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Sep 18, 2001
hi there

Q1: What can i do if a city is on starvation, can i do an any city improvement or something else??

Q2: Where must i click on(and what shoul i say then), to try to get another civ. also help me to destroy an enemy. What is usually given to them to get them also declare war on your enemy??

Q3: What is it ( i think it comes first in the industrial time) the little square in the city options, near the "hurry up improvement with schields" square. As mouse over it says DRAFT. What is this button good for??

Very thanks for answering
Q1: Have your workers irrigate as much as possible. Also, building Harbors can help, but usually takes too long if they are already starving.

Q2: You have to research Writing to get them to join in. Tell them to join in war vs. (Civ you want them to fight against), and you can then click on "What would you need for an Alliance v. Russians", for instance, or whoever you are fighting...they will tell you what they need. If they say it is not possible, giving them a resource or luxury still can persuade them so try that--I've had them say it can't be done, but then gave them my Horses (which I had no further use of in the war) and they joined in. You can still trade things that you don't have any extras of (like when it says Horses (0) grayed out), but you won't have access to any horses. That's fine--I was to the point I didn't need horses anymore, but it persuaded them to join the war ;)

Also, I think it depends largely on who started it, and on the relationships with that nation, on whether they will join or not. If one civ doesn't, try another. If you know a civ that has fought them in the past, they will be the easiest to get to join in the war.

Q3: In real life, the Draft button is to simulate the military draft, which is a concept the US implements in case of wartime. The US has an all-volunteer military, but if that doesn't work out, there is what is known as the Draft that makes citizens become a part of the military if there is the need.

In Civ 3, the Draft button decreases your population by 1 and adds unhappiness, but it gives you a military unit depending on the era and the technology you have researched. They are only Conscripts, but this can be a good way to put up a quick defense if you have no other option.

Also remember that you have to establish an embassy with the civ you want to team up with, or the "military alliance" option wont be available as a trade option.

To establish an embassy, you have to right click on your capital and select "conduct espionage" from the list.

One final note, when asking someone to go to war with you, it helps a ton if you declare war on the bad guy first and then try to get them to go to war with you. I don't know why this is, but sometimes, no matter what I offer a civ they wont go to war with me, but then I declare war and then go back and offer them a tech and they say "let's do it!".
gz, I know what it is--they probably hate the civ you are currently at war with, but know that you are their #1 enemy--a sense of security to some degree. Also, then they are helping you out, not just going to war with you.

Would you be more or less inclined to go to war with, say, the Germans if the AI is not at war with them currently but asks for a joint war?

It probably also deals with reputation...joining an ally is better on reputation than just declaring war.
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