50 Turns as the Ottoman Empire


Dec 27, 2007
Inspired by Kordanor's build-order setup and Google Docs ability to import Excel files (imperfectly) I've decided to provide a rough work-up of a starting plan (50 turns) for the Ottomans.

I used the same assumption as Kordanor regarding costs.

As a starting location I figure one or two coast tiles, a hill, 2 grassland river, 2 plains river (one of the grassland or plains acquired during the first expansion). No resources - which is unlikely so the distribution hopefully represents a minimum expected (especially since the worker doesn't get purchased until the end of the 50 turns). I am planning to attempt to capture a worker during exploration and if successful the purchase of a worker will be unnecessary and the corresponding gold can be saved).

There are 4 sheets:
Overview: Basically a worksheet I plan to fill in as I play with the key events and decision; players; and early build order - as well as technology and policy selection order.
Social Policies: Lists all the policies across the top and numbered in a preliminary order as to their desired selection; note the hidden columns
Technology: Same as policies but for technology
Productivity: 50 turns showing the expected "income" for all the major game yields as well as accumulated totals and target costs. Accumulations are reset once the target is met. At the bottom are those things that are being acquired or worked toward.

Note that the "bonus gold" seems to be reasonable given that I will have two hunter-killer groups scouting and hunting barbs as well as the early Trieme with the Ottoman UA which provides gold upon killing barb Galleys (and sometimes the Galley itself which could be scrapped for extra gold - not included here).

Google Spreadsheet:

Note that Google Docs apparently does not allow (or import) vertically rotated text in cells so many of the headers are cut-off but the names should be obvious and you can alway widen the desired column.
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