40 Civilizations: The Quest for Power

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    Aberdonia et Banffia
    Perciles' next goal: Get back to his nation (the borders are blocking it up)
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    The updates wont have to be every Friday and Saturday :D
    They may come earlier if the workload from school gets any smaller...aaah...nope, guess we'll have to wait till Friday :cringe:
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    Go on, continue!
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    Just two more days...be patient :)
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    All of this was field back in days
    I once made a game of Lakes, Tiny map, and 18 civs (1 city per civ)
    I ended winning by domination hehe
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    The Message
    Chapter 3

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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbuncle Shack. Enter Spyros)

    SPYROS: Alright everyone! Everyone! Strategic meeting! Strategic meeting!

    (Enter Nicolaos)

    NICOLAOS: When, sire?
    SPYROS: Right now
    NICOLAOS: Oh joy!
    SPYROS: Anyone else coming to the meeting?
    NICOLAOS: Well Pericles is somewhere far away and Mira...
    SPYROS: Yes...?
    NICOLAOS: I'd rather not say
    SPYROS: And lets leave it at that shall we?

    (Enter Mira)

    MIRA: Strategic meeting?
    SPYROS: Ah...yes!

    (Exit Mira)

    NICOLAOS: Ah, I believe she has...lost it, sire
    SPYROS: I see. Anyway! That strategic meeting...?
    NICOLAOS: Well! Ghandi died so theres a large space beside us...and Pacal is very, very close to us
    SPYROS: In relationship? Or borders?
    NICOLAOS: Both. Declaring war now may band us as a traitor to the world
    SPYROS: So? What's the problem with that?
    NICOLAOS: Us included, there are a total of 39 civilizations in the world with our information. We may begin a chain reaction and...
    SPYROS: World war against us?
    NICOLAOS: Exactly. Apparently, the AI's are smarter than they were before and will call up their friends to declare war on us. Plus we have no friends at the moment
    SPYROS: Wheres all the other civilization data? Wheres our foreign advisor?
    NICOLAOS: Uhh...
    SPYROS: Ah, right...anyway, how do we deal with Pacal?
    NICOLAOS: An easy solution is our culture! We can use our culture to capture alot of their land as well as capture the land to the west
    SPYROS: How is their culture?
    NICOLAOS: Far behind ours
    SPYROS: Terrific! Get them angry so they will declare war on us!
    NICOLAOS: If they can. We can get help easier too if they attack us
    SPYROS: Anyway, we still need a death stack of units
    NICOLAOS: Being the military advisor...thats...your job, sire
    SPYROS: But while I'm sitting on this awesome cushy chair, I assign that job to you
    NICOLAOS: As long as I'm not the foreign advisor, I'm good with anything
    SPYROS: Ok! Meeting over!
    NICOLAOS: Yes sir!
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Ulundi. Enter Pericles, Afonso, Scout 1, and Scout 2)

    AFONSO: Greetings Pericles!
    PERICLES: Ah, if it isn't Afonso!
    AFONSO: We request help against our war with Lincoln!
    PERICLES: But you just declared war on him a few minutes ago!
    AFONSO: Well...we always need extra hands!
    PERICLES: Have you seen my army lately???
    AFONSO: Well...its made up of...1 archer...and...and...uhh
    PERICLES: And how would I conduct a war with 1 archer?
    AFONSO: KAMAKAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PERICLES: ...
    AFONSO: So...that would be a...
    PERICLES: What do you think...?
    AFONSO: Yes!
    AFONSO: Hah!
    PERICLES: Hah what?
    AFONSO: Wait...uhh...yeah I should get back to my war

    (Exit Afonso)

    SCOUT 1: You sure told him off m'lord!
    SCOUT 2: Wonderful choice of words!
    PERICLES: Thank you...thank you. Actually, I could use a drink after that
    SCOUT 1: I have a cup of tea here!
    PERICLES: From...?
    SCOUT 1: Where I took out the cup of tea!
    PERICLES: Ugh...good enough I suppose. (Drinks Tea)
    SCOUT 2: Well, sire? Good? Bad? Mildly exciting?
    PERICLES: Well, it tastes different, thats for sure
    SCOUT 1: Wonderful!
    PERICLES: How exactly is that wonderful?
    SCOUT 1: Difference is the wonder of life!
    PERICLES: Different wonders?
    SCOUT 2: Life?
    SCOUT 1: Oh forget it, you both need to be more cultured!
    PERICLES: Like that stratergy plan sent to us saying we need to be more cultured?
    SCOUT 1: Yeah! I was just doing my part to help out

