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Apr 12, 2023
Objective: To allow players to choose the End Era before starting the game, limiting the available technologies to the selected era, and enabling a special game setting where only civilizations with unique units from the selected era can be chosen, based on the concept of the "Eras" mod for Civilization V.


  1. Players will have the option to select the End Era during game setup, which will determine the maximum era of technologies that can be researched in the game.
  2. The available options for End Era will be based on the eras defined in the "Eras" mod for Civilization V, such as Ancient Era, Classical Era, Medieval Era, Renaissance Era, Industrial Era, Modern Era, Atomic Era, Information Era, or Future Era.
  3. Once the End Era is selected, players will only be able to research technologies up to the chosen era during the game, and technologies from eras beyond the chosen era will be unavailable.
  4. Additionally, a special game setting will be enabled where only civilizations that have a unique unit in the selected End Era can be chosen.
  5. This setting will create an immersive experience as players can engage in battles where different civilizations with their unique units from the chosen era face off against each other.
  6. This resolution aims to provide players with a more customizable game experience, allowing them to play in specific historical eras or create unique scenarios with civilizations that have unique units in the chosen era.
  7. The End Era and Unique Unit setting will apply to all players in the game, and will be fixed throughout the game, unless a new resolution is proposed and passed in the Vox Populi Congress to change them.
  8. The implementation of this resolution may require adjustments to the game mechanics and balance to ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all players.

  • Provides players with the option to choose the End Era before starting the game, allowing them to customize the available technologies based on their preferred historical era or gameplay style.
  • Enables a special game setting where only civilizations with unique units from the selected era can be chosen, creating an immersive experience and strategic decision-making based on the unique abilities and strengths of civilizations.
  • Adds depth and flavor to the gameplay by showcasing the historical uniqueness and diversity of civilizations in specific eras.
  • Encourages experimentation and creativity in gameplay, as players can create their own unique scenarios and challenges by limiting the technologies available and selecting civilizations with unique units from the chosen era.
  • Enhances replayability by offering different technological progressions, civilization choices, and gameplay experiences based on the chosen End Era
Proposal vetoed.

This is a feature request and should go on GitHub. Generally, all proposals made should be enabled by default.
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