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3.13 - Game crashes after start up.

Abrecan Eyndril

Oct 2, 2007
Ever since I patched, I'll boot up the game, it will go to the main menu, and crash seconds later. Anyone have any clue what it could be.
I've got the same, but i don't have time to reinstall civ tonight, so give me feedback please :p

same here. Any clue?

What version are you using? (cd, dvd, d2d, etc)
I use the dvd version with a crack (but i have the dvd at my side) and the Varietas Delectat v1.7 mod !
The mod probably crashes it. Most mods will probably do that and will need to be updated to 3.13, graphics mods do that as well. If you have an unmodded BtS, and it crashes, does windows prompt you to send a report? if so please post what that report says (just the upper part which includes the file that actually crashes it...
Unmodded, no error given, going into the error logs, this is all that ti says;

[250.781] ERR: InitWinApp() failed, exiting
[250.796] ERR: CIV Init FAILED, exiting
Vanila works, unpatched BTS also works. Once I apply the 3.13 patch, it stops working. Just exits right away... And no, I have no mods or anything installed.
And re-installing BTS doesn't help.
I've got the same problem, reinstall doesn't work either.

XP SP2, X2 3800+@2.5GHz, 1GB RAM, GeForce 6800, Asus A8V, RAID-0: 2*Fujiitsu MAP3367NP.
The number of people with this problem is growing, so my hope is that somebody will actually, you know, fix this. ;)
I have the same problem.

The game loads to the menu fine but when I load a new game it crashes when it gets the point where it's "setting up the map" the game automatically closes and I'm back at the desktop.

There was this 1 time where it loaded the game but then it closes when i moved my warrior.

The game works fine without the patch and I've already did a clean reinstall.
Try turning on full logging in the .ini file, and then check the logs to see if there are any error reports.

Getting same thing, any chance it has to do with solver patch being installed previously?

Bah, no cIV tonight. :(
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