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6 Most Frustrating Leaders to Play Against

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by LegioCorvus, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. MazeMouse

    MazeMouse Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2006
    -Shaka: Montezuma with tech-abilities... (monty isn't that bad actually)
    -Ghandi: No, I do NOT want you as a vassal... quit bugging me about it
    -Julius Ceasar: Stop taking all my good city spots you spammer... And stop slamming praets into my backyard without warning.
    -Tokugawa: Right, war incoming in 1000years when I least expect it and can't deal with it appropriatly. Would you at least let me trade?! Please?! With a cherry on top?
    -Sitting Bull: Or should we say "****ting bull" because I don't know how else they could get that much poison into my water supplies...

    Honerable mentions to HC and Ramesses for being obnoxioux wonderwhores taking all my wonders with 2 turns left... :(
  2. HappyFunPal

    HappyFunPal Warlord

    Jun 21, 2009
    Zara and Sury are indeed little children. Especially Sury.

    Both started my last game as friends and allies on the other continent. Now fortunes have reverse and after a sneak attack by Zara I've nuked him silly and sent the seals to take his coastal cities.

    Nuking coastal cities very neatly kills both defenders and ships.

    At this point, Toku is my vassal, and Hannibal is my not quite ally, as he is under attack in the west by Zara's vassal, Boudicca. Toku cannot send military help because he/I does not have open borders with "neutral" Memhed. But I have reinforced him with MI and Zara has sent many units to die against his cities.

    At this point, Sury is dead even though he was no real threat to me, just because. :goodjob:
  3. binhthuy71

    binhthuy71 Emperor

    Nov 3, 2003
    Southern California foothills
    There's a sentiment I can agree with. "Kill Sury" usually winds up on my To-Do list.
  4. Lemon Merchant

    Lemon Merchant Disinterested Observer Moderator

    Jun 27, 2008
    Red Sector A
    I think it would be interesting to do something to the XML that would allow you to set Sury and Louis on fire, and watch them run around for a while and...

    Oh. Too much? :mischief:

    Well, maybe I should just do it in my own Custom Assets folder then. You fellows are on your own. :p
  5. tijup

    tijup Warlord

    Mar 23, 2009
    About Shaka and Alexander, in my current game, they are sharing a quite long frontier,
    and Shaka keep declaring war on Alexander every few dozens of turns.

    The ridiculous of the situation is that they are four on this large continent, Willem,
    Julius, Shaka and Alexander. They all share the same religion since ages, and all
    hates Alexander. About their respective power: Willem > Julius > Shaka > Alexander.
    On my own continent, I wiped clean Peter and Elizabeth, I kept Boudica (capitulation) and Haty (willing to) as vassals.

    Four of the most annoying civs (IMHO) on the same continent, got some fun times trying
    to avoid getting involve in the never ending-never evolving wars. So, well, I've build
    two small naval forces, composed of 8 frigate and 8 galeons each, loaded them with
    infantry, canons and machine guns.
    First turn of war, Willem lost his capital and one of his top production city.
    Shaka declared war to Alexander (surprise !)
    Julius want, once again, open border and some useless junks, he return home with nothing, as usual.
    I have 48 units in 2 ex-Willem cities. He is pilling tons of units, and stay there, on
    open ground. my air units came to welcome them, as I should do as an invité, right ? :)
    I killed around 30ish if Willem units in the following turns, loosing 2-3 units only on my side.

    On the north, Shaka is still at war with Alexander, but I see no fight at all. Julius is
    creating tons and tons of outdated units (riflemens), and I see them regrouping.
    For now, I'm still in good term with him, but he's definitively my target.

    After a dozens of turns, Willem lost 5 cities, I lost one of them to a culture flip to
    Romans, there's still 6 more to go, my first tanks are on their way that continent,
    but I'm not sure of what to do next.
    I can't have two war at the same time with so few units (around 60ish now), Willem
    is almost toasted (just a matter of time now), Julius is an increasing concern. All my
    north flank is wide open to an attack from Julius, and captured cities have only 4-5
    machine guns to protect them. So well, I took a pause to think about it while I'm
    at work :)

    Marathon speed, large (or huge don't remember) continent map, random ai,
    noble difficulty, no tech brokering. The random generator choose to group some of
    the most annoying civs on the same continent, but sadly, most religions were founded
    on my continent (Boudica, Haty and Elizabeth founded one each), and only one, by
    Willem, on their's.
    More religion on their continent may have introduce more tense relations.

    That setup made a very interesting game IMHO (even if it's only at Noble)
  6. Zink

    Zink Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2005
    - Zara: He always gets really strong towards the end. If i start next to him i try to take him out asap.
    - Monti: Only annoying if he's a neighbor
    - Shaka: The more succesfull Monti. Same as with Zara...i try to take him out asap once i got a tech lead
    - Willem: Great techer+cultural and DoWs at pleased
    - Toku: starting alone with him on a continent is like isolated+raging barbs :lol:
    - Ghandi: Tends to offer himself as a vassal and then goes culture.
  7. mfie

    mfie Warlord

    Jun 13, 2009
    Tokugawa is the only dude that won't sign open borders from the start...
  8. binhthuy71

    binhthuy71 Emperor

    Nov 3, 2003
    Southern California foothills
    He also refuses to trade maps. The two usually leave him way behind by mid-game.
  9. sherbz

    sherbz Emperor

    Mar 27, 2009
    Ive always had severe difficulty trading maps with elizabeth. Does any one know why this is? Am i just unlucky or what? I had good relations with her so that couldnt be the problem.
  10. Silu

    Silu Deity

    Jul 13, 2009
    She just really loves her maps. Some leaders have strange quirks that don't really fit with the rest of their personality. Like Washington's high prob to declare war on refused demand.
  11. Kullervo

    Kullervo Mahler/Sibelius Freak

    Apr 25, 2009
    Hell (Florida)
    Not really... When playing on Prince, even, I have run into a mega-Monty with a ridiculously huge army, a lot of techs. Turned out later that he wiped out 4 leaders, founded 3 religions and captured another 3 (I got Islam), and owned 19% of the world's land area BEFORE 1000 AD. That's something. It all ended in tears... he ended up completely stopping my colonies (but gave me an excellent naval war, it was VERY fun and challenging), although he ended up losing all of his assault groups. Monty is a retard, but I'd rather face a genius with no men than a retard with 5000. And that's what you get if you let Monty expand.

    The one that pisses me off the most is Mao. He is reasonably well in techs and wonder-building, and he turned out to be a real backstabbing [obscenity] in my last few games. He is shortly followed by:

    Isabella (-10 'Heathen Religion')

    Napoleon ([Friendly] 'I guess this means war, then...')

    Mansa Musa ('Could you possibly spare us this? And this? And that? And while you're at it, could you attack that guy over there?')

    Julius Caesar (Guess who Napoleon must've studied under)

    Gandhi (Pyramids, 1 turn. Gone. Parthenon, 1 turn. Gone. Hagia Sophia, 1 turn. Gone)

    I always take special measures to befriend Catherine. I think she and Cyrus are the strongest allies in the game.
  12. Kullervo

    Kullervo Mahler/Sibelius Freak

    Apr 25, 2009
    Hell (Florida)
    There are more inventive ways of making Louis and Suryavaman die a slow and painful death. But yeah, Louis falls just short of the top 6 for me. He's also pretty funny though... Not only does he declare on me (archipelago map) when I have battleships and he has destroyers, but he doesn't even protect them. He's not too good at warfare. I just wipe him out because he looks a bit like a horse's backside, and that's annoying because he pops up every few seconds to demand something.
  13. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Deity

    Dec 4, 2006
    It's his trading techs at Pleased and his 100 TradeTechKnownPercent that leaves him behind, not maps or OB's.
  14. azzaman333

    azzaman333 meh

    Apr 9, 2005
    Melbourne, AUS Reputation:131^(9/2)
    It's more that he's totally incompetent at being self-sufficient, meaning he has to rely on his pathetic tech trading to try and keep up in tech.

