30 Points On Chieftain


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Apr 30, 2008
4 days ago I submitted a Standard Chieftain Histographic game, which scored 30 points. It took about 18 minutes (and I wasn't trying to break the keys on my keyboard). It was also a loss. I challenge you, dear reader, to consider submitting a game with the same settings. For the game to get accepted see the rules section of the civ III Hall of Fame. For about the past decade I have stood as the number 1 quartermaster on the HoF tables. So, if you submit a game with a higher score you would be able to say that you bested me in a civ III contest (unless I play this type of map and submit a game later with a higher score).

I have not been working on this table to see how high of a score is possible. I also have tinnitus these days which can and does make it difficult for me to concentrate.

Additionally, I played as Rome, even though it seems beyond doubt that the Maya have more scoring potential. I don't recall the map type also, and it didn't matter since I only founded one city at a time and moved it around. Analysis a while back indicated that 60% archipelago maps have more scoring potential than other map types, but without 10 entries on any table that is irrelevant for having a game chart on the table. So, if you prefer another map type, I suggest you give that map type a go.
I will begin the "Quest for 31" today!

In case the "contest winner" gets a little too uppity
If you don't know, once you create an account, and log in with it, there's a 4000 BC tab where you can check to see if your 4000 BC save has the correct settings for the HoF.
You're going down @Spoonwood ! I already have 34 points and it's only 1500 BC. Hope you like how fifth place tastes because you will soon be tasting a historic historiographic upset!1
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