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Nov 26, 2016
Welcome to the 6otM148 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please attach your victory save to your post.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- Did you enjoy your game?

Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.


Mar 28, 2004
Elmendorf, Tx
Culture Victory Turn 237 Score 1582

A mere 6 turns before my exoplanet expedition launched, I ended up with culture victory. I was trying to avoid it, but oh well.


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Michael Lindskou

Apr 8, 2019
Turn 184 Science victory... pretty straigth forward game
found an early envoy and paired it with amani into jerusalem and levied thier two warriors got lucky and found Mali, he was building a very early Etaminanki i gathered my 2 levied and my stating warriror and wwas able to knock mali out of the game turn 36

since this was a wetylands map etaminanki and Lady was essential for my victory
i was hurt on the culture thjis game a few more cultural CS and i could have shaved 5-10 turns off the end result
other than that it was a fun game


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Sep 29, 2019
SV 193 (7h playtime)

Spoiler t193 :


Mali has built Etemenanki at turn 32. I don't know how. But there is no Mali anymore.

Wetlands are really fun with all these productive marshes, I went for a domination-orientated strategy and managed to get an extremely high science per turn. I probably built the first Spaceport too late, as I was waiting for the production to finish, while usually I wait for the tech to catch up.

Fun game, thanks for the save!


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Feb 3, 2019
Should have won CV at turn 183/184, but for some reason I didn't got victory screen for it. SV219

Found first religion and as I was planning for science/religion game decided to try out Feed the World belief, so my cities would grow quick enough to get fast access to third and fourth district slot. That way my cities wouldn't suffer much from having both campuses and HSites early on, as those two districts by default don't directly contribute to general development, so I had to back up my early investments into science and faith. I also got Gurdwara, but it was an overkill, should have taken other worship building. My cities growed pretty fast, but it caused some amenity issues, so i had to use whole arsenal of amenity policy cards to balance at least at -1-0 amenity for a long time.

Mali has built Etemenanki and Pyramids, so he left me with no choice but to conquer him, other than that, my game was peacefull, as i didn't feel like playing aggressively.

Got Magnus with Provision first, served me well as i got Monumentation in Classical and Medieval era. Pingala with Grants was my second governor as I have built Oracle, i don't know how really effective this combination for investments I have made, but it really satisfaying to have all those GPPs from this combo. Third governor was Moksha, after he got Divine Architect promotion, he was jumping from city to city almost non-stop buying districts for rest of the game.

Having free worshipper buildings was really nice, Madrasa is good too.

Was a nice game, but all these clicking by the end isn't very entertaining, SV is boring.


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Feb 16, 2019
Cultural Victory T193. Score 1789

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
Science from many cities. Religion to power science. War to conquer the heathens and faithless
And then an accidental Cultural victory. oops. I couldn't even give away my great works :(
Once I saw the marshes, Mali who quickly built elemantaki was marked for death!

- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?
Scout, Slinger. Warrior. Settler, then a bunch of warriors and the occasional builder

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
Astrology for Religion, then Science, then Iron working for swordsmen.
Pol Phis - for oligarchy, then aim for theology for the discount.

- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
Not a massive amount, but the heavy cav were awesome, the autoheal every turn was a great ability

- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
This was my continent, I made many cities from monumentality settlers and captured many. I ended up the 36 cities. Lots of madrasses.

- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
Ironworking for swordsmen was my main goal to build a conquering military. Not having iron was a pain, I settled a city for it.

- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
Divine Spark, because I was going to have lots of Scientists from science districts. I've not played a wet map, so this would have been better going for someone who took advantages of those I think.
I really messed this up. I took Choral Music by misclicking - that massivly powered my culture, and pushed me to the cultural victory I guess. Holy orders (cheep missionaries/apostles), meetng houses (for the production), pilgramage (I was going for many cities).

- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
Oligarchy for 97 turns then Theocracy once most conquering was over.

- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
Magnus for chops and no pop loss.

- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
Nope, I was a filhy warmongerer. Everyone hated me.

- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
Golden all the way.

- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
The barbarian clans was fun, so many more city states got established than I was expecting. I ended up suzing so many of them

- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
Nothing really. Losing pyramids was a little frustrating

- Did you enjoy your game?
Yes, it was a lot of fun


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Aug 22, 2011
The Netherlands
Cultural Victory, T175, Score 1757, 30.5 h

Again deceived by the Monopolies crazy bonuses even though I removed three civilizations out of the game and delayed on discovering the last two of them.

To focus on building campuses and going after the Madrasa and Research lab before moving towards the Space Technologies. Expansion fueled with religion and conquest of cities with good campuses.

Early game
I was planning to conquer Peter for he had nice Holy sites and leave Mansa Musa as he always has a lot of coin to trade, but when this one built both the Etemenanki and the Pyramids, I sent my early army to his lands. Conquered Niani on T70 and signed peace as I did not want to remove Mansa that early from the game, nor I wanted the grievances penalties.
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-07 22-04-19.png

Then went after Peter and conquered 3 of his 4 cities, St. Petersburg in T90 and signed peace.

By T100 I had a strong homeland along with Mansa Musa and Peter's one (11 cities total), I had access to the Madrasa, 4 campuses (3 of them with +4 bonus) a religion and 6 holy sites.
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-08 14-48-19.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-08 14-48-29.png

It was interesting the Civs in this one were almost the same as the previous GOTM 147 game, except for Basil instead of Trajan, as Basil was the one I discovered I really was expecting Rome there.

Conquered Menelik after the war with Mansa Musa and Peter. He and Peter disappeared due to loyalty pressure.

Managed to maintain good relations with Jayavarman for the whole game despite the many conquests. Spurred the civilizations one against the other to my profit. Once I reached the other continent I considered conquering or at least raiding Gandhi, but it was clear by this point my Science was strong and my Production was good enough, so just conquered Preslav who had many envoys from Gandhi and used it to spawn Settlers with Magnus and provision, settling the Northeast continent and claiming the luxuries I did not have from there.

By the end of the game I had made every surviving civ to good relations.

37 cities, 10 conquered and 3 gotten through loyalty pressure. The 24 settled are split in:
- Faith: 15
- Production: 5
- Gold: 1
- Captured: 2 (both from Kupe I think)

My early focus was on settling locations with +4 campuses, but soon I started to look after the marshes for I had Etemenanki and the Lady of Marshes pantheon, but also looked after luxuries to keep up the empire happy.
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-10 21-10-58.png

Pantheon (T26): Lady of Marshes (the clear winner in my opinion, although Desert Folklore could do good here too)
Religion (T91): Work ethic and Scripture

With Scripture and the Vatican City bonus (+400 religious pressure when using a Great Person) it was easy to expand the religion to get extra science from rival cities.

Conquered Etemenanki and Pyramids in T70 which paved the way to victory. Apadana for extra envoys and culture, Temple of Artemis for happiness and growth, Oracle for culture and to profit the many faith, Petra to make my early city in the desert usable, Kilwa Kisiwani (T145) to bonus science and culture, Mahabodhi Temple for I wanted the religion beliefs without expending faith, Angkor Wat gave me near 30 population (30 more science and some culture), Mausoleum of Halicarnassus for extra engineers, Colossus as I needed desperately more culture and happiness, Ruhr Valley in the capital which put it near +200 production, Potala Palace for the extra card.

Ok, I probably overdid it with the wonders and payed with a cultural victory in the end 😆

For Natural Wonders, I was surprised to see just a couple of them. Used the Delicate Arch for the extra bonus to 2 holy sites, but otherwise had not much consequences (well, got a relic from Kandy and the Eye of Sahara).

They were not problematic. Got 2 biremes from one clan, it made me angry it did not trigger the 2 galleys eureka, had to hire galleys from another clan.

Let three of the clans to grow in order to have more city states for the bonuses, one was surrounded by marshes and I planed to conquer it, but as Zanzibar spammed, I decided the +12 happiness was more interesting than the city itself.

