3d islamic city set

Varwnos, thanks again for a wonderful Civ 3 city. It´s a pity that you are speaking about leaving this site, while you have reached such a high level of skill with these cities. So I really hope you return soon.

But nevertheless: Varwnos, thank you very much for all the work you have done for us. :)

So I´m curious: Are you retiring from modding in general or do you now something different and if yes, what are you doing now?
Good bye hopefully you will return. Or at least stop buy from time to time.
Ty :)

Well my days of creating gfx are over anyway, i was putting way too much pressure on my eyes, even with 3d. And imo i was not that good anyway, although i am biased (against me ;) ) so who knows what would be a more objective view. Moreover i was never really in love with creating gfx, and definately so as to produce something good one has to be fond of it..

As for doing something different, well i have my literature which is my main work. Perhaps someday i will be known ;)

Anyway i might pop in every once in a while, but i am pretty sure i will not create more gfx.. I might enter the HRE set in the next contest though :lol:
It is a pity you're "taking a break", your last several cities were particularly good. I was hoping you would eventually do a complete Civ3 replacement set in the same style.
Maybe after your eyes get rested and your creative juices start flowing again.

Thanks for the cities.

For resting the eyes, I went from CRT to LCD and found that a big improvement. I had very high end dual 21.5" CRT and went to a dual 20" LCD. Useable space remained the same, but the occasional eye-strain headache disappeared. I am wondering if my wife would blow a gasket if I replace one of my 20" LCD's with a 24-27 inch unit. I have a 24 at work and find the larger space a delight to work with.
Once again great city! I'm sorry to hear you are leaving I also had the hope you would eventually make replacements for all the standard city sets.
This will be my last work. I decided to leave the site. Perhaps i will return in the future, although i doubt it.
Anyway, good-bye :)

:eek: Bummer, although of course I wish you well on the literary front! PLEASE do "stop by" every once in awhile. And I can't help concluding with, "Good-bye, and thanks for all the fish!" :D

All Best Wishes,

Pity that you're leaving. There aren't enough 3d artists around here. :)
Nice cities, as always! :thumbsup:

This will be my last work. I decided to leave the site. Perhaps i will return in the future, although i doubt it.
Anyway, good-bye :)

Oh, come on, Var, you know as well as I do that you sold your soul to the devil civ long ago! :)

If you aren't having fun making graphics ATM, how about trying your hand at mod-making? :)
Oooh! Shiny pretty buildings... :D

On a more serious tone, if you choose to leave, farewell. Your graphics will be missed by many.

I still hope you change your mind about this though. ;)
seriously? Leaving? but you have innovated civ3 city design!! Well, sorry to see you go. I understand tho, Civ has not been getting any of my time either...

Hope you visit in the future and maybe even drop some more cities
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