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5CC Regent Training Game

Dec 8, 2004
Iowa, USA
I've been playing Civ3, and won a few games at Chieftain/Warlord. I have played one SG game on Emperor, which won the Space Race. I've tried a few games of 5CC, but each time failed. I haven't seen any 5CC SG's for training, so I setup this SG for that purpose.
We need a trainer who has won at 5CC, and 3-4 players who are interested in learning about this variant. Rules:
24-48 hrs. for a "got it"
48-72 hrs to play
Each player should play first 10 turns, then compare. With the trainers help, we'll use the best start.
After the initial turnset, each player will play 5 turns, so that we can get help & discuss.
A player can capture a city, but must only have 5 cities at the end of the turn.
For victory conditions, I'm up for any, but leaning towards conquest, space, or 100k culture.
This is at Regent level, PTW 1.27f. Standard size, Random Barbs, Random Land Mass, Wet Climate, Temperate, 4 Billion years old. Random Civs.
The starts are below.
Who wants in?
Hawk Chieftain
Tad Empire 0 o
Jokeslayer- trainer


  • Hawk01_German Start I.JPG
    Hawk01_German Start I.JPG
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  • Hawk01_Persian start II.JPG
    Hawk01_Persian start II.JPG
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  • Hawk01_German Start III.JPG
    Hawk01_German Start III.JPG
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  • Hawk01_Mongols start IV.JPG
    Hawk01_Mongols start IV.JPG
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  • Hawk01_Ottomans start V.JPG
    Hawk01_Ottomans start V.JPG
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PTW will not help you get a whole lot of people since most play Conquests. If you don't have C3C, I suggest you grab the seeds off of these saves and re-roll the starts on vanilla. Vanilla has a few more players, too.

I'd volunteer as trainer if I knew I'd consistently have the time to help you guys - I actually know I will have time some weeks and 0 time other weeks. So it wouldn't really help much.

If everyone plays 10 and compares, it makes the whole game very, very, very involving for all players and trainers, so let me suggest you play smaller sets, 5 turns rather than 10, each in order. This way there's a lot more discussions and mistakes are pointed our quicker, often before they become a liability.

Both German starts look good, so does the Ottoman one. Persian and Mongol starts have no food, they'd be more challenging, Persia more playable because of the lux and river.

Remember to set early goals for victory; if you want conquest, prepare for your UU to shine, if you want something else, start building up early.
I'll Play, but I share a reverse opinion of the other guys and would like to stay on PTW. :rolleyes:

Start 5 looks best to me.
I have C3C, but I can't patch it. It's stuck on 1.00.
And it doesn't matter, since looking at Hawk Cheiftain's profile, he only has Civ 3 Gold, which constitutes Vanilla and PTW, but not C3C.

So, it has to be Vanilla or PTW.
I'll volunteer as a trainer. I've won 5CCs on Monarch using Diplo, Space and 20K culture, and Space and Diplo on Emperor. I'll use any version of the game, it's all the same to me. My first 5cc is posted as a story here. It's a vanilla regent 5cc win as Babylon.

Let me know.
The players that are in are above in the 1st post.
We have 4 players plus a trainer, so we have enough. If someone else wants to join, they should respond in the next day. Then we'll begin.
I like Start # 5.
Is this PTW or Vanilla?

JJJSpider only has Vanilla, so you should remove him from the roster if it's PTW.

I'll be leaving if it's vanilla, since for some reason, ever since I un-installed C3C to fix the "Please Insert CD" bug, then installed PTW (to get the modpacks) and reinstalled C3C, I haven't been able to Play Vanilla without first un-installing C3C and vanilla, then re-installing vanilla (Although kind of luckily, the 1.29 Patch stays... :confused:), even if PTW isn't installed.
if there is anymore room ide like to jion because ive never played a 5cc Game
This is PTW.
Tad, you're in.
Updated roster in 1st post.
Yeah, not 100k, as that would be much harder than 20k. So that leaves us with Conquest, Diplo, Space, or 20k. Domination, is, of course, next-to-impossible as we would have to capture god knows how many cities in one turn to reach 66% Land and Pop, since we have to have only 5 cities.
I'd like to avoid Conquest, because I've done warmongering games way too much- I've only won one game without military or histograph victory, and it happened to be the Mesoamerica scenario on Chieftain.

Of course, it's up to the group as a whole.
OK, the roster is set.
First, we need to decide which start to have.
Choxorn & myself have voted for start #5.
Which one do you want?
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