(4-NS) Inquisition Changes

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Proposal: Change Inquisition to the following:

Inquisitors cost 50% less faith, and removing heresy does not resistance in your cities. Gain 1 spy. Your spies exert +25 religious pressure on the cities they occupy, era and game speed scaling. Spies stationed in foreign cities grant +3 happiness.

The gold bonus for inquisition is quite weak because of the nerfs to inquisitors reducing of foreign pressure, and this belief is one of the weaker enhancers. Now we shift this to be a more spy focused belief. The inquisitor gets a solid faith reductor so it can do its job well. Now you get an extra spy, giving this belief a nice general benefit that makes it more attractive. Meanwhile the spy pressure now scales with era making it more effective in the later game, and with a little more happiness to round us off.

This version is a more fun and effective version of the belief.
Problem of an extra spy in belief is that you won't lose it even if you lose the religion.

The gold bonus has always been bad even if inquisitor effectiveness is set to 100%.

Why does it scale with game speed? Both passive pressure and active spread don't.
The current Inquisition is ok, it allows you to fight other religions for cheaper and you don't loose a turn of rebellion. I'd just make it so that you get some of the removed pressure into own followers instead.
Example : Your are catholic, and have a 50% rate.

Before inquisitor :
Catholic : 1000
Hindi : 1000
Tengrism : 500

After inquisitor :
Catholic : 1375
Hindi : 500
Tengrism : 250

Your inquisitor remove a total of 750 pressure from other religion, thus half of that amount (375) is added to your religion.

This belief would make fighting other religions in your territory very effective. I don't know if it is feasible, thought.
I would rather change the base inquisitor so it’s less punishing to use, and then look at inquisition.
I don’t want to bring back 100% inquisitors, but the turn of resistance was added when inquisitors did a lot more. Now they’re weaker, but exactly as punishing.

I think they should have their resistance turn removed and just cost more base faith. That would also make this belief’s purchase discount more impactful.
Proposal failed due to lack of sponsorship.
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