while isometric can be more difficult.

Anyway I hope to see a remake of civilization 1 sometime in the future with a 2D look and feel. Hopefully as colorfull as it's original. Hopefully with beautiful distance field rendering or some other vectorization so that the 2D graphics/units and GUI can scale no matter which display size is being used.

Hopefully if a bigger/high resolution monitor is used to 2D graphics will also look a bit nicer... maybe it can use some soft shading across the vectors/splines or edges or it can be disabled to keep it nice and crispy.

Perhaps also a civilization 2D version which feels more strategical and tactical, more focused on war, resources but maybe also an interesting market/exchange.

Less focused on cultural/priest/religion etc though it could also be in it...

One possible idea to speed up multiplayer could be to allow each player to control one city of a nation. So players get to run a nation together. Can work together via market/exchanges if they need each others resources.

There would be multiple nations run by different players in groups and such, could be great fun ! ;) :)

At least the single player part of civilization 2D is something I would look forward too, especially if the civilization 2D is more focussed at excellent/human like behaviour perhaps driving by some deep learning network.

One last possible idea that could also be introduced as alien invasion ! =D

Bye for now,
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