    (Enter Cetshwayo)

    CETSHWAYO: Greetings Pericles! Thank you for staying in my palace
    PERICLES: It's a nice palace
    CETSHWAYO: A strange little man gave me this letter and told me to give it to you
    PERICLES: Don't you have people to do that?
    CETSHWAYO: We are a little bit...in the red. Although, you can always donat...
    CETSHWAYO: Hmph. Oh! Here's the letter. The little man said that you had to read it in private
    PERICLES: It contains porn?
    CETSHWAYO: Not that private
    PERICLES: Ok. I guess I'll read it now then
    EVERYONE: ...
    PERICLES: I SAID...I guess I'll read it now!
    EVERYONE: ...
    PERICLES: Everyone get out!
    EVERYONE: Ooooooooooh!

    (Exit Scout 1, Scout 2, and Cetshwayo)

    PERICLES: Alrighty...lets look at this...threat letter??? (Pericles opens the letter full and reads it.)
    PERICLES: (Your time is up, Pericles. Are you ready to die?) What? What nonsense is this?!?!?
    PERICLES: All thats left in this letter...whats this? (Pericles pulls out a ragged piece of cloth)
    PERICLES: (3. When 3 is out, so are you. You cannot mention the contents of this or your demise will be swifter than anticipated)
    PERICLES: 3? I'll die if I can't keep the number 3?!?!? I can't tell anyone...3...3...3 what? 3 what???

    (Enter Scout 1)

    SCOUT 1: Ah, sire?
    PERICLES: My scout!
    SCOUT 1: Yes?
    PERICLES: Continue your exploration without me. I must head home as quickly as possible
    SCOUT 1: Why the sudden change?
    PERICLES: Forget the "why" I'm going and I'm going now!
    SCOUT 1: Ok...ok...just take this map with you (gives Pericles a rolled up piece of paper)
    PERICLES: Thank you...thank you...I-I wish you the best of luck
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbuncle Shack. Enter Spyros and Nicolaos)

    SPYROS: Ah! Nico! I suppose you have more interesting news than the news you have me earlier?
    NICOLAOS: Timmy falling down the well is VERY important news!
    SPYROS: Timmy falls down that well every other day! He should be dead by now!
    NICOLAOS: Well...Hatshepsut founded Kemetism
    SPYROS: That warmongering little...
    NICOLAOS: Let me remind you, sire, that she is different from when she was in Pacifist's 18 Civ story
    SPYROS: Hah! Snakes always keep their old skin when they shed!
    NICOLAOS: Ah sire, that made no sense
    SPYROS: Your mother makes no sense!

    (Enter Timmy)

    TIMMY: Oh Buuuuuurn!
    NICOLAOS: I thought you were still in the well
    TIMMY: Oh yeah, I was supposed to be in there

    (Exit Timmy)

    SPYROS: Aaaaaaaaaaanyway...anything else?
    NICOLAOS: Nope
    SPYROS: Then begone!
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbuncle Shack. Enter Spyros and Nicolaos)

    NICOLAOS: We have foreign news!
    SPYROS: Mira actually gave you some news?
    NICOLAOS: No, I did it myself
    SPYROS: A smart man you are
    NICOLAOS: Well! We are the worst enemy of Abu Bakr now
    SPYROS: What! What did we do to him???
    NICOLAOS: Well, he is threatened by our large civilization
    SPYROS: Wimp
    NICOLAOS: And his first impression of us is horrible
    SPYROS: Bah, I blame that on Mira
    NICOLAOS: So what should we do?
    SPYROS: What should YOU do?
    NICOLAOS: Well, we built a Javalineer
    SPYROS: Aaaaaaaaaaand?
    NICOLAOS: Now we have a Javalineer AND an archer!
    SPYROS: Javalineers are only good against horses! And no one has any!!!
    NICOLAOS: But I just love building new things that was included in the mod!
    SPYROS: Get out before I use my katana!
    NICOLAOS: You can't hurt me while Pericles is away!
    SPYROS: I'll send a letter to Mira saying that you sent her the last 20 new civ's she has written down
    NICOLAOS: No! Anything but that! I already lost 2 fingers when I told her we discovered Russia!
    SPYROS: Then get back to work! NOW!

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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbuncle Shack. Enter Spyros and Lincoln)

    LINCOLN: Help! We need help against Afonso! NOW!
    SPYROS: Why us?
    LINCOLN: Just cause
    SPYROS: Well I hate Afonso...but were busy so NEXT!
    LINCOLN: Arn't you going to give it some thought?
    SPYROS: I did! I gave it faster than you could!
    LINCOLN: Why you little...

