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    Welcome to the 127th game in the 6OTM Series! These games will allow new and old GOTM fans to try out the new features in Civ6 in a friendly environment. Participants are encouraged to post questions, stories, advice, tricks and failures in the dedicated game threads (described below). Each game will specify the Civ you will play and the Victory Condition to strive for. We will be working to refine the 6otM concept as we move ahead with the series. Gifting of cities is an exploit in a religious VC as the AI cant see that it will lose if it accepts the cities.

    Must Read!
    Civ VI - 6otM127 Details:

    Here is where you will start:
    6otM127 start.png

    Hammurabi – Babylon Unique Attributes:
    Spoiler Unique Attributes :

    Hammurabi Leader Bonus: Ninu Ilu Sirum - Upon building each type of specialty District, except the Government Plaza, for the first time, instantly receives the building with the lowest Production cost that can be built in that district. Upon building any other district for the first time, receives a free Envoy.

    Unique Ability: Enuma Anu Enlil - Eurekas instantly unlock their respective technologies. -50% Science per turn.

    Unique Unit: Sabum Kibittum - Replaces N/A, Unlocked at start
    Melee; Costs 35; Strength 17
    Attributes: +5 Strength Combat Strength vs. anti-cavalry units; +17 Strength Combat Strength vs. heavy and light cavalry units; Three Movement; Three Sight.

    Unique Infrastructure: Palgum - Replaces: Water Mill; Unlocked by Irrigation
    Effects: +2 Production; +1 Housing; +1 Food to all tiles adjacent to a source of Fresh Water.
    Restrictions: City must be adjacent to a River.

    Information about threads associated with each individual 6otM -- Must Read if you are new to our Game of the Month!
    Please note: If you wish to make a video of your game, please do not post any links to it until after the game submission date has passed. This is because of the potential spoilers that are created by posting before the end date. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Spoiler :
    Announcement thread (this one): This thread is used to announce the game and clarify the settings and rules (don't be afraid to ask questions). It's also used to discuss the game before you start, and post problems with opening the save. Once you have opened the save, DO NOT POST in the Announcement thread, even non game-related information. Instead use the next thread.

    Opening Actions thread: This thread is used to discuss the game's opening decisions and strategies through the first 100 or so turns. Here you can post questions related to the game and share your achievements/anger/frustration/victories while you play. We encourage players to use the spoiler tags for screenshot. During the time the game is active, please do not post any information concerning the game outside of the spoiler threads including screen shots, videos, or recorded/live-cast Let's Plays on other websites.

    After Actions thread: In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state your victory/loss date and final score (preferably in the post title) and describe your path to glory in this post! Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences. The game will not be closed as such, but after one month, the results will be compiled, and will not necessarily be updated with reports coming in after the finish date.

    File Upload System
    In development.

    This game runs for a month and ends 15 Feb 22.


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  2. Eyswein

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    Nov 26, 2016
    Note: I believe the in game tool tips for eurekas have two mistakes: Siege Tactics is own 2 Trebuchet (not Bombards) & Replaceable Parts is own 3 Line Infantry (not Musketmen).

    Spoiler Not a spoiler, just the list of Technology Eurekas :

    Technology Eureka
    Animal Husbandry None
    Mining None
    Pottery None
    Archery Kill a unit with a Slinger
    Astrology Find a Natural Wonder
    Bronze Working Kill 3 Barbarians
    Irrigation Farm a resource
    Masonry Build a Quarry
    Sailing Found a city on the Coast
    Wheel Mine a resource
    Writing Meet another civilization
    Celestial Navigation Improve 2 Sea Resources
    Construction Build a Water Mill
    Currency Make a Trade Route
    Engineering Build Ancient Walls
    Horseback Riding Build a Pasture
    Iron Working Build an Iron Mine
    Mathematics Build 3 Specialty Districts
    Shipbuilding Own 2 Galleys
    Apprenticeship Build 3 Mines
    Buttress Build a Classical Era or later Wonder
    Castles Adopt a government with 6 inherent policy slots
    Education Earn a Great Scientist
    Machinery Own 3 Archers
    Military Engineering Build an Aqueduct
    Military Tactics Kill a unit with a Spearman
    Stirrups Have the Feudalism civic
    Astronomy Build a University next to a Mountain
    Banking Have the Guilds civic
    Cartography Build 2 Harbors
    Gunpowder Build an Armory
    Mass Production Build a Lumber Mill
    Metal Casting Own 2 Crossbowmen
    Printing Build 2 Universities
    Siege Tactics Own 2 Trebuchet (not Bombards)
    Square Rigging Kill a unit with a Musketman
    Ballistics Have 2 Forts in your territory
    Economics Build 2 Banks
    Industrialization Build 2 Workshops
    Military Science Kill a unit with a Knight
    Rifling Build a Niter Mine
    Sanitation Build 2 Neighborhoods
    Scientific theory Have The Enlightenment civic
    Steam Power Build 2 Shipyards
    Chemistry Have a L2 Alliance
    Combustion Extract an Artifact
    Electricity Build 2 Privateers
    Flight Build an Industrial era or later wonder
    Radio Build a National Park
    Refining Build one Coal Power Plants
    Replaceable Parts Own 3 Line Infantry (not Musketmen)
    Steel Build a Coal Mine + Ironclad
    Advanced Ballistics Build one Oil Power Plant
    Advanced Flight Build 2 Biplanes
    Combined Arms 3 Armies or Armadas
    Computers Adopt a government with 8 inherent policy slots
    Nuclear Fission Boost through Great Scientist or Spy
    Plastics Build an Oil Well
    Rocketry Boost through Great Scientist or Spy
    Synthetic Materials Build 2 Aerodromes
    Composites Own 3 Tanks
    Guidance Systems Kill a Fighter
    Lasers Build 2 Drones
    Nanotechnology Build an Aluminum Mine
    Nuclear Fusion Build a Nuclear Power Plant
    Robotics Have the Globalization civic
    Satellites Build 2 Broadcast Centers
    Stealth Technology Boost through Great Scientist or Spy
    Telecommunications Boost through Great Scientist or Spy
    Advanced AI Boost through Spy
    Advanced Power Cells Boost through Spy
    Cybernetics Boost through Spy
    Offworld Mission Boost through Spy
    Predictive Systems Boost through Spy
    Seasteads Boost through Spy
    Smart Materials Boost through Spy

    Note: Some Great Engineers also provide Eurekas.
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    Oct 28, 2016
    Finally :) I've been waiting for this game since Babylon was released! The only weird thing is that from what I remember, if you disable victory conditions you lose their corresponding informative screens from which you could still get some opponent data.
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    Apr 11, 2011
    :nono: not really legal data though
    Slight imperfection
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    Nov 26, 2016
    Glad to hear! Should be a fun one with Shuffle being a potential advantage since you don't need to see it to get it. Peace or war route still both an option.

    Thought it would be interesting to have a couple games with reduced information; sad it doesn't seem to affect AI behavior much. Probably do one more and then determine if I'll use in the future or stop doing it based upon feedback.
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