(4-NS) Missionary/Inquisitor faith cost should cap out at Industrial Era.

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Proposal: The faith scaling of missionaries and inquisitors should scale as it traditionally does through Industrial era, but should not increase further in modern, atomic, and information.

Rationale: By industrial era, the faith game has radically changed in many ways.

1) The arrival of faith buys for GP, this becomes your solid faith sink for the remainder of the game.
2) Faith pressures have long been running across the board, leading to cities with very large pressure thresholds (often 6k or more), meaning it requires a huge pressure investment to change the religions of cities.

Because of this, the conversion game dries out in the late game, as paying 800 faith in modern for a missionary is just ludicrous compared to spending that faith on other activities. By keeping the faith cost a bit more reasonable, you might see a bit more conversion play in the late game. Theme wise, we see a lot of religious upheaval and conversion in the modern era especially in middle eastern countries, so it would be good to highlight that part of the game further.
Where is missionary cost defined?
Should list out what the current costs are for reference.
I think instead missionary conversation strength should be buffed. Like you said in point 2), it takes a ton of missionaries to convert a city and it's a lot of tedious clicking. End-game I either ignore conversion or use great prophets even when they aren't very efficient cost-wise as I find spamming 15 missionaries to convert a handful of cities really annoying.
Proposal failed due to lack of sponsorship.
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