    (Exit Lincoln)

    (Enter Nicolaos)

    SPYROS: More foreign advisor news?
    NICOLAOS: (panting) mabye YOU should get it next time!
    SPYROS: Details...details. Now whats the news?
    NICOLAOS: Masinissa and Sitting Bull each invented their own religions
    SPYROS: So there are currently 3 religions in the world now?
    NICOLAOS: Correct
    SPYROS: Make sure we get the popular one
    NICOLAOS: And if we don't?
    SPYROS: I'll make one!
    NICOLAOS: Uhh...sire? I don't think thats a good idea
    SPYROS: We'll call it...Spyrism! All will worship at my FEET!

    (Enter Pacal)

    PACAL: Wazzaaaaaap!
    SPYROS: Pacal! You now belive in Spyrism!
    PACAL: I believe in what?
    SPYROS: Spyrism!
    PACAL: That sounds like trash
    SPYROS: I'll make you convert!
    NICOLAOS: Sire, this may affect our relationshi...
    PACAL: Not before I make you convert to Pacalism!
    SPYROS: Haha! I dodge your futile attempt at converting me! With my holy object! This...uhh...(picks up an orange) ORANGE!
    PACAL: O_o. Well eat my holy feather!!!!!!
    NICOLAOS: I think I should...just go...now
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (???. Enter Pericles)

    PERICLES: Must keep moving...must keep...agh...my vision is getting blurry again...so blurry...I-I...can't see the map...oh I sure hope I'm going the right way...(stumbles) agh...what did I eat...the tea...? No...not the tea...not...no...urgh...3..3....3.............can't...........see...............what is that I hear? A...civilization? Home perhaps?

    (Enter Stranger on a horse)

    STRANGER: Halt! Who goes there?
    PERICLES: Urgh...I-I-I
    STRANGER: Spit it out you hobo! I have all day but I'm not spending it on you!
    PERICLES: I...am Pericles...leader of Greece...
    STRANGER: Oh! What luck! To finally meet the one who is topping the point chart! Your large civilization makes me sick
    PERICLES: Heh...I must be better than you, hmm?
    STRANGER: Silence! No longer shall us small nations walk in your shadow! You there! Carry him into the city!
    PERICLES: No...agh...you can't...
    STRANGER: HAHA! I just did.
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Paris. Enter Pericles, Stranger, and guards)

    STRANGER: Tie him to that chair there.

    (A guard ties Pericles to a chair)

    STRANGER: Now then, lets have a friendly chat shall we?
    PERICLES: Ugh...who...who are you?
    JOAN: My name? My title? I am Joan of Arc! Female leader of the glorious nation of France!
    PERICLES: Hah...you look...young, Jona
    JOAN: My name is Joan! Or Joan of Arc! And don't call me young! You look younger than me!
    PERICLES: Says you, Jona
    JOAN: Do you know how angry you are making me now?
    PERICLES: Actually, I know your making me bored, tired, and hungry
    JOAN: (Takes out sword and puts it on Pericles neck) Would you like to trifle with me?
    PERICLES: Sounds fun. Why not, hmm?
    JOAN: Do you understand if I kill you now, I gain all your cities and land?
    PERICLES: Do as you...wish
    JOAN: You don't look so well. Are you high or something?
    PERICLES: (Cough) Heh...egh.....I'm better than you...will ever be...(No...my vision is fading again...) urgh...
    JOAN: (kicks Pericles)
    JOAN: Look at me when I'm threatening you!
    PERICLES: Theres not much to look at there.
    JOAN: Grrrrr!
    PERICLES: So you must have sent that letter............then......
    JOAN: What letter?
    PERICLES: You know...THE letter
    JOAN: If your trying to confuse or mock me it isnt working
    PERICLES: (Darn it...she sounds honest so it couldnt be her) Hah.........how do I.........know your.........tellling........t.......the...........tru..........
    JOAN: Whoa! Whoa! You really don't look so well
    PERICLES: You......wouldnt look well too........when you have.......walked halfway across........the world......
    JOAN: Wheres your map?
    PERICLES: Here.....(gives Joan the map)
    JOAN: Are you trying to joke with me here?
    PERICLES: Do I look like I'm...(cough)
    JOAN: This is a restaurant menu!
    PERICLES: It....is?.....No....it can...'t be.....(I've been set up to die before I make it home!)
    JOAN: Were you trying to make it home?!?!? Thats still a long ways to go!
    PERICLES: So.....it.......is.........(faints)
    JOAN: Agh! He fainted!
    GUARD 1: You should kill him now and gain Carbunculus! The grandest city in the world!
    JOAN: I-I-I can't...it wouldn't be fair to kill him without giving him a proper chance to defend himself