This mode is totally broken and needs some fixes from the devs. I mean, when this is active, the AI does not improve luxuries, which impacts them heavily. Also, the bonus to culture gets ridiculous and I should have payed more attention at avoiding monopolies.

Special abilities
Righteousness of the Faith is very strong but I delayed the building belief until I had a few temples in my cities. In the end I bought 12 stupas by the whopping cost of 0 faith!

The Last Prophet, I think this was not as useful for me, specially since I ended conquering most of my continent the +1 science per city was not as high as it could have been.

Mameluk: not a thing, they came too late, when I already had an army and had no need to build more units. Tried to build one for the era score, but it was upgraded to Cuirassier while still in the production queue.

Madrassa: this building was great, extra faith in addition to the solid science.

Final state
All in all it was a pity the Culture Victory happened, I had the Offworld Mission technology and two Future Techs, the Moon Landing was completed next turn of my victory and I had already 3 spaceports prepared and faith to build at least 1 or 2 more. The production was good enough and I think I only was short on Culture, despite I built a couple of Theater Squares/Ampthitheaters/Museums.

Good game, it was fun, until the monopolies ruined the fun, I tried to give all my works to Jayavarman and even signed a Cultural alliance with him, but nothing was enough. Thanks for the game anyway!
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-10 21-11-24.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-10 21-11-46.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-10 21-12-28.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-10 21-13-04.pngCaptura de pantalla de 2022-12-10 21-13-17.png

Spoiler Full log :

