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(6-09a) Rework Tourism From Religion Via Population

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Dec 9, 2017
Original proposal:

Religion owner gains a tourism modifier with a foreign civilization equal to the percentage of the empire population following the religion.

Max of 50%:tourism: Tourism modifier.
Fealty policy makes this effect 50% stronger (+75% tourism for 50% of the population converted).

- Flexible: This method is more granular than the per-city method as it does not require flipping a city to your religion, just that the number of your followers grow.
- Transparent: If I understand correctly, we have UI already showing how many population is converted to your religion per civilization, so it avoids the "hidden city" issue.

This method has a different effect vs wide and tall civilizations than the originals mal proposal.
With the original proposal, the Religion owner gains Tourism Percentage equally between tall/wide empires, as it converts cities. However it caps the Tall empire quickly and can never improve further. This means that the Owner will be able to exert a great deal more pressure against the wide civ as the conversion progresses.
With this method, the Wide empire is converted somewhat slower than the tall empire, but the end point of final Tourism Percentage is the same.

Complex Proposal: DLL + UI + Database Changes
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Does your proposal work on all civilizations or only these that did not found their own religion?
I would like to here @pineappledan's statement about this. Let the battle begin.
All that matters is that civs that have founded religions be able to be affected by other players' religions. Either way is acceptable to me, as long as they work.
I am slightly biased towards my proposal, because I feel like it's consistent with the existing franchise mechanics, which I think is a point in its favour.
I like the OP proposal more because I think its a bigger effort. It still has the spirit of "I have converted your civ, now give me benefits". This version means that everyone is getting a bit of tourism through just passive spread and I'm not as big a fan of that.
Can't check now, but I think actual tourism from religion is 25% (40% with fealty).
I find this proposal interesting, I like it, but I would reduce bonus to 30% tourism at 50% pop conversion (45% with fealty).
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