[Vote] (4-24) Proposal: Self-Determination: Include "Remove Sphere of Influence" in Benefit

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
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Players, please cast your votes in the poll above. Vote "Yea" if you'd be okay if this proposal was implemented. Vote "Nay" if you'd be okay if this proposal wasn't implemented.

You can vote for both options, which is equivalent to saying "I'm fine either way", but adds to the required quorum of 10 votes in favor.

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VP Congress: Session 4, Proposal 24
Self-Determination (Freedom T2 tenent) provides its benefit when you conquer a CS but then use the "remove sphere of influence" option.

Rationale: Self-Determination currently works when any city is liberated, but I find this sphere of usage is often much smaller than it would appear on paper, and so I rarely find a use for this tenent. By adding in CS sphere removal, this gives you a fun way to fight other people's SOI while reaping a big reward yourself. This increases the general areas that you can use SD on, gives me a more chances to be useful.
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I'd add that "remove sphere" option also sets the former ally's influence to 50 (regardless of tenet), and if you have the tenet, it also forces peace with the CS.
It should also give the Arsenal and 6 units as if you liberated the city.

Proposal sponsored by Recursive.
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