1 - 🏁Ancient Era; Arctica🗾 Cairo🏠
5 - Mohenjo-Daro🌐
6 - Scout! Atlantis🗾
11 - Animal Husbandry🧪 Code of Laws🎵 Vatican City🌐
12 - Builder! Chinguetti🌐
16 - Village (early empire)
17 - Jerusalem🌐
18 - Foreign Trade🎵
19 - Mining🧪 Village (writing)
20 - Settler!
21 - Delicate Arch🗻
22 - Village (scout) Mansa Musa🌐
23 - Slinger! Jayavarman🌐
25 - Medina🏠 Trader💰
26 - Pantheon (Lady of Reeds and Marshes)🔮
27 - Pottery🧪 Builder!
28 - Peter🌐
29 - Early Empire🎵 Magnus💼
32 - Armagh🌐
34 - Writing🧪 Monument! Barbarian encampment🔥
35 - Craftsmanship🎵 Settler!
36 - Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥
39 - Granary! Baghdad🏠 Village (builder) Kupe🌐
40 - War to Jayavarman🔥 Builder📍
41 - Astrology🧪 Buenos Aires🌐 Denounced by Kupe🔥
43 - Campus! Builder!
44 - State Workforce🎵 Pingala💼
45 - Archery🧪 Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥 Hattusa🌐 Bireme💰 Menelik🌐
47 - Village (exp)
48 - Archer! Scout💀
50 - Warrior! Monument!
51 - Archer!
52 - Peace with Jayavarman🕊 Joint war with Jayavarman against Kupe🔥 Spearman💰 Village (+40 gold)
53 - Political Philosophy🎵 Oligarchy🏛 Warrior! Archer!
54 - Horseback Riding🧪 Warrior! Archer!
56 - Military Tradition🎵
58 - Bronze Working🧪 Horseman! Holy site!
59 - War to Mansa Musa🔥 Builder📍 Denounced by Peter🔥
60 - Library!
61 - 🏁Classical Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Tawdeni📍
62 - Currency🧪 Settler💰
63 - Shrine! Builder📍
64 - Mysticism🎵 Vatican City♟ Jerusalem♟ Mohenjo-Daro♟ Horseman! Horseman!
65 - Wheel🧪
66 - Bireme💰 Galley💰 Warrior! Granary! Aleppo🏠
67 - Masonry🧪
70 - Games and Recreation🎵 Niani📍 Etemenanki🏰📍 Pyramids🏰📍
71 - Battering ram💰
72 - Peace with Mansa Musa🕊 War to Peter🔥 Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥 Denounced by Menelik🔥
73 - Water mill!
74 - Granary! Monument! John the Baptist👨
75 - Smolensk📍
76 - Apprenticeship🧪
78 - Moscow📍
79 - Mathematics🧪
80 - Monument💰
81 - Iron Working🧪 Military Training🎵 Encampment! Government plaza! Provision (Magnus)💼 Settler🔮
82 - Apadana🏰 Hypatia👨 Monument! Builder🔮 Denounced by Mansa Musa🔥
84 - Drama and Poetry🎵 Holy site!
86 - Temple of Artemis🏰 Water mill! Holy site! Chinguetti♟ Asia🗾
87 - Nalanda🌐 Hannibal Barca👨 Buenos Aires♟ Man-at-arms🔺
88 - Education🧪 Settler🔮
89 - Defensive Tactics🎵 Liang💼 Shrine! Granary!
90 - St. Petersburg📍 Peace with Peter🕊 Peace with Kupe🕊
91 - Construction🧪 Campus! Religion (Work Ethic, Scripture)🔮
92 - Theology🎵 Ancestral hall! Moksha💼 Barracks! Zhang Qian👨
94 - Library! Shrine!
95 - Settler🔮 Campus!
96 - Zanzibar🌐 Ancient walls!
97 - Engineering🧪 Feudalism🎵 Campus! Temple! Sana’a🏠 Builder🏠 Damietta🏠 Builder🏠
98 - Stirrups🧪 Recorded History🎵 Connoisseur (Pingala)💼 Builder💰 Temple!
99 - Machinery🧪 Crossbowman🔺 Monument! Settler🔮 Library!
100 - Market! Nalanda♟ Monument! Water mill💰 Joint war with Peter against Menelik🔥 Denounced by Kupe🔥 Denounced by Peter🔥
101 - Aqueduct! Shrine! Granary! Zanzibar♟
102 - Military Engineering🧪 Aqueduct!
104 - Granary!
105 - Mercenaries🎵 Temple! Settler🔮 Damascus🏠 Builder🏠
106 - Sailing🧪 Marcus Licinius Crassus👨 Library! Halab🏠 Builder🏠 Man-at-arms🔺 Man-at-arms🔺 Addis Ababa📍 War to Kupe🔥 Settler📍
107 - Kandy🌐 Builder! Settler! Theater square! Crossbowman🔺 Water mill! Apostle🔮 Builder🔮
108 - Civil Service🎵 Jayavarman (cultural)🚩 Barqah🏠 Builder🏠 Mecca🏠 Builder🏠 Lalibela📍 Man-at-arms🔺
109 - Celestial Navigation🧪 Wolin🌐 Temple! Monument!
110 - Irrigation🧪 Madrasa! Settler📍
111 - Industrial zone! Granary! Monument!
