(43) Proposal: Reduce Heavy Skirmisher CS by 1

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
So far I am liking the new skirmisher model, and I think the base skirmisher stats are solid.

The heavy skirmisher I think is a bit too tanky though, here are a few showings:

Spoiler :



So the knight and the longsword are the two common melee units going against the heavy skirmisher, and you can see its tanking them pretty well. For a super fast light unit that is really not supposed to be staying in combat, this seems like a bit too much staying power.

Proposal: A simple adjustment to the heavy skirmisher's CS to reduce some of its tankiness against melee.
Makes sense, but how impactful is 1 CS difference?
As a ballpark, if a longsword is attacking the unit. The longsword will deal an average of ~1.8 more damage, and take 1 less damage in retaliation against a CS 17 heavy skirmisher compared to a CS 18 one.
What's the expected damage a same tier melee can do to a skirmisher? For reference my heavy skirmisher is only 15CS and is expected to take ~45 damage from longswords. With 5 moves, the VP skirmisher should have even lower defense.
I sponsor this proposal.

Proposal Sponsors: Recursive.

(Sponsors have indicated that they are able and willing to perform the code changes required for this proposal if the community votes Aye on it. Other coders are free to sponsor this as well. A proposal without a sponsor will not advance to the Voting Phase.)
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