6e Brigade of Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars


Jul 7, 2012
Hello and welcome! I am known as 6e_brigadier_Sanada and I am a part of a large regiment called the 6e Brigade. The regiment is large, but we still need members, people who are willing to follow orders in battle! If you are interested contact me via PM or post a comment on the thread. We are playing on Napoleonic Wars, an expansion for Mount and Blade Warband

Mount&Blade warband Napoleonic wars lets you relive the life of an napoleonic soldier during the Napoleonic era.
you fight in first or third person style(whatever you like best) you can even switch between them in battle and you can fire your musket against the enemy or even stab them with your bayonet.

Our regiment participates in every LB/"Line Battles". This is a game mode where all the regiments meet to fight eachother. Usually there will be between 150 to 200 players participating in the battle! linebattles will be at Friday, Saturday, Sunday and occasionally at mondays during the Historical linebattles.

The regiment consists of people from all over the world, mostly English, but also Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German etc. pretty much from everywhere!

If you are interested please send me an PM or add theredbaron393 on steam.

I will see you there!


the green Napoleon
Mar 13, 2005
British Columbia, Canada
*cough* Napoleonic Wars thread *cough*

Just like TaleWorlds this forum has a search feature. Also, if you want people to join your regiment it helps when you didn't create an account just to post this one advertisement.

PS You should also clarify that you are European based, as EU server pings are quite high for NA players :p
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