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Welcome to the 6otM116 After Actions Report. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory type, date, and score and the save choice (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game
Please attached your victory save to your post.

- What did you prioritize for research and policies?
- Did you bother with Religion ?
- How did you pump your science
- Were City-States helpful?
- Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- What did you do with all your money?
- Did you enjoy the game?
Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.
Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences (please state if the game is a replay). Please refrain from posting videos until the deadline for submission is over.


Sep 29, 2019
DV 123

Spoiler Turn 123 :


Settled 3 powerful cities, attacked Rome and Georgia with one army and Maori with a second army. Those consisted of Eagle Warriors with Batterring Rams, which were later upgraded into Men at
Arms supplemented with Horsemen. Controling 12 luxuries at the end allowed me to two-shot capitals. I'm only sad because I didn't manage to get Sanguine Pact as the SS. On the flipside, the Eagle Warriors have captured close to 15 free builders ;)

Thanks for the save!


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Feb 16, 2019
Domination Victory: Turn 148, Score 1173

Rome was my 1st target, look at all that wonderful rich land around him. Then Georgia after I found them. All were crushed, many offers of peace were spurned!
I crushed them and took their people slaves and worked them to death. It was glorious. Wherever there were luxuries I took them and made them mine!
Sadly I upgraded most of my Eagle Warriors after that age into Swordsmen as it took time to find other peoples and I could no longer take the slaves. Monty was unhappy at this and so crushed those who were uppity with him and dared to denounce him.
Finding the last southern continent took ages! and getting troops there similarly took a long time! Monty was angry with these people hiding from him and crushed both at the same time with his glorious armies sweeping in from east and west.

- What did you prioritize for research and policies?
Military all the way. Archers, Bronzeworking. then upgrades for my troops.
Culture is for the weak. One of the slave civilizations I conquered had some feeble cultural districts, but such are not the way of the conqueror!

- Did you bother with Religion ?
Religions are for the weak!
Some of the slave civilizations I conquered had religious sites I think.

- How did you pump your science
Built a reasonable number of +2 (or better) Campus'.
Built lots of Encampments to pump out good military units and get lots of generals to help my armies conquer cities with Campus'

- Were City-States helpful?
Zanzibar gave me plenty of money early on. Anty. was my source of culture from +5% per great person (generals mostly)

- Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
Maori settled on an island I couldn't attack - finding a coast water way to him was a nightmare

- What did you do with all your money?

- Did you enjoy the game?
Yes. Very much so.

Role playing Monty as a psychopathic murdering conqueror was FUN!


Nov 21, 2012
settled first city south, then one near the wonder and another one the coast for the sailing boost while pumping Eagle warriors

- What did you prioritize for research and policies?
mining BW,then beelined caravels
- Did you bother with Religion ?
no but. I. got one anyway :)
- How did you pump your science
did not really bother with it,I built one or 2 campi mid game for the Era points. Pingy in the cap
- Were City-States helpful?
yes I did raise a few armies from them
- Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?none
- What did you do with all your money?upgrades and bought 2 horsemen for the last kill on Spain
- Did you enjoy the game?Yes thanks Domination is awesome with Monty.


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Dec 7, 2001
Hey there

Domination Victory, Turn 316, Score 2824

Longtime Civ player, first Civ 6 GotM.

Domination is not really my strongest game. Settled in place
Found Rome quite early and pumped out quite a few Eagle Warriors.
One thing i did do, was to make sure my units got the Alpine training from the Matterhorn, and make good use of hills.

The city of Rome fell down quickly, but i botched the next city due to loyalty issues. Spent quite a bit there, going back and forth.
After that it was smooth sailing. Slowly, but steadily, i conquered west first (Georgia), and then headed East. The rest of the Roman cities fell, with Kupe soon after, and Spain afterwards.

Science ramped up quickly, and with full coffers upgrading my army was a breeze.
Most of my units survived the entire game, and i didn't really build many late game units from scratch.

After that came China. Took some time to set up my troops, but once in place, China fell in a few turns.
Some more turns to set up and cross the sea to the Incans and Portugal's continent, but once there it was only a matter of time to end the game.
They had no military to speak of, and what they did have, didn't pose any threat.
Also +16 combat strength due to all the luxuries.

- What did you prioritize for research and policies?
Gold and production at first, to keep producing Eagles.

- Did you bother with Religion ?
No really. Did found a religion, due to Holy Sites on captured cities. After that just used some missionaries and apostles to spread religion on my continent and take advantage of the bonuses.

- How did you pump your science
Moslty from Campuses on captured cities. I did build a couple, but at some point it just didn't matter because the AI fell behind

- Were City-States helpful?
Useful on early game to help thing going, and capturing the first cities. After that, tried to get them off the hands of who i was at war with.

- Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
I guess the city flipping on my first war caught a bit off guard. Did had to take a step back and reorganize.

- What did you do with all your money?
Upgrades, Upgrades and more upgrades. Also, bought all of my builders with gold

- Did you enjoy the game?
Yes i did, but i did expect a shorter one


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Aug 22, 2011
The Netherlands
Domination Victory T131, Score 899, 15 h

Achievements obtained through this play:
- Jack of all Trades, Master of None: Win a game on a Standard sized map or larger with 5 or more Industries, but no Corporations.

Astonishing Eagle rush over all my rivals. I am surprised on how good synergy there is between the different abilities of the Aztecs. It was also surprising I only faced a couple of cities with walls, Kupe's and Kublai Kan's capitals. I only needed to upgrade a few Eagle warriors to Man-at-arms to defend my armies, because on the attack the Eagle warriors were effective until the end (I even captured the last capital, Beijing with an Eagle warrior).

I settled on the lake for water and at two tiles of Matterhorn for Era Score and early access to culture tiles. Headed north and found a roman scout, and instantly declared war and captured the first slave. I built 3 eagle warriors, bought one and built a slinger (for the tech boost) then two more eagle warriors. The roman slaves influx let me easily build an Encampment and Holy Site district. Having the Astrology boost, I went for a religion. The extra faith was nice, I used it on Classical and Medieval Era Golden Ages to get Settlers and Traders with Monumentality. I did not build any settler in the whole game, only bought them with gold or faith, and captured two, one from Trajan, which I settled in the center of the initial island, next to the volcano which had very nice tiles, and the one from Tamara in the coast for the tech boost. Another settler went to the east for an advanced settlement on my attack to Kupe.

After defeating Trajan and Tamara, I sent some Eagle Warriors and Archers, along with my initial navy (two galleys, and two quadrirremes) to the West after a builder scout that went a few rounds ahead (this heroic builder survived all the way through barbarians and enemies, and ended building some improvements in Quscu). A few of the Eagle Warriors were sent in multiple directions to find new luxuries, and Tenochtitlan was committed to build a new army of Eagle Warriors to invade Kupe's lands, while Rome built the Pyramids and started building Catapults and Trebuchets afterwards. I delayed Swordsmen for a while, hoping to exploit the Eagle Warriors special ability for as long as possible, but during my attack on Kupe, I had to start upgrading some of them to Man-at-arms to avoid losing too many warriors to his Horsemen. The army was a mixture of Eagle Warriors, Man-at-arms and Archers/Crossbowmen.

My galleys found Quscu to the South, and so, I redirected my Western army to that direction, finding Joao during the trip. I declared on him, endured a heavy punishment from archers, but managed to clean up his ranged units and conquer his lands. Afterwards, Kupe fall through use of Galleys and Eagle Warriors, his capital required the use of Trebuchets.

I allied Philip to fight Kublai Kan, but later turned on him and I liberated Geneva. Conquering Philip was achieved with two Man-at-arms, an Eagle warrior and a Caravel. My Western army went after the Inca, and the Eastern one went after China. End of history.

Sent some settlers among the armies, which helped me grabbing more luxuries and own advanced outposts for healing and upgrading units.

Faith was useful for extra settlers, which translated in fastest supplies and more luxury combat power. I even ended with 3 relics thanks to Kandy.

Ended up with 26 cities: 9 founded (2 stolen settlers) and 17 conquered.
Captured 34 builders and built 4.

Generally I prefer peaceful games, I even skipped this one after seeing it was Domination to play GOTM 117 first, but I have to say I enjoyed this one. The alpine promotion and luxury bonuses helped an early rush and everything snowballed afterwards, avoiding tedious stall points.

Surprisingly I managed to win a couple of World Congress votes despite my negative diplomatic favor.

Thanks a lot for the game!

20210824190532_1.jpg 20210824190457_1.jpg 20210824190059_1.jpg

Spoiler Full log :

1 - :c5greatperson:Ancient Era; Matterhorn:c5food: Terra Australis:trade: Tenochtitlan:c5capital: Hermetic Order:c5influence: Reyna:c5citizen:
2 - Zanzibar:c5influence:
6 - Trajan:c5influence:
7 - War to Trajan:c5war:
10 - Builder:c5war:
11 - Mining:c5science:
12 - Code of Laws:c5culture:
14 - Eagle warrior:c5production:
15 - Barbarian encampment:c5war: Sanguine Pact:c5influence:
22 - Eagle warrior:c5production:
23 - Builder:c5war:
25 - Bronze Working:c5science: Eagle warrior:c5gold:
27 - Tamar:c5influence:
28 - Builder:c5war:
29 - Builder:c5war:
30 - Singapore:c5influence: Eagle warrior:c5production:
31 - Animal Husbandry:c5science: Craftsmanship:c5culture: Builder:c5war:
33 - Slinger:c5production:
34 - Builder:c5war:
37 - Eagle warrior:c5production:
38 - Astrology:c5science: Foreign Trade:c5culture:
39 - Builder:c5war: Settler:c5war:
40 - Rome:c5war: Trajan Defeated:c5war:
42 - Holy site:c5production:
43 - Eagle warrior:c5production:
44 - La Venta:c5influence:
46 - Antananarivo:c5influence:
47 - Masonry:c5science: State Workforce:c5culture: Taste (Sanguine Pact):c5citizen: Vampire:c5production: Eagle warrior:c5production: Trader:c5production:
48 - Malinalco:c5capital:
49 - Pantheon (God of Craftsmen):religion:
50 - Pottery:c5science: War to Tamar:c5war: Builder:c5war: Kandy:c5influence:
51 - Kupe:c5influence:
52 - Barracks:c5production:
54 - Early Empire:c5culture: Amani:c5citizen:
55 - Builder:c5war: Granary:c5production: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
56 - Wheel:c5science: Eagle warrior:c5production: Settler:c5war:
57 - Government plaza:c5production: Pingala:c5citizen:
58 - Eagle warrior:c5production: Antananarivo:c5war: (needed passage) Village (+1 retcon)
59 - Barbarian encampment:c5war: Builder:c5war: Zanzibar♟
60 - :c5greatperson:Classical Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Settler:c5gold:
61 - Political Philosophy:c5culture: Olicarchy:c5citystate: Xochicalco:c5capital:
62 - Pyramids:tourism: Eagle warrior:c5production:
64 - Military Tradition:c5culture: Village (+20 diplomacy)
65 - Sailing:c5science: Builder:c5war: Granary:c5production:
66 - Archery:c5science: Builder:c5war: Eagle warrior:c5production:
67 - Builder:c5war:
68 - Builder:c5war: Eagle warrior:c5production: Granary:c5production:
69 - Eagle warrior:c5unhappy: Galley:c5production:
70 - Archer:c5production: Shrine:c5gold: Eagle warrior:c5gold:
71 - Drama and Poetry:c5culture:
72 - Builder:c5war: Settler:religion:
73 - Builder:c5war: Archer:c5production: Ancestral hall:c5production: Teayo:c5capital: Researcher (Pingala):c5citizen: Archer:c5moves:
74 - Builder:c5war: Hannibal Barca:greatwork::c5citizen: Kandy♟
75 - Shipbuilding:c5science: Builder:c5war: Eagle warrior:c5production:
76 - Writing:c5science: Ancient walls:c5production: Monument:c5production:
76 - Irrigation:c5science: War to Kupe:c5war: Geneva:c5influence: Laurasia:trade: Spearman:c5production:
78 - Ancient walls:c5production: Granary:c5production:
79 - Monument:c5production: Builder:c5war: Village (construction) Voidsinger:c5influence: Taumutu:c5war: Settler:religion:
80 - Horseback Riding:c5science: Campus:c5production: Encampment:c5production: John the Baptist:greatwork::c5citizen: Tiblisi:c5war: Builder:c5war: Tamara Defeated:c5war: Eagle warrior:c5production: Religion (Zen Meditation, Cross-Cultural Dialogue):religion:
81 - Texcoco:c5capital: Kublai Khan:c5influence:
83 - Games and Recreation:c5culture: Congo Craton:trade: Battering ram:c5production: Theater square:c5production:
84 - Recorded History:c5culture: Magnus:c5citizen:
85 - Celestial Navigation:c5science: Monument:c5production: Water mill:c5production: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
86 - Engineering:c5science: Muscat:c5influence: Owls of Minerva:c5influence:
88 - Currency:c5science: Library:c5production: Galley:c5production: Village (+1 pop) Village (+75 gold) Settler:c5gold:
89 - Defensive Tactics:c5culture: Hanging gardens:tourism: Galley:c5production: Quadrireme:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production: Galley:c5production: Stable:c5production: Surplus Logistics (Magnus):c5citizen: Mathematics:c5science:
90 - Apprenticeship:c5science: Ancient walls:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production:
92 - Builder:c5war:
93 - Military Training:c5culture: Settler:religion: Aqueduct:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production:
94 - Galley:c5unhappy: Sun Tzu:greatwork::c5citizen: Library:c5production: Catapult:c5production: Laurentia:trade: Mexico City:c5influence:
95 - Mysticism:c5culture: Galley:c5unhappy: Eagle warrior:c5unhappy: Ancient walls:c5production:
96 - Eagle warrior:c5unhappy: Tlacopán:c5capital: Eagle warrior:c5production: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
97 - Military Engineering:c5science: Theology:c5culture: Eagle warrior:c5production: Galley:c5production: Felipe:c5influence:
98 - Iron Working:c5science: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Builder:c5war: Galley:c5production: Monument:c5production: Village (civil service)
99 - Barbarian encampment:c5war: Galley:c5unhappy: Builder:c5unhappy:
100 - Machinery:c5science: Galley:c5production: Joao:c5influence:
101 - Temple:c5production: Galley:c5production: Trebuchet:c5production: Met all the civilizations:c5trade:
102 - Muscat♟ Galley:c5production: Ngaruawahia:c5war: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Village (buttress, military tactics)
103 - Buttress:c5science: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Comet (heavy charriot)
104 - Hong Kong:c5influence: Païtiti:c5food: Village (+20 diplomacy)
105 - Eagle warrior:c5unhappy: Scout:c5unhappy: Galley:c5production: Buenos Aires:c5influence: Joint Spanish War vs Kublai Kan:c5war: Builder:c5war: Cempoala:c5capital: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Crossbowman:c5moves: Village (+40 gold)
106 - Civil Service:c5culture: Harbor:c5production:
107 - Monument:c5production:
108 - Oracle:tourism: Trebuchet:c5production: Harbor:c5production: Valletta:c5influence: Spearman:c5unhappy:
109 - Cartography:c5science: Boudica:greatwork::c5citizen: Armory:c5production: Monument:c5production: Builder:c5war: Kaiapoi:c5war: Feudalism:c5science:
110 - :c5greatperson:Medieval Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Whakarewarewa:c5war:
111 - Builder:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Trader:religion: War on Philip:c5war:
112 - Stirrups:c5science: Commercial hub:c5production: Geneva:c5war: (liberated) War on Joao:c5war:
113 - Mercenaries:c5culture: Village (+1 retcon) Mexico City♟ Circumnavigation:c5trade: Armory:c5production: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Trebuchet:c5moves: Crossbowman:c5moves: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Caravel:c5moves: Builder:c5war:
114 - Shrine:c5production: Campus:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Crossbowman:c5moves: Builder:c5war: Builder:c5war:
115 - Omar Khayyam:greatwork::c5citizen: Builder:c5war: Caravel:c5moves:
116 - Gunpowder:c5science: Coimbra:c5war: Trader:religion: Caravel:c5moves: Village (builder)
117 - Artemisia:greatwork::c5citizen: Market:c5production: Monument:c5production: Zaragoza:c5war: Builder:c5war:
118 - Guilds:c5culture: Musketman:c5moves: Trader:religion: Amphitheater:c5production: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
119 - Quadrireme:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production: Lisbon:c5war: Settler:c5war:
120 - Trung Trac:greatwork::c5citizen: Trader:religion: Trader:religion: Te Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe:c5war: Kupe defeated:c5war: Seville:c5war: Faro:c5war: Joao defeated:c5war: Horseman:c5production: Village (+75 gold) Village (+20 faith)
121 - Colaeus:greatwork::c5citizen: Siege tower:c5production:
122 - Square Rigging:c5science: Medieval Faires:c5culture: Village (+60 faith) Harbor:c5production: Garrison Commander (Victor):c5citizen: Chalco:c5capital: Pamukkale:c5food: Barbarian encampment:c5war:
123 - Harbor:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Builder:c5war:
124 - Castles:c5science: Apadana:tourism: Spearman:c5gold:
125 - Military Tactics:c5science: Toledo:c5war: Trader:religion: Builder:c5war:
126 - Singapore♟ Builder:c5production: Temple:c5production: Taiyuan:c5war: Caravel:c5moves: Knight:c5moves:
127 - Education:c5science: Divine Right:c5culture: Monarchy:c5citystate: Barbarian encampment:c5war: Qusqu:c5war: Peace with Pachacuti Monument:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production: Valletta♟
128 - Aqueduct:c5production: Builder:c5production: Granary:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production: Madrid:c5war: Peace with Philip Mount Vesuvius:c5food:
129 - Pachacuti declares on emergency:c5war: Himerios:greatwork::c5citizen: Ancient walls:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Monument:c5production: Ancient walls:c5production: Musketman:c5moves:
130 - Banking:c5science: Atzcapotzalco:c5capital: Frigate:c5production:
131 - Valmiki:greatwork::c5citizen: Granary:c5production: Builder:c5war: Wanuku:c5war: Builder:c5war:
132 - Beijing:c5war: Domination Victory:c5happy:

Spoiler City build orders :

Tenochtitlan:c5capital: (T1): Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior € Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior > Slinger > Encampment > Eagle warrior > Holy site > Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior > Barracks > Granary > Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior € Settler > Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior > Eagle warrior > Archer € Shrine F Settler > Archer > Eagle warrior > Spearman > Eagle warrior > Hanging gardens > Ancient walls > Library > Eagle warrior > Temple > Armory > Builder > Apadana > Aqueduct > Terracotta army
Rome:c5war: (T40): Repairs > Trader > Pyramids > Granary > Ancient walls > Encampment > Theater square > Stable > Catapult > Trebuchet > Trebuchet > Armory > Amphitheater > Harbor > Builder > Builder > Lighthouse > Great lighthouse
Malinalco:c5capital: (T48): Government plaza > Granary > Ancestral hall > Ancient walls > Monument > Campus > Battering ram > Library > Aqueduct > Eagle warrior > Oracle > Commercial hub > Market > Casa de contratación
Xochicalco:c5capital: (T61): Eagle warrior > Galley € Eagle warrior > Galley > Granary > Monument > Galley > Ancient walls > Galley > Galley > Harbor > Shrine > Temple > Entertainment complex
Teayo:c5capital: (T73): Monument F Settler > Water mill > Galley > Ancient walls > Galley > Harbor > Lighthouse F Trader > Siege tower > Granary > Campus
Taumutu:c5war: (T79): Ancient walls > Galley > Galley > Galley > Campus > Quadrireme > Harbor
Tiblisi:c5war: (T80): Repairs > Quadrireme > Ancient walls F Settler > Quadrireme > Harbor > Lighthouse F Trader > Frigate > Industrial zone
Texcoco:c5capital: (T81): € Settler > Galley > Ancient walls > Monument > Harbor > Lighthouse > Quadrireme
Tlacopán:c5capital: (T96): Monument F Trader > Horseman
Ngaruawahia:c5war: (T102): Monument > Builder > Granary
Cempoala:c5capital: (T105): Monument > Ancient walls > Harbor > Lighthouse > Diplomatic quarter
Kaiapoi:c5war: (T109): Ancient walls > Monument
Whakarewarewa:c5war: (T110): Repairs > Lighthouse
Coimbra:c5war: (T116): Repairs F Trader > Horseman
Zaragoza:c5war: (T117): F Trader > Monument > Harbor
Lisbon:c5war: (T119): Repairs F Trader > Ancient walls > University
Te Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe:c5war: (T120): Ancient walls > Granary
Seville:c5war: (T120): Repairs € Spearman > Granary > Trader
Faro:c5war: (T120): Repairs > Ancient walls > Library
Chalco:c5capital: (T122): Monument > Granary
Toledo:c5war: (T125): Monument
Taiyuan:c5war: (T126): Repairs > Ancient walls
Qusqu:c5war: (T127): Repairs > Temple
Madrid:c5war: (T128): Repairs
Atzcapotzalco:c5capital: (T130): € Granary > Knight
Wanuku:c5war: (T131): Repairs


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This game is closed for submissions as time has run out.

You may continue to post here and attach saves if you wish. Results will include games above this post.


Mar 26, 2006
99 turns Dom
Going through past GOTMs decided to try this one. Built 2 cities (shouldn't have bothered, could've conquered), 2nd SE for 3 luxes. Used eagles to wipe 2 neighbours on home turf, captured 1 settler from Georgia, sent it South to an empty continent to grab 4 luxes. Sent army further west by sea where part of it attacked and killed Portugal (upgrading to men-at-arms) and Inca, while the rest reached Spain after caravels and dropped spain while caravels from home continent dropped Maori capital.
Never got any use from the battering ram, shouldn't have bothered with masonry even

Vampire single-handedly toppled Kublai, late for other fights, so could be replaced by a man-at-arms.

Thanks for the game!


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