(3-NS) Quick promotion option

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Dec 22, 2019
Proposal Details:
This proposal is mainly meant for newly built units that get multiple promotions. Add a divider to the promotions selection after witch come the highest promotion it can get. For example a gunpowder unit that has 3 promotion would get the following options:
shock 3, medic 1, cover 1, air defense 2, drill 3, cover 2, city assault, amphibious, formation 1, woodsman.
Shock 3, medic 1, drill 3, cover 2, city assault, and formation 1 are all obvious as to what path they get since there are no alternatives to get them with 3 promotions but the others need some explaining.
Cover 1 you get with shock 2 since the idea is to assign all promotions with 1 click. If you want cover 1 with drill but not cover 2 you need to select promotions one by one in the old part of the menu as we are doing now.
Amphibious and woodsman come with drill 2 since getting them with shock does not use all the promotions.
Air defense 2 should either have 2 options in the menu (1 for each shock and drill path) or if that is too difficult to implement appear once with shock 1.
All that was an example of what it would be like with 3 promotions. With 2 or 4 the choices would obviously be different.
Building a massive army late game and having to click 3 different promotions (or 4 in rare cases) for units takes time and is annoying. It also increases the chances of misclicking some promotion. This is something that should be solved in 1 click not 3.


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Dec 19, 2017
Proposal failed due to lack of sponsorship.
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