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6otM 104 Opening actions Report

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. Knowtalent

    Knowtalent Emperor GOTM Staff

    Dec 13, 2009
    Welcome to the 6otM St 104 Opening Actions thread.
    STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed at least 80 to 100 turns in your game.
    This thread is used to discuss the game once you've started playing through your first 100 turns. Apart from normal decency, the only posting restrictions are to please not post videos until the deadline is finished and to use the spoiler tags for screenshots. Here you can post questions related to the game and share your achievements/anger/frustration/victories while you play. Please remember that we are running a family friendly site, so express anger or frustration with this in mind. :)
    Please use this thread to discuss your goals for the game and your opening moves through the first 100 turns. Anything after that should be posted in the After Actions thread once you have completed your game.

    - Where did you settle your city?
    - What did you research and which policies did you choose and why?
    - What was your build order?
    - How soon did you build a District? Which ones did you prioritize?
    - How did you place your districts?
    - Did you bother with Religion??
    - How did you play your governance cards, priorities?
    - What City-States did you meet and which ones did you cultivate to your side?
    - Were your neighbors peaceful?
    - Any surprises?
    Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden.
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  2. Casualty of war

    Casualty of war Prince

    Feb 20, 2018
    Amazingly enough with this start, I didn't found a religion. Settled 1 space SW to not burn the Woods and to be closer to some of the 3 Hammer Wonder tiles. Mitla was far too good of a city to not add to the empire, and was actually a tougher fight than Japan; I lost a Warrior to Mitla having 3 Archers hiding in the fog. i forward settled Japan, trying to prompt a DoW but no such luck. I'm real tempted to clear my continent before meeting the other neighbors.

    About to have 13 cities on Turn 102 and am starting to put City Parks or Bateys on every appropriate tile before I push for Flight. I will have my 9 within range of the Coliseum, 3 of them formerly Japanese.

    I should have tried some practice games to familiarize myself with the new mechanics more thoroughly. I ignored Currency for quite some time when I could have had some nice Industries going. Mongolia Kublai might be exploitable a bit because I established a Trade Route, got my Eureka/Inspiration, declared war then eventually peace, ran another Trade Route to them and got another E/I boost. Since Mongolia gives you the Trading Post immediately it gives you a lot more control over when the E/I boost triggers.

    Spoiler :
    upload_2021-2-3_14-23-38.png upload_2021-2-3_14-24-36.png
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  3. Sero

    Sero Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2021
    Haha I know what you mean. This was my first game as Mongolia as well as my first time playing the monopolies and corporations mode. It was definitely a ton of fun though.
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  4. Email10

    Email10 Swedish Viking

    Feb 7, 2003
    Hamburg, Germany
    - Where did you settle your city?
    I settled in place to stay on Fresh Water and on the Coast for Sailing boost.

    - What did you research and which policies did you choose and why?
    I went for Archery, Bronze Working, Horseback Riding and then beeline to Cartography with Iron Working and Castles getting picked up on the way
    I used Discipline a lot in the beginning, later Wonder Building boost and cheaper troop maintenance
    Civics: CoL, Foreign Trade for trade route, Military Tradition for flanking bonus and Political Philosophy for Oligarchy

    - What was your build order?
    Build order Capital: Scout, Settler, Slinger, Builder, Settler, Encampment, Galley, Settler

    - How soon did you build a District? Which ones did you prioritize?
    Early Encampments with my unique building in my first two cities, then a Holy Site in capital. After that I mainly built Commercial Hubs for more Trade Routes

    - How did you place your districts?
    +3 Holy Site next to Torres

    - Did you bother with Religion??
    With my first Golden Age I went for Exodus as I saw a chance to get a religion. It should be helpful for the Cultural Victory. I got the last Prophet and selected Work Ethic & Holy Order

    - How did you play your governance cards, priorities?
    Oligarchy all the way for the Military Bonus

    - What City-States did you meet and which ones did you cultivate to your side?
    I was the first to meet 3 of them and have cultivated Mitla, Hattusa, Kabul and Nazca,

    - Were your neighbors peaceful?
    Not really, Japan declared war on me and had to pay for it

    - Any surprises?
    The weak attack of Japan was for me a surprise. Did he really expect to do some damage with 2 Warriors and 1 Spearman?
    I was surprised also that I was the first to meet so many City States. My neighbors didn't explore a lot it seems
    One Barb Spearman had the choice to attack my Slinger and my Warrior across a river. He went for the Warrior and died, almost spoiling my Archery boost.
    I settled a city next to a Barb Camp and I didn't know that I don't get the Era score for that.

    Screenshot Turn 112 (I forgot to make one on Turn 100, but I think there is no spoiler information there)
    Spoiler Turn 112 :


    Turn Log first 100 turns
    Spoiler Turn 100 :

    T1: Decide to settle in place even if the location is not very good. I prefer to stay at the coast & have fresh water for the capital. I can have a great second city to the West next to Torres. Appoints Liang after discovering the Hermetic Order
    T7: Met Japan and found a barb camp that Japan has almost destroyed. Can I sneak in and take it?
    T8: Yes, Japanese Warriors moves away.
    T9: Destroys Barb Camp and discovers Sanguine Pact. Buys the 4/2 Torres tile for 50 gold
    T10: Animal Husbandry finished. Plenty of horses around. Buys a 2/2 Horse tile for 50 gold
    T12: Finds boost for Mysticism in hut. Japan sends me a delegation
    T13: Meets Mitla, gets a free envoy and discovers Paitit as first civ
    T14: CoL finished, slots in Discipline, God King and Urban Planning
    T15: Buys another 2/2 Horse tile for 50 gold
    T16: Meets Hattusa, gets a free envoy and discovers Owls of Minerva
    T17: Meets Nazca, gets a free envoy and boost for Political Philosophy
    T19: New continent discovered for Foreign Trade boost
    T20: Meets Kabul, no envoy this time
    T23: Settles Qaraqorum West of Torres, starts on Slinger
    T26: Destroys Barb Camp to the North at the coast. Meets Maya. Flood in Qaraqorum but no damage. Barb Spearman attacks my Warrior and not my Slinger and gets killed. Very surprising for me and that means I fail to get the Archery boost
    T27: Meets Mexico City
    T28: Buys a 4/2 tile on Torres for 55 gold
    T29: Selects God of Craftsmen as Pantheon for +1 Production & +1 Faith of improved Strategic resources. An unmet player complets Great Bath
    T31: A damaged barb scout shows up to the South, just in range for my newly create Slinger from Qaraqorum. I finish him off for Archery & Bronze Working boost. New Barb Camp spawns to the West
    T32: Bronze Working completed, places down 2 Encampments in Xanadu and Qaraqorum
    T33: Japan forward settles me with Tokyo. New flood in Quaraqorum, still no damage
    T35: My 2 Slingers destroys the Barb Camp to the West
    T37: Trader completed and sent to Kyoto for roads & diplomatic visibility. Gets boost for Wheel and State Workforce
    T39: Settles Ürümqi North at the coast. Buys 4/3 Torres tile for Quaraqorum for 90 gold
    T40: Encampment completed in Xanadu
    T42: Galley completed for +3 Era score & Envoy with Nazca
    T43: Sends Envoy to Kabul
    T44: Meets Geneva
    T45: Buys the last 4/2 Torres tile for 60 gold
    T46: Encampment completed in Quaraqorum
    T48: Japan shows up at my border with 2 Warriors and a Spearman. It seems an attack is imminent. I have one damaged, promoted Warrior to protect Xanadu and two promoted Slingers on the way. Horseback Riding completed
    T50: Japan declares war on me
    T51: Sends Trade Route to Hattusa for free envoy
    T52: Kills Japanese Warrior
    T53: The hevaily damaged japanese Spearman and Warrior retreats. An unmet civ builds Stonehenge
    T54: Meets Netherlands. Upgrades one of my Slingers to Archer. Joins Sanguine Pact
    T55: Kills 2nd warrior with my Archer
    T58: Kills the remaining japanese Spearman and as well a Barb Horseman Archer to the South
    T59: Sells 20 horses to Wilhelmina for 6 gpt
    T61: Enters Classical Era with Golden Age (29 era score). Selects Exodus to get a religion that will be good to have for the Cultural victory. Settles Hami south at the flood delta and destroys the Barb Camp. I had waited to destroy it to collect Era score in the new age, only to discover that settling a city next to it doesn't give era score. On top of that, a Spearman and a Scout spawns when it is destroyed. My Vampire captures Tokyo
    T62: Completes Ordus in Xanadu & Quaraqorum
    T63: Builds my first Horseman and becomes Suzerain of Hattusa
    T67: Captures Kyoto and Osaka with my powerful Horsemen and Japan is history
    T68: Meets Caguana and discovers Piopiotahi. Recruits first General
    T69: Political Philiosophy finished, switches to Oligarchy
    T71: Destroys a barb camp south of Kyoto. Meets Bandar Brunei
    T72: Splendid Holy Site created in Xanadu. Built a Diamond Industry in Kyoto
    T74: Recruits Great Prophet and creates "Hippoism": Work Ethic & Holy Order
    T75: Built a Jade Industry in Tokyo
    T80: Denounces Lady Six Sky
    T82: Recruits Sun Tzu and create first Great Work
    T86: Completes Oracle in Kyoto
    T91: Starts Trade Route with Maya. Declares War on them in the same turn
    T92: Captures Tikal. Sends Trade Route to Netherlands. First Great Merchant recruited
    T94: Meets Brussels
    T95: Captures Mayan Capital and becomes Suzerain of Mexico City thanks to their Campus. Meets Azteks
    T97: Apadana completed in Xanadu

    On Turn 100 I have 9 cities (4 settled, 5 captured)
    368 Score
    32 Science per turn
    23 Culture per turn
    36 Faith per turn
    46 Gold per turn
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