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4 new title screens for the Star Wars MOD--Vote for your favorite...PLEASE!

which screen do you like best?

  • #1: vader

    Votes: 14 25.0%
  • #2: super star destroyer battle

    Votes: 28 50.0%
  • #3: clone battle

    Votes: 19 33.9%
  • #4: AT-AT

    Votes: 10 17.9%

  • Total voters


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Jun 14, 2005
At the Air Force Academy
Please read the following before voting...

I just finished 4 title screens and me and the crew have decided to put it to a vote. So, please before voting, i hope you would look at every screen carefully before you cast your vote. You can vote for more than one pic, so please vote seriously. Here are the choices:

Super Star Destroyer

click on the individual names to download the pcx file
yeah, i tried to remove it, but the pic got kinda distorted.
Nr 2 and Nr 4 have enough complexity to be title screens. I'm leaning toward the collage tho, it shows more of the star wars universe than the destroyer one.
LizardmenRule! said:
I quite like the AT-AT collage. Great job on all of them :thumbsup:

Are you going to enter the one with the most votes into the comp this month?

i might, it just depends on teh turn out
Varlin Saliptor said:
Gotta vote for the SSD one...'twas the original after all.

(I have my version as my title screen right now lol)

right now i have my darth vader one as the title screen. The screen looks so cool in game, at least i think.
I like the clone one and the destroyer one, you did a good job on those. I don't like the text, however, it doesn't say "civ 3" and it's too big and obstructs the view... But I think I'll use the last one, it looks great!
For me, there are three issues:

Best menu
Vader's clearly got the best menu because the picture never intereferes with the text.
Clones comes in second
Collage third
Starships fourth

Picture quality
Clones and Vader have wonderful resolution, while the montage is occasionally grainy, and the starships are simply too busy

Best mix of Star Wars and Civ
While I agree that the montage gives the best sense of the Star Wars universe (Why is it there only one that features any of the good guys? Yoda would be an AWESOME Civ leader!), I think the Clone Army best matches most players' gaming style.

So I voted for the Clones, though I think Vader and the Montage show some fine work too.

For what it's worth (2.1111111 cents?)
I like number 1.

It's just simple, and to the point. (Though the lightsaber could be better)
polyphemus said:
yeah, i tried to remove it, but the pic got kinda distorted.

I have the base image for the clones one if you want it.


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