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    Welcome to the 6otM 120 After Actions Report. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory type, date, and score and the save choice (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!
    STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game
    Please attached your victory save to your post.

    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    - Did you bother with Religion ? Obviously not
    - Did you go for Conquest?
    - How did you pump your science?
    - Were City-States helpful?
    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    - Did you enjoy the game?
    Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.
    Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences (please state if the game is a replay). Please refrain from posting videos until the deadline for submission is over.
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  2. Planktonic

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    Feb 8, 2021
    Nice relaxing way to enjoy the weekend.

    SV, turn 254.

    But it was an unusual game for me for a number of reasons. Although I wanted to take advantage of Kongo's propensity for high culture, the Monopolies and Corporations mode made unintentional CV a real threat, so I was probably more sluggish in culture than I needed to be. Even though I was trying to avoid monopolies all along, at Prince I was also afraid that too much culture leading to tourism even without monopolies may still prove a threat. Even more, since Kongo can't have a religion and can't build Holy Sites, my usual tactic of generating a lot of faith (to buy Great People and buy Districts with Moksha) was inoperative. So this felt like a very abnormal game for me.

    Anyway, I decided that one way to avoid tourism issues would be to simply remain isolated from other civs altogether. So at the start I beelined to horsemen; three horsemen were all it took to eliminate Arabia, Australia and Indonesia, leaving me alone on the continent except for city states. Never even bothered to build Kongo's UU- just no need for it. I thought I would stay isolated for the whole game, but changed my mind because there was only a single scientific city state on the continent. I decided that going to the other continent would be worth it in the hopes that I could find a second scientific city state and get the boost from Kilwa. But in doing so, I did also resolve to just eliminate all other civs except the highest culture AI (Russia), again to keep tourism to a minimum. I also didn't activate many, many Great People (mostly Great Artists and Musicians) to keep the tourism low. And Great Generals, Admirals and Scientists were usually obsolete by the time they came on. I did end up suzeraining every city state in the game (except the useless Preslav, which I just conquered).

    I dunno, it still felt a bit sluggish; I usually don't chop a whole lot so I suspect I could/should have speeded things up a bit by that expedient. I ended up reaching Rocketry and Class Struggle very close to each other, and had built the Government Plaza in my capital, so lost some turns getting started on Earth Satellite while I built the Royal Society.

    Overall the game was fun, mostly 'cause you could build any Wonder you wanted, which is always fun (Wonders don't seem to generate that much tourism, so I wasn't hesitant about them at least). But despite thinking I wouldn't approach it that way, I did end up going wide after an early (and late) domination phase just because it ended up seeming to be a faster approach. I'm sure someone else will prove me wrong, which I'd really like to see.

    But it did leave me feeling a little unfulfilled, since basically I did end up retreating to playing Kongo like a vanilla civ, and didn't feel able to take full advantage of its unique civ abilities. Maybe I'll try to play this again for a Culture Victory (again avoiding monopolies); it would be a directly contradictory game, since the imperatives would be to maintain friendly relations with as many other tourism-generating civs as possible, from as early as possible.

    Thanks for the game!

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  3. isopaha

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    Mar 18, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    SV T253. Played a 100% peaceful game. Not much interacting with AIs, just friends with most of them and allied with Australia, with occasional resource trading.

    Settled 1SE and settled 10 other cities in that region and 2 more on a larger island. 1 city I got from Australian careless settling. I made all my settlers in the capital, all but one with the help of Ancestral hall.

    Had 13 campuses, most with good adjancies. Quite many early TS as well and I got to rationalism quite early. However, I only got 2 early 15+ pop cities and a couple of more quite late. Should have remembered to groom my other mid-size cities earlier. I thought I was not close to CV (used about half of my cultural GP), but at some point about 20 turns before SV I noticed I had 7 turns until CV. I quickly gave up almost all of my GW (luckily AI had lots of room) and the problem was resolved. Tourism came from 180 -> 60 in one turn I think.

    Didn't build a lot of wonders, a very late Oxford, Colossus and Kilwa (most useful probably). Mahavihara were quite useful, but I failed to make a lot (also due to hilly ground). For Kongo's uniques, I failed to build the UU (wanted to upgrade warriors, but accidentally got Men-At-Arms first before I remembered to upgrade Mbanzas I had 1 in most of my cities and they were quite handy.