112 - Printing🧪 Divine Right🎵 Madrasa! Granary! Aden🏠 Builder🏠 Settler🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Harar📍 Peace with Menelik🕊 Man-at-arms🔺 Harbor! Monarchy🏛
113 - Trader! Settler! Denounced by Mansa Musa🔥
114 - Astronomy🧪 Galley💰 Builder📍 Ovid👨🔮
115 - 🏁Medieval Era (Golden Age - Free Inquiry) Shipbuilding🧪 Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi👨
116 - Buttress🧪 Banking🧪 Scientific Theory🧪 Armory! Aqueduct! Mitla♟ Peace with Kupe🕊 Writing👨
117 - Gunpowder🧪 Trung Trac👨 Oracle🏰 Musketman🔺 Apostle🔮 Writing👨
118 - Military Tactics🧪 Madrasa! Aqueduct! Lighthouse!
119 - Mass Production🧪 Harbor! Campus! Shrine! Preserve! Barbarian encampment🔥
120 - Cartography🧪 Guilds🎵 Grants (Pingala)💼 Trader! Ar-Raqqah🏠 Builder🏠 Homs🏠 Builder🏠 Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥 Gandhi🌐
121 - Village (+1 envoy) Kandy♟ Yerevan🌐 Monument!
122 - Metal Casting🧪 Library! Granary! Holy site! Amphitheater! Monument! Geneva🌐 Anshan🌐 Ur🗾 Barbarian encampment🔥 Denounced by Gandhi🔥 Denounced by Menelik🔥
123 - Square Rigging🧪 Reformed Church🎵 Medieval Faires🎵 Settler! Village (relic) Village (siege tactics) Builder💰 Skirmisher🔺 Musketman🔺 Musketman🔺 Library! Amani💼 Auckland🌐
124 - Omar Khayyam👨 Commercial hub! Monument!
125 - Circumnavigation🌍 Campus! Commercial hub! Harbor!
126 - Tripoli🏠 Builder🏠 Library! Aqueduct! Grove! Workshop! Village (+60 faith) Denounced by Kupe🔥
127 - Village (+20 favor) Taruga🌐 Basil🌐 Met all civilizations🌍 Barbarian encampment🔥
128 - Diplomatic Service🎵 Anshan♟ Builder💰 Military engineer! Market! Shrine! Entertainment complex! Taif🏠 Builder🏠 Preslav🌐 Village (+100 faith) Theocracy🏛 Denounced by Basil🔥
129 - Castles🧪 Irenne of Athens👨 Theater square! Temple! Village (+20 favor) Bologna🌐
130 - Siege Tactics🧪 Military engineer! Temple! Defeated Menelik💀 Researcher (Pingala)💼 Trader💀
131 - Artemisa👨 Trader! Library! Denounced by Peter🔥
132 - War to Preslav🔥
133 - Trader! Arena! Campus! Aqueduct! Monument! Village (exp)
134 - Ballistics🧪 Madrasa!
135 - Petra🏰 Aqueduct! Encampment! Æthelflæd👨 Campus! Defeated Peter💀
136 - Sanitation🧪 Mercantilism🎵 Commercial hub! Granary! Aqueduct!
137 - Isaac Newton👨 Cuirassier! Bank! Aqueduct! Madrasa!
138 - Library! Nazca🌐 Eye of the Sahara🗻 Relic🗻 Sewer💰 Granary💰
139 - Military Science🧪 Gondar📢 Piero de Bardi👨 Granary!
140 - The Enlightenment🎵 Trader! Monument! Truffles🏭
141 - Rifling🧪 Campus! Industrial zone!
142 - Aqueduct! Bank! Sewer! Builder💰
143 - Builder💰 Builder! Belief (Stupa)🔮 Stupa🔮 Stupa🔮 Stupa🔮 Stupa🔮 Stupa🔮 Stupa🔮
144 - Colonialism🎵 Builder💰 Murasaki Shikibu👨 Commercial hub! Madrasa! Line infantry🔺 Line infantry🔺 Barbarian encampment🔥 Campus! Library👨 Madrasa👨 Harbor!
145 - Kilwa Kisiwani🏰 Tula📢 Yerevan♟ Campus! Shipyard! Writing👨
146 - Steel🧪 Geneva♟ Ranger🔺 Line infantry🔺 Art museum! Market! Madrasa! Aqueduct! Writing👨
147 - Replaceable Parts🧪 Industrialization🧪 Ibn Fadlan👨 El Cid👨 Workshop! Monument! Caravel🔺 Field cannon🔺
148 - Market! Lighthouse! Library! Lighthouse! Granary! Village (Builder)
149 - Chemistry🧪 Civil Engineering🎵 Laying on of Hands (Moksha)💼 Ibn Khaldun👨 Field cannon🔺
150 - Library! Temple! Stupa🔮 Campus! Madrasa! Monument!
151 - Flight🧪 Mahabodhi Temple🏰 Aqueduct! Campus! Temple! Stupa🔮 Belief (World church)🔮
152 - Steam Power🧪 Zheng He👨 Amphitheater! Campus! Madrasa! Lighthouse! Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥 Kapiti📍 Preslav📍 Defeated Preslav🔥
153 - Madrasa!
154 - Radio🧪 Nationalism🎵 Shipyard! Factory! Trader! Commercial hub! Library! Citadel of God (Moksha)💼 Ironclