(4-04a) Counterproposal: Korea Rework

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Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Counterproposal to this proposal.

There are some issues with the kit overlaps with Maya, Korea and Babylon that I would like to try resolving:
Right now we have a situation where all 3 of our most SV-focused civs all have a major bonus towards :c5greatperson:great people generation on their UA:
- Babylon has a large % GP rate for 1 specialist type
- Korea has a large %GP rate bonus during Golden Ages
- Maya gets GPs for free
There is also a bit of an overlap with Assyria, because he gets 3 :c5science: to GWs in his UA and Korea gets 1:c5science::c5production: toGWs on his UB.

Spoiler Here is the current kit: :

Scholars of the Jade Hall
+1 Science from all Specialists, increasing by +1 in the Medieval, Industrial, and Atomic Eras.
+30% Great Person Rate during Golden Ages.
Gain 50 Golden Age Points when a Great Person is born, scaling with Era.

+15%:c5science:Science in this City during Golden Ages.
Gain 50% of this City's :c5science: Science output as an instant boost to your current Research when a Citizen is born in this City (up from 25%).
+1 :c5science::c5production: from Great Works in this City.
Available Earlier than the University which it replaces, arriving at Philosophy rather than Education.

proposed changes:
  • UA gives +20%:c5science:Science during :c5goldenage:Golden Ages instead of +30%:c5greatperson:Great Person Rate
  • Seowon changes:
    • No longer gives +15%:c5science:Science during :c5goldenage:Golden Ages
    • moved back to Education
    • Base yields changed to 3:c5science:2:c5culture:
    • Gives +1:c5science::c5production: to all GPTIs near the city (to match the +1:c5science::c5production: from :greatwork:GWs)
This would unstack Korea from a great person modifier rate, so it isn't so exactly overlapping with Mayans and Babylonians.
Adding the :c5science::c5production: to ALL permanent GP expend effects makes the overlap with Assyria less acute.
The Seowon would move back in tech. This is historically supported.
The Seowon were an adaptation of the Chinese Shuyuan academies. The oldest Seowon was established in the 14th century. Not classical era.
Many Seowon were formed out of monasteries that were seized by the government in an anti-Buddhist inquisition. This makes the :c5faith:Faith bonus on them anti-historical, and a bit cheeky.
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The Hwach'a should be a separate proposal.

Current Hwach'a also has promotions tacked on/removed that makes it an anti-unit unit instead of anti-city. Are you going to retain these changes on the new one?

Isn't the UA/UB change an overall lategame nerf (but buff at the time Seowon unlocks with better flat yields) trading +30% GPP rate for +5% science?
Just noting that this new UU is basically a copy of China's UU, are we ok with that?
I’d like to swap the logistics back onto the chukonu eventually, but we can’t do that until after we’ve nerfed China a lot harder.

Gonna follow @azum4roll's advice and split this for now. We can make that UU swap later when China is under control.
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I’d like to swap the logistics back onto the chukonu eventually, but we can’t do that until after we’ve nerfed China a lot harder.
Can't do that as long as Logistics provides double XP.
Can't do that as long as Logistics provides double XP.g
Yup, something that is now a simple rule change if we can convince the community it's necessary if we want it to stay on as a free promotion.
Proposal sponsored by pineappledan.

@pineappledan Please be careful not to overcommit. :blush:
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