    I don't think Kongo is very viable for Deity play, but I'll always remember it was the first civ I played in Civ6 (vanilla), got it with random leader.

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  4. Monthar

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    Mar 28, 2004
    Elmendorf, Tx
    Culture Victory Turn 229, Score 1658

    I was selling and giving away great works, except my artifacts for a while trying to stave off the culture victory. I was in the middle of the Mars project when the game ended.

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  5. tarafran

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Culture Victory at T187
    I was trying also to give away all my art for the lat 20 turns... Just bought my first spaceport.
    My game was buggy also I never got the eureka for 3 musket and the 2 bombard. (not the first time,recuring problem on my Mac ?)
    Thanks for the game

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  6. Rutseg

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    Aug 22, 2011
    The Netherlands
    Unwanted Cultural Victory T250, Science Victory T253, Time 19 h

    I expanded as fast as I know, using Ancestral Hall and Monumentality, claiming land close to Australia and Arabia. An early war with John Curtin kept him at bay (Indonesia kept this joint war up for the whole game).

    The game was strange in that all the AIs were very, very behind the whole game, with only Peter being a bit better than others. Was it due to a mix of barbarians and dark ages perhaps? For whatever reason, only Arabia and Russian seemed to have some gold, sometimes, to trade. The others were very poor. They never seemed to improve any luxury resource, except for Joao that had 1 salt, is this a bug of the Corporations mode? It is not the first time I see it, when this mode is active AIs tend to improve luxury resources much less than normal, which should be the other way around I think. Anyway, the lack of allies help had a hit in my civilization's amenities and had to build more entertainment complexes and water parks than usual. Also because low faith output = no national parks for late game amenities.

    Instead of using Pingala for the main Spaceport city, I tried this time to cluster a lot of factories around and use Magnus with Vertical Integration plus chopping of all the jungle around to launch the projects faster. I am unsure which one works faster. Perhaps once I hit the 200 production, I should have switched to Pingala.

    I miss calculated the monopolies bonuses effect and they just swamped with unwanted tourism the other civilizations. Only Peter had some culture. I made a culture alliance with him and kept sending him trade routes to try bump up his culture. It was too late.

    If I had been more attentive I think I could have achieved the Science condition earlier than the Cultural one. Basically giving away all the relics and artifacts much earlier, and placing Pingala in my second Spaceport city would have done it.

    Looking back, I should have started doing campus research much earlier and built at least one more Spaceport.

    Alas, I had a very fun game (thanks!) but the end left a bitter taste.

    20211011202711_1.jpg 20211011202725_1.jpg 20211011202730_1.jpg 20211011202747_1.jpg

    Spoiler Full log :

    1 - :c5greatperson:Ancient Era; Baltica:trade: Mato Tipila:c5food:
    2 - Mbanza Kongo:c5capital:
    4 - Village (+40 gold)
    5 - Mogadishu:c5influence:
    6 - Scout:c5production:
    12 - Mining:c5science: Village (+1 envoy)
    14 - Village (+1 population) John Curtin:c5influence: Oceania:trade:
    16 - Code of Laws:c5culture:
    17 - Settler:c5production: War to John Curtin:c5war: Builder:c5war:
    19 - Pottery:c5science: Kwila:c5capital:
    20 - Singapore:c5influence:
    21 - Preslav:c5influence: Slinger:c5production:
    25 - Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    26 - Writing:c5science: Foreign Trade:c5culture:
    27 - Trader:c5gold:
    30 - Settler:c5production:
    32 - Mohenjo-Daro:c5influence: Monument:c5production:
    33 - Village (+20 faith)
    34 - Pantheon (Fertility Rites):religion:
    35 - Campus:c5production:
    37 - Animal Husbandry:c5science: Early Empire:c5culture: Magnus:c5citizen: Mbuji-Mayi:c5capital:
    38 - Galley:c5production:
    41 - Galley:c5production:
    42 - Library:c5production:
    43 - Bronze Working:c5science: Village (builder) Peace with John Curtini
    46 - Irrigation:c5science: Craftsmanship:c5culture:
    47 - Builder:c5production: Granary:c5production:
    49 - Trader:c5unhappy: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    50 - Village (wheel)
    52 - State Workforce:c5culture: Provision (Magnus):c5citizen:
    53 - Masonry:c5science: Setler:c5production:
    55 - Granary:c5production:
    56 - Gitarja:c5influence: Nalanda:c5influence: Village (construction)
    58 - Settler:c5production:
    60 - Iron Working:c5science: Mbanza Nsundi:c5capital: Galley:c5gold: Spearman:c5production:
    61 - :c5greatperson:Classical Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Political Philosophy:c5culture: Autocracy:c5citystate: Preslav♟ Campus:c5production: Trader:c5production:
    62 - Military Tradition:c5culture:
    63 - Currency:c5science: Mbanza Mbata:c5capital: Government plaza:c5production: Amani:c5citizen:
    65 - Archer:c5production:
    66 - Zhang Hen:greatwork::c5citizen: War to John Curtin:c5war:
    67 - Ngao Nbeba:c5production: Settler:c5war: Builder:c5gold:
    68 - Ancient walls:c5production: Archer:c5moves:
    69 - Mogadishu♟
    70 - Settler:c5war:
    72 - Shipbuilding:c5science:
    73 - Astrology:c5science: Mysticism:c5culture: Builder:c5gold: Singapore♟
    74 - Horseback Riding:c5science: Ancestral hall:c5production: Kwango:c5capital: Mpinda:c5capital:
    75 - Library:c5production: Library:c5production:
    76 - Water mill:c5production:
    77 - Construction:c5science: Drama and Poetry:c5culture: Monument:c5production: Builder:religion:
    78 - Games and Recreation:c5culture:
    79 - Commercial Hub:c5production: Ngao Nbeba:c5production: Celestial Navigation:c5science: Mathematics:c5science: Engineering:c5science:
    81 - Campus:c5production: Aryabhata:greatwork::c5citizen:
    82 - Apprenticeship:c5science:
    83 - Recorded History:c5culture: Liang:c5citizen: Granary:c5production: Market:c5production:
    84 - Library:c5production:
    85 - Settler:c5gold:
    86 - Trader:c5production: Granary:c5production:
    87 - Education:c5science: Aqueduct:c5production:
    89 - Builder:c5production:
    90 - Harbor:c5production: Mohenjo-Daro♟
    91 - Buttress:c5science: Aqueduct:c5production:
    92 - Defensive Tactics:c5culture: Connoisseur (Pingala):c5citizen:
    93 - Zhang Qian:greatwork::c5citizen:
    94 - Sanga:c5capital: Water mill:c5production:
    95 - Campus:c5production: Library:greatwork::c5citizen:
    98 - Barbarian encampment:c5war:
    100 - University:c5production: Settler:c5gold: Monument:c5production:
    101 - Village (+60 faith) Builder:religion: Water mill:c5production:
    103 - Feudalism:c5culture: Trader:c5production:
    104 - University:c5production:
    105 - Harbor:c5production:
    106 - Cartography:c5science: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Builder:c5gold: Marcus Licinuss Crasus:greatwork::c5citizen: University:c5production:
    107 - Military Engineering:c5science: America:trade: Joao:c5influence: Campus:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    108 - Astronomy:c5science: Civil Service:c5culture: Pachacuti:c5influence: Johannesburg:c5influence:
    109 - Settler:c5production:
    110 - Stirrups:c5science: University:c5production: Aqueduct:c5production: Taruga:c5influence: Kublai:c5influence: Tsingy de Bemaraha:c5food:
    111 - :c5greatperson:Medieval Era (Golden Age - Free Inquiry) Lighthouse:c5production:
    112 - Industrial zone:c5production: Venice:c5influence: Peter:c5influence: Settler:c5gold:
    113 - Mbanza Mpangu:c5capital:
    114 - Builder:c5production: Omar Khayyam:greatwork::c5citizen: Jerusalem:c5influence: Mbamba:c5capital:
    115 - University:c5production: Village (gunpowder)
    116 - Gunpowder:c5science: Diplomatic quarter:c5production: Colaeus:greatwork::c5citizen: Kinchassa:c5capital:
    117 - Library:c5production: Village (theology) Circumnavigation:c5trade: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Archer:c5unhappy:
    118 - Monument:c5production: Trader:c5production:
    121 - Medieval Faires:c5culture: Researcher (Pingala):c5citizen: Crossbowman:c5moves: Crossbowman:c5moves: Metal Casting:c5science: Water mill:c5production:
    122 - Banking:c5science: Guilds:c5culture: Themistocles:greatwork::c5citizen: Quadrireme:greatwork::c5citizen: Grants (Pingala):c5citizen: Market:c5production: Campus:c5production:
    123 - Buenos Aires:c5influence:
    124 - Library:c5production: Machu Pichu:tourism:
    125 - Trader:c5unhappy: Granary:c5production: Mbanza:c5production: Great Barrier Reef:c5food:
    126 - Galileo Galilei:greatwork::c5citizen: Harbor:c5production: Aqueduct:c5production:
    127 - Knight (meteor)
    128 - Piero de Bardi:greatwork::c5citizen: Nalanda♟
    129 - Scientific Theory:c5science:
    130 - Workshop:c5production:
    131 - Military training:c5culture: Consulate:c5production:
    132 - Campus:c5production: Settler:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold:
    135 - Mercenaries:c5culture:
    136 - Trader:c5gold:
    137 - Marco Polo:greatwork::c5citizen: Trader:greatwork::c5citizen: Settler:c5war:
    138 - Military Tactics:c5science: Valletta:c5influence: Bank:c5production: Mbwila:c5capital:
    139 - Sanitation:c5science: Mbaza:c5production: University:c5production: Library:c5production: Saladin (research):c5strength: Diplomatic Service:c5culture: Caravel:c5moves: Caravel:c5moves:
    140 - Exploration:c5culture: Merchant Republic:c5citystate: Emilie du Chatelet:greatwork::c5citizen: Economics:c5science:
    141 - Mass Production:c5science: Campus:c5production: Campus:c5production:
    142 - Theater square:c5production:
    143 - Spearman:c5unhappy: Repleceable Parts:c5science: Commercial hub:c5production:
    144 - Trader:c5production: Library:c5production: Monument:c5production: Chemistry:c5science:
    145 - Ibn Fadlan:greatwork::c5citizen: University:c5production: Bank:c5production:
    146 - Square Rigging:c5science:
    147 - Amphitheater:c5production: Library:c5production:
    148 - Library:c5production: Aqueduct:c5production:
    150 - Humanism:c5culture: John Curtin (militar):c5strength: Peter (cultural):c5strength: Mbanza:c5production:
    151 - Industrialization:c5science: Irene of Athens:greatwork::c5citizen: Water mill:c5production:
    152 - Lighthouse:c5production:
    153 - Campus:c5production: University:c5production:
    155 - Katango:c5capital: Monument:c5gold:
    156 - Steam Power:c5science: Market:c5production: Village (divine right)
    157 - Mercantilism:c5culture:
    158 - Industrial zone:c5production: Musketman:c5moves:
    159 - Research lab:c5production: University:c5production: Theater square:c5production:
    160 - Water mill:c5gold:
    161 - :c5greatperson:Renaissance Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Research lab:c5production:
    162 - Flight:c5science: The Enlightenment:c5culture: Granary:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production: Library:c5production: Mbumbi:c5capital:
    163 - Commercial hub:c5production:
    164 - Sewer:c5production:
    165 - Kublai (religious):c5strength:
    166 - Factory:c5production: Mbanza:c5production: Granary:c5production: Johannesburg♟ Granary:c5production: Village (+75 gold) Settler:religion: Builder:c5gold:
    167 - Zhou Dougan:greatwork::c5citizen: University:c5production: Eyjafjallajökull:c5food:
    168 - Radio:c5science: Village (+1 envoy)
    169 - Commercial hub:c5production: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Mbamba Lovata:c5capital:
    170 - Civil Engineering:c5culture: Sewer:c5production: Black Marketeer (Magnus):c5citizen:
    171 - Entertainment complex:c5production:
    172 - Entertainment complex:c5production: Aerodrome:c5production: University:c5production:
    173 - Rocketry:c5science: Oxford University:tourism: Electricity:c5science: Ballistics:c5science: Research lab:c5production: Settler:c5gold:
    174 - Castles:c5science: Research lab:c5production:
    175 - Siege Tactics:c5science: Coal power plant:c5production: Sewer:c5production: Frigate:c5moves:
    176 - Printing:c5science: Research lab:c5production:
    177 - Military Science:c5science: Colonialism:c5culture: Sewer:c5production: Research lab:c5production: Bakavu:c5capital: Village (Skirmisher)
    178 - Harbor:c5production:
    179 - Rifling:c5science: University:c5production: Builder:religion: Raja Todar Mal:greatwork::c5citizen: Harbor:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Settler:c5production: Archaeological museum:c5gold:
    181 - Refining:c5science: Research lab:c5production:
    182 - Research lab:c5production: Builder:c5production: Monument:c5production: Ironclad:c5moves: Kibangu:c5capital:
    183 - Steel:c5science: Trader:c5production: Research lab:c5production: Research lab:c5production: Stock exchange:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production:
    185 - Natural History:c5culture: Workshop:c5production: Monument:c5production:
    186 - Monument:c5production:
    187 - Advanced Flight:c5science: Builder:c5production: Builder:c5production: Builder:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Arena:c5production:
    188 - Industrial zone:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production:
    189 - Research lab:c5production:
    190 - Barbarian encampment:c5war: Apostle:c5unhappy:
    191 - Satellites:c5science: Archaeologist:c5gold: Market:c5production: Builder:religion:
    192 - Giovanni de Medici:greatwork::c5citizen: Builder:c5production: Builder:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Commercial hub:c5production:
    193 - Combustion:c5science: Spaceport:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Factory:c5production:
    194 - Factory:c5production:
    195 - Plastics:c5science: Builder:c5production:
    196 - Intelligence agency:c5production: Vertical integration (Magnus):c5citizen: Arena:c5gold: Aqueduct:c5production:
    197 - Hyeronimus Bosch:greatwork::c5citizen: Campus:c5production:
    198 - Synthetic Materials:c5science: Water park:c5production: Research lab:c5production: Entertainment complex:c5production: Coal power plant:c5production: Trader:c5production: Aerodrome:c5production:
    199 - Factory:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production:
    200 - Conservation:c5culture: Library:c5production: Market:c5production: Campus:c5production: University:c5gold:
    201 - Trader:c5production: Buenos Aires♟
    202 - Composites:c5science: Launch Earth Satellite:c5production: Jakob Fugger:greatwork::c5citizen: Zoo:c5production: Trader:c5production: Workshop:c5production:
    203 - Diamond product (Infrasound Audio Tech) Industrial zone:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production:
    204 - Filippo Brunelleschi:greatwork::c5citizen: Leonardo da Vinci:greatwork::c5citizen: Chancery:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Coal power plant:c5production: Library:c5production: University:c5gold:
    205 - Nanotechnology:c5science: Monument:c5production: Ferris wheel:c5production: Trader:c5production:
    207 - Combined Arms:c5science: Nationalism:c5culture: James Young:greatwork::c5citizen: Charles Darwin:greatwork::c5citizen: Albert Einstein:greatwork::c5citizen: Space initiative (Pingala):c5citizen:
    209 - Builder:c5production: Entertainment complex:c5production: Factory:c5production: Destroyer:c5moves:
    210 - Advanced Ballistics:c5science: Dam:c5production: Encampment:c5production: Harbor:c5production: Arena:c5production:
    211 - Nuclear Fission:c5science: Urbanization:c5culture: Builder:c5production: Barracks:c5production: Factory:c5production:
    212 - Mausoleum at Halicarnassus:tourism:
    213 - Launch Moon Landing:c5production: Scorched Earth:c5culture: Zoo:c5gold: Theater square:c5production: Trader:c5production: Naturalist:religion:
    214 - :c5greatperson:Industrial Era (Golden Age - Heartbeat of Steam) Mass Media:c5culture: Arena:c5production: Shipyard:c5production: Surplus logisctics (Magnus):c5citizen: Campus:c5production: Library:c5gold: University:c5gold:
    215 - Lasers:c5science: Mobilization:c5culture: Industrialist (Magnus):c5citizen: Oil power plant:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production:
    216 - Ideology:c5culture: Armory:c5production: Military Engineer:c5production: Granary:c5production:
    217 - Suffrage:c5culture: Democracy:c5citystate: Harbor:c5production: Archaeological museum:c5production:
    218 - Computers:c5science: Water park:c5production: Sanga:c5food:
    219 - Military Engineer:c5production: Hydroelectric dam:c5production: Campus:c5production:
    220 - Potala Palace:tourism: Flood barrier:c5production:
    221 - Guidance Systems:c5science: Library:c5production: Nuclear power plant:c5gold:
    222 - Cold War:c5culture: Flood barrier:c5production: Zoo:c5production: Nuclear power plant:c5production: Military Engineer:c5production: Adam Smith:greatwork::c5citizen: Zoning commissioner (Liang):c5citizen:
    223 - Colossus:tourism: Zoo:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Research lab:c5production:
    224 - Robotics:c5science: Launch Mars Colony:c5production: Flood barrier:c5production: Flood barrier:c5production: Ferris wheel:c5production: Settler:c5gold:
    225 - Water park:c5production: Military Engineer:c5production: University:c5production: Spaceport:c5production:
    226 - Trader:c5production: Trader:c5production: Research lab:c5gold: Flood barrier:c5production: Flood barrier:c5production: Archaeologist:c5production:
    227 - Seasteads:c5science: Royal society:c5production: Victor:c5citizen: Archaeological museum:c5production: Donatello:greatwork::c5citizen: Aquarium:c5production: Bank:c5production: Water mill:c5production:
    228 - Advanced Power Cells:c5science: Hydroelectrical dam:c5production: Research lab:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Food market:c5production:
    230 - Space Race:c5culture: Industrial zone:c5production: Ferris wheel:c5production: Hangar:c5production: Workshop:c5production:
    231 - Alfred Nobel:greatwork::c5citizen: Aquarium:c5production: Research lab:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    232 - Predictive Systems:c5science: Granary:c5production:
    233 - Factory:c5production:
    234 - Banza:c5capital: John Spilsbury:greatwork::c5citizen: Water mill:c5production: Airport:c5production: Shipyard:c5production: Flood barrier:c5production:
    235 - Advanced AI:c5science: Perth:c5puppet: Military academy:c5production: Workshop:c5production:
    236 - Trader:c5production: Factory:c5production: Trader:c5production:
    237 - Smart Materials:c5science: Recommission nuclear plant:c5production: Trader:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    238 - Aquarium:c5production: Flood barrier:c5production: Campus:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    240 - Offworld Mission:c5science:
    241 - Library:c5production: Shipyard:c5production:
    242 - Factory:c5production: Harbor:c5production: Monument:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    243 - Future Tech:c5science: Lagrange laser station:c5production:
    244 - Angkor watt:tourism: Lighthouse:c5production:
    245 - Terrestrial laser station:c5production: John Jacob Astor:greatwork::c5citizen: Builder:c5gold: Trader:c5production:
    246 - Future Tech:c5science:
    247 - Lagrange laser station:c5production: Lagrange laser station:c5production: University:c5production:
    248 - Seaport:c5production: Terrestrial laser station:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    249 - Future Tech:c5science:
    250 - Cultural Victory:c5happy: Terrestrial laser station:c5production:
    252 - Future Tech:c5science: Terrestrial laser station:c5production: Terrestrial laser station:c5production:
    253 - Science Victory:c5happy:

    Spoiler Cities build order :

    Mbanza Kongo:c5capital: (T2): Scout > Settler > Slinger > Settler > Campus > Library > Granary > Setler > Setler > Spearman > Government plaza > Ngao Nbeba > Ancestral hall > Water mill > Commercial hub > Market > Trader > Aqueduct > University > Trader > Settler > Industrial zone > Builder > Machu Pichu > Mbanza > Workshop > Bank > Theater square > Amphitheater > Research lab > Factory > Sewer > Entertainment complex > Coal power plant > Settler € Archaeological museum € Archaeologist > Spaceport > Intelligence agency > Launch Earth Satellite > Launch Moon Landing € Zoo > Launch Mars Colony > Royal society > Hydroelectrical dam > Campus research € Builder > Launch exploanet expedition > Lagrange laser station > Terrestrial laser station > Lagrange laser station > Terrestrial laser station > Terrestrial laser station > Terrestrial laser station
    Kwila:c5capital: (T19): Monument > Galley > Galley > Builder > Granary > Trader > Ancient walls € Builder € Builder > Campus > Library > Ngao Nbeba > Harbor > University > Lighthouse > Diplomatic quarter > Consulate > Builder > Oxford University > Sewer > Research lab > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Chancery > Shipyard > Oil power plant > Water park > Flood barrier > Ferris wheel > Aquarium > Campus research
    Mbuji-Mayi:c5capital: (T37): Archer > Campus > Archer > Library > Granary > Builder F Builder > University > Harbor > Mbaza > Trader > Lighthouse > Research lab F Builder > Builder > Trader > Builder F Builder > Builder > Builder > Water park > Ferris wheel > Encampment > Barracks > Armory > Military Engineer > Military Engineer > Military Engineer > Military Engineer > Aquarium > Military academy > Trader > Shipyard > Seaport > Builder
    Mbanza Nsundi:c5capital: (T60): Etemenanki € Settler > Aqueduct > Water mill € Builder > Campus € Builder > Library > University > Commercial hub > Sewer > Research lab > Builder > Market > Builder > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Theater square > Amphitheater > Nuclear power plant > Flood barrier > Archaeological museum > Archaeologist > Recommission nuclear plant > Angkor watt > Trader > Builder+
    Mbanza Mbata:c5capital: (T63): Monument F Builder > Granary > Harbor > Builder > Trader > Campus > Library > University > Aqueduct > Industrial zone > Research lab > Lighthouse > Workshop > Factory > Aerodrome > Coal power plant > Dam > Shipyard > Hydroelectric dam > Colossus > Flood barrier > Trader > Hangar > Airport € Builder > Builder+
    Kwango:c5capital: (T74): Campus > Library > Water mill € Settler > University > Aqueduct > Commercial hub > Market > Sewer > Entertainment complex > Research lab > Arena > Zoo > Monument > Builder > Granary € Settler > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Spy
    Mpinda:c5capital: (T74): Campus G Library > University > Commercial hub > Market > Granary > Bank > Research lab > Mbanza > Aerodrome > Stock exchange > Monument > Diamond product > Entertainment complex > Arena > Zoo > Food market > Campus research
    Sanga:c5capital: (T93): € Settler > Monument > Aqueduct > Campus > Library > University > Industrial zone > Granary > Research lab > Workshop > Commercial hub > Trader > Trader > Trader > Builder > Trader > Potala Palace > Flood barrier > Water park > Trader > Ferris wheel > Factory > Trader > Aquarium > Builder+
    Mbanza Mpangu:c5capital: (T113): € Water mill € Trader > Campus > Monument > Library > University > Granary € Builder > Commercial hub > Research lab > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Coal power plant > Market > Trader > Builder > Spaceport > Bank > Campus research > Lagrange laser station > Terrestrial laser station > Terrestrial laser station
    Mbamba:c5capital: (T114): Monument > Campus € Settler > Library > Mbanza > Water mill > Theater square > University > Research lab > Builder > Amphitheater > Industrial zone > Aqueduct > Archaeological museum > Archaeologist > Workshop > Factory > Flood barrier > Harbor > Lighthouse > Campus research
    Kinchassa:c5capital: (T116): Water mill > Campus > Library > University > Harbor > Research lab > Entertainment complex > Lighthouse > Arena > Zoo > Flood barrier > Shipyard > Campus research
    Mbwila:c5capital: (T138): Campus > Library > University > Research lab > Harbor > Lighthouse > Water mill > Campus research
    Katango:c5capital: (T155): € Monument € Water mill > Granary F Settler > Harbor > Campus > Library € University > Research lab > Flood barrier > Lighthouse > Campus research
    Mbumbi:c5capital: (T162): € Settler > Campus > Library € University > Research lab > Campus research
    Mbamba Lovata:c5capital: (T169): Monument > Campus € Library € University € Research lab > Flood barrier > Campus research
    Bakavu:c5capital: (T177): Monument > Harbor > Mausoleum at Halicarnassus > Lighthouse € Builder > Campus > Library > University > Campus research
    Kibangu:c5capital: (T182): Industrial zone > Aqueduct > Workshop > Factory > Campus > Library € Nuclear power plant > University > Research lab > Granary > Water mill > Trader > Campus research
    Banza:c5capital: (T234): Monument > Harbor
    Perth:c5puppet: (T235): Monument € Builder > Builder