    Monty and Sitting Bull in particular suffer the same problem.
  15. Cía

    Cía Warlord

    Feb 17, 2007
    Joao (expands like crazy in the beginning but still has good economy and military)
    Zara (same as Joao, plus he always seems to get one religion)
    Napoleon (attacks you when you least expect it, also good economy)
    Tokugawa (just annoying)
    Kublai Khan (good culture and good military, impossible to rush out early)
    Julius Caesar (good in economy, military and expansion)

    Bascily I dislike those leaders who expands to much in the beginning and those who has both good military and economy, with the exeption of tokugawa who just is a pain in the as. One leader who I often heard to be difficult to play against is Hannibal, but in my games he always seems to start on the end of a pennislula a long way away from me and always gets in the bottom of the ranking.
  16. Rusty Edge

    Rusty Edge Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    Yes! The Gimme leaders are the most annoying.
    I would add-

    Cathy the Backstabber
    Mansu Musa the TechWhore
    Dizzy Izzie the Religious Zealot.
    Tofu CaCa the Isolationist.

    When in doubt, Take 'em out!
  17. tuore

    tuore Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2009
    1. Isabella, always backstabbing!
    2. Ragnar, always DoW without reason!
    3. Tokugawa, always furious towards me!
    4. Shaka
    5. Sitting Bull
    6. Joao II

    I got a game where all of those were my neighbors, and i suck at warfare (i always win cultural or space victory).
  18. Fluroscent

    Fluroscent Emperor

    Nov 15, 2002
    A couple I have not seen mentioned

    - Elizabeth, trait combo make her runaway with the tech lead in many games, unless she is a neighbour/gets DOW'ed early. Also never trades maps.

    - Asoka/Gandhi, with marble, what? Oracle in 1500BC? Ramses with his pyramids too.

    Otherwise, Toku is my most hated nearby enemy, especially on continents or the like. Mansa is horrible if not on the same continent, but gamebreaking if on the same one.

    The straightforward warmongers (Shaka, Alex, Monty) I like because they start AI-AI wars constantly, which always makes the games more fun.

    Ragnar is cool with his well planned wars, and gets back to pleased in no time. What attack? Oh, my fierce norsemen were just doing some agressive trading, open borders again please!
  19. Navarre

    Navarre Legio XIII

    Oct 11, 2007
    1500 BC is awfully late if one of them or Ramsesses is on the map with marble. Try 3250 BC instead. :)

    However, having them close has its upside too : when you DoW on them and conquer their capital, you gain control of 90% of the world wonders. ;)

    I played a game not so long ago, with me being English and Asoka at the south end of my landmass. Once I had vassaled Toku and Shaka who were surrounding me and DoWing on me every two turns, I wipped out Willem and conquered Delhi with Redcoats: there was 15 to 20 world wonders in it, Asoka pretty much built all of them. How do you want to hate someone who's gentle enough to build so many shinies for your own benefit ? :mischief:
  20. BilboMcBaggins

    BilboMcBaggins Chieftain

    Oct 28, 2009
    Southeast USA
    I don't like nations that are hard to deal with because of their emotions. Warmongers, expansion-fiends and techies are fine imo as long as they are straight forward about it. I don't like self-important easily offended whiners, weaklings, constant bums, and cowards. Enemies are enemies, hated civs are a different breed.

    Joao- I've noticed his constant whining for tech myself. Asks for everything and tends to provide nothing politically in return but warm fuzzy feelings.

    Ghandi- little culture-centered wuss. Anybody Offering to be a vassal doesn't deserve to be either a leader or a civ player imo. It's, like, not even playing to win. I hate Ghandi and anyone that plays like him. Culture vic is respected tactic, but unrealistic imo. China and India have great rl culture, but no one else Cares what china and india are doing atm unless force/economics are involved and are unaffected by it anyway. Few good razings solves culture prob. Ghandi= my 2nd most hated enemy.

    Peter- another constant bum from my experience. Demanding and I don't like hearing it every 3rd turn.

    Monty- His aggression is merely enjoyable gameplay to me, but always causes everyone else to want me to fight Their war.

    Tokugawa- stubborn. Always tends to have a religion other than mine and tends to not like me. I usually got a tech lead on him. Not the worst imo though.

    ... & ... Khan, G Khan. Rrrrr, insulting, demanding, stubborn, easily offended, backwards, warmongering Khan. We don't ever tend to like each other. Try to keep good relations and he goes and ruins it demanding all your gold or a tech. Annoying little fatherless child. His only tolerable trait is I've never noticed him being very big on espionage.

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