    (Enter doctor)

    DOCTOR: M'lady! I was called to see you!
    JOAN: Y-yes...this man fainted...I need you to take good care of him
    DOCTOR: Yes, m'lady

    (Exit Pericles and Doctor)

    GUARD 5: So, your going to send him back?
    JOAN: SILENCE! Who said I was going to do anything of the sort?
    GUARDS: ...
    JOAN: Well! I-I....I will send him home in the morning
    GUARDS: Very well m'lady! At your command!

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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbuncle Shack. Enter Spyros and Nicolaos)

    SPYROS: And that is why I am better than you in bowling
    NICOLAOS: But I'm better than you in math!
    SPYROS: Who needs math?
    NICOLAOS: The world needs math!
    SPYROS: We havent even discovered mathematics yet!
    NICOLAOS: But when we do, I'll be better than you

    (Enter Mira)

    MIRA: Guys! Guys! Its...its...its horrible!!!!! Horrible I tell you!
    SPYROS: Aww...more work for you?
    MIRA: S-s-shut up!
    NICOLAOS: Is is about Timmy?
    MIRA: No it is not about Timmy!
    SPYROS: Then what?
    MIRA: A-a-a (runs up and hugs Spyros)
    SPYROS: Hey wha?
    SPYROS: What? What???
    MIRA: The god in the sky has grabbed a nation clean! For having a bad point total! I heard it all!
    NICOLAOS: I-impossible...
    MIRA: Clean! All thats left is a few improvements that they left on their resources!
    SPYROS: Was it Churchill?
    MIRA: No! Someone we havent met had a lower score than him! Oh! So...so...horrible!!!!!
    SPYROS: Don't worry, were safe Mira...were safe (hugs her back)
    MIRA: (sniffle)
    NICOLAOS: So...do you have any idea who it was?
    MIRA: Well I used to hear about a guy named Julius Caesar when trading contacts with people
    SPYROS: You can trade contacts?
    MIRA: I didn't actuallly, I just looked at who they were willing to trade. Now I can't find him anymore
    NICOLAOS: You think it might be the Romans who were taken?
    SPYROS: Darn it! Now I cant make salad jokes!
    MIRA: So I did good?
    SPYROS: Yeah, good work
    MIRA: Thanks! So I can be free now?
    SPYROS: Not a chance
    MIRA: Aww...

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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbuncle Shack. Enter Spyros and Peter)

    PETER: I hate this country and all its leaders
    SPYROS: Well, thats a nice way of greeting me
    PETER: I hate you so much that I'll let you give me archery for free
    SPYROS: Are you high?
    PETER: No
    SPYROS: Then scram!
    PETER: With archery?
    SPYROS: Without!
    PETER: Hmph, I hate you even more now
    SPYROS: Good! Nobody cares!

    (Exit Peter)

    (Enter Nicolaos)

    NICOLAOS: Good show!
    SPYROS: Good news?
    NICOLAOS: Good whale discovered!
    SPYROS: Goody!
    NICOLAOS: Good day?
    SPYROS: Bah! This is annoying now!
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbunculus Entrance. Enter Spyros and Mira)

    MIRA: Why are you here?
    SPYROS: Why not?
    MIRA: My hands hurt like crazy! So happy there are less than 10 new civilizations left...
    SPYROS: And you will return to your normal, happy self when its all over?
    MIRA: Whadda talkin about? I was always my normal, happy self!
    SPYROS: Really?
    SPYROS: Ahhh! Don't eat me!

    (Enter Julius Caesar and Suppiluliuma)

    SUPPILULIUMA: (Says long speech that makes no sense)
    SPYROS: You said that to me already
    SUPPILULIUMA: No we never
    SPYROS: What are you talking about??? Remember her? She ate your worker!
    SUPPILULIUMA: Ah! You must be talking about my twin brother!
    SPYROS: What?
    SUPPILULIUMA: Yeah! Me and my brother have the same name! And were both leading the Hittite empire!
    SPYROS: Together?
    SUPPILULIUMA: No, silly! We both are leading our own Hittite empire!
    SPYROS: So your saying that there is a double civilization glitch?
    SUPPILULIUMA: In a word...yeah
    SPYROS: Crud! This is gonna be hard during diplomatic discussions!

    (Exit Suppiluliuma)

    JULIUS: So, may I offer something?
    SPYROS: You didn't die from being dragged in the air!
    JULIUS: No, that was someone else I never met
    SPYROS: So we will never know who this civilization is?
    JULIUS: Not until the game is done and the results screen shows
    SPYROS: Alright! I'll forever be curious until then! Speaking of which, were you going to offer me something?
    JULIUS: Yep! An embassy!
    SPYROS: Arn't you going to offer me anything else...?
    JULIUS: Uhh...wait...oh no! Please no!
    SPYROS: Saaaaaaaaaaaay it!
    JULIUS: No!
    SPYROS: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it!
    JULIUS: No!
    SPYROS: Say it right now!
    JULIUS: Urgh...Care for some salad? I made it myself...
    SPYROS: What salad is it?
    JULIUS: Caesar salad...
    SPYROS: That must be your face! Ahahaha!
    MIRA & JULIUS: -_-
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    Nov 14, 2010
    (Carbunculus Entrance. Enter Spyros, Mira, Nicolaos, and Pacal)

    PACAL: Wazzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!
    NICOLAOS: Again? Thats 2 times in a single chapter!
    PACAL: Thought I might want to let you know I spotted a large French army headed your way
    SPYROS: What?

    (Enter Doctor and large carriage)

    DOCTOR: Halt! Hold your fire! We are not here to declare war!
    NICOLAOS: A peace offering? What's with the army?
    DOCTOR: Lady Jona (cough) Joan, insisted on the heavy security on this cargo
    SPYROS: It's...a coffin
    MIRA: Pericles? Pericles is in there?!?!?!
    DOCTOR: I'm sorry we couldn't do anything...
    SPYROS: NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    DOCTOR: About the box
    SPYROS: About the wha...?
    DOCTOR: That coffin was all we could find to carry your cargo! It's contents are alive and well.

    (Enter Pericles dramatically out of the coffin)

    PERICLES: Hello my people and friends!

    (Crowd cheering)

    DOCTOR: We picked him up near our borders, fixed him up, and sent him back here
    SPYROS: Fixed him up?
    DOCTOR: A deadly poison was found inside him
    MIRA: Thats horrible!
    DOCTOR: We were able to remove it, but he wouldn't tell us anything about how he may have gotten it
    PERICLES: Hey guys! Hows the kingdom!
    SPYROS: Were in second! Pretty good dispite the fact that our leader was absent for 2 whole chapters!
    PERICLES: Well I'm back now! (Shouldn't tell them about that letter. I don't want to put them in danger)
    DOCTOR: Well I'll take my leave now, g'day to you all

    (Exit Doctor)

    PACAL: Whoa! It's great I am here to see this happy reunion!
    MIRA: We missed you so much, Pericles!
    NICOLAOS: And now, I can call you Spyros instead of sire!
    SPYROS: No! Keep calling me sire!
    NICOLAOS: No way Spyros
    SPYROS: Aww...
    NICOLAOS: :lol:
    MIRA: So what happened?
    PACAL: Where were you?
    PERICLES: Hold on, hold on. First, let me see our current status
    MIRA: Yessir!
    PERICLES: Then, I'll tell you all about what happened since I left...

    (Exit All)

    (Unknown city. Enter ???, Scout 1, and Scout 2)

    ???: You have done well, my spies
    SCOUT 1: Thank you
    SCOUT 2: The tea sure worked, didn't it?
    ???: It did, and I'm sure Pericles got the message of my letter

    (Enter Scout 3)

    SCOUT 3: Bad news
    ???: What is it?
    SCOUT 3: Pericles is alive and well
    ???: Impossible!
    SCOUT 3: The French cured him and sent him back to Carbunculus
    ???: Bah! That idiot Joan of Arc, should have killed her when I had the chance
    SCOUT 1: Forgive us
    SCOUT 2: Our tea wasent powerful enough
    ???: Heh...heh...I'm more worried that Pericles may discover who I am
    SCOUT 1: He will never know!
    SCOUT 2: About his past!
    ???: SILENCE! I didnt train a bunch of numbskulls
    SCOUT 1: Forgive us again
    ???: I'm the leader of the greatest nation in the world. The nation that will end the life of Pericles. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    To be continued

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    feeding an Aztec vassal
    :goodjob: Great as always.

    I rated the thread 5 stars but it doesn't add. Weird..
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    Relized that I had forgotten to update the first post after I finished writing the last update. Sorry for that :D

    EDIT: And I edited an error on the last post of Chapter 3
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    Back in Power
    Chapter 4

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