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  7. dzn

    dzn Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2006
    SV 345. Pretty peaceful - don't remember any trouble, but I felt I slowed myself down somewhere (and can confirm looking at the other reports).
    Expanded a lot, maybe too much
    It was pretty relaxing and easy though, I knew I was only really racing the turn counter
    - Did you go for Conquest? No
    - How did you pump your science? Prioritized it in several cities
    - Were City-States helpful? A bit
    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it? Not really
    - Did you enjoy the game? Yeah it was pretty relaxing and nice to play

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  8. Tarry

    Tarry Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2019
    Cultural Victory Turn 258, Science Victory Turn 269

    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    went for early campus, iron and horses - then whatever felt good at the time.
    Culture: governments to get many policies.
    I targeted research to get envoys in Ciry-States

    - Did you bother with Religion ? Obviously not

    - Did you go for Conquest?
    Only to conquer my home continent, I left the other continent in peace

    - How did you pump your science?
    Many cities with Campus, Library and University. Conquered everyone on my home continent, built cities where I could get a +2 or better science bonus,
    policies for science.

    - Were City-States helpful?
    Yes, Preslav helped me conquer 2 my eastern neighbours. I should have then taken it once the suzerain ran out and I didn't need it any more, it had a 5 science site, I captured it later in the game. The science civ that gives bonus for science I held despite fierce opposition with 12 envoys in it.

    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    Getting a CV before I managed a SV! I built 1 single theatre square to get writer/artist for city state envoys and then ended up with too much culture.

    - Did you enjoy the game?
    Yes, even though I lost the nominated actual victory condition.

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  9. canadamufc

    canadamufc Chieftain

    Aug 29, 2020
    very fun game, thank you. Turn 239 SV. Like with other people's games, culture victory was a big threat. Luckily though, me killing off everyone except Portugal proved to be feasible despite my unwanted 209 tourism per turn.

    I built campuses in every city possible, and then a combination of theater squares/entertainment complexes/commercial hubs after. Amenities were a struggle, and my spaceport city was pretty weak in production. Notably though, i couldn't get any of the good Great Scientist's. I had to do everything myself, but even then it wasn't enough.

    In the end, I suzed every CS, bar Mogadishu and Jerusalem who I killed (killing mogadishu was probably a mistake). And for wonders, I built Kilwa, Colosseum, Oracle, and Forbidden City. I captured other wonders as well

    Fun game, thanks

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  10. Planktonic

    Planktonic Chieftain

    Feb 8, 2021
    Re-played this aiming for a Culture Victory, again making sure I had no monopolies so as not to distort the basal ability of the civ.

    Was able to get to CV at turn 237. Didn't clear the continent this time (more civs = more tourists after all) but did still take out Indonesia. Was quite fun to leverage Kongo's abilities towards their natural direction (culture), so to speak. But I do miss the religion/faith game with Kongo; still can't figure out how to make those Apostles useful (unless they get the healing promotion I guess).

    Thanks again for another fun game.

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  11. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    SV 197
    Settled 3 cities and 1 near the end for some oil. Took Warlords for the 20% and wipes the islands clean, it was fun delaying takig cities until warlords ran out but on prince it is not much of a challenge.
    Horse rush then Science then UNiversities and cartography
    I did not push culture as I was cautious, at the end of the game it was 4/50 so I could have been a lot more relaxed, I guess that comes with wiping the map.
    Taruga was probably the most helpful because I could get some decent money from the trade route
    Had a crash about T50 something but I am not playing for any ranking.
    File uploaded if anyone was interested.
    Very enjoyable map, just not the most enjoyable civ although it is nice to not play the same old faith game.
    Wonders were like planting flowers

    Game changed but they did not update the science tree... No longer 3 muskets, now 3 line infantry
    bombards/trebuchets I think, I tend to get it with a scientist

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