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Louis the XIV

Sun King
Jun 23, 2020
Court of Versailles
This mod is a merge in between the 34 civs mod and the Just another Religion Mod.
I also made a scenario which is taking place in 1300 AD.
I also added Mayan religion.
Credit to the creator of 34 civs, Just another Religion, and me.
All the Religions have religious buildings and Missionaries.\
New Civilization: Umayyad Caliphate with unique unit Mamluk, replaces Knight.
Spoiler What is Happening in The Scenario :
Unify England or Japan, Protect the falling Byzantine Empire from Seljuk's and Bulgarian's Explore the New World with Portugese, American, and Dutch colonies(Europe is so small I made it a bit bigger but still I had to make Portugal and the Dutch start as Colonies in Brazil and Singapore.), Try to maintain the peace between Maya and Aztec, Prove yourself worthy to Genghis Khan, Conquer Jerusalem in the Crusades, Start a huge empire with the rising Umayyad Caliphate, Reconquer Spain from the Caliphate of Cordoba,Protect yourself from the Americans as the Natives, Start a small kingdom with Ethiopia or Zulu.

Spoiler Religions :
Aesir, Viking
Voodoo, African,
Druidism, Celtic
Shinto, Japanese and Korean
Shamanism, Polynesian, Asian, Siberian, and Korean
Greek Pantheon, Greek
Zoroastrianism, Persian
and Many more, I forgot the names, Like 2 American religions, Egyptian religion.

Download Instructions: Unzip the Folder into Civ 4 BTS mods.
P.S. The file is to big so you have to download it with the Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zpuysppfk6t8v3q/Earth_All_34_Civs_and_Many_Religions.zip/file
Let me now if the link does not work.
Hey there, thanks so much for this mod!!
When I try running this mod, I get an error message saying the Leaderheads.xml file didn't load correctly because of the Druid and other classes. If I ever get around to debugging it, I'll provide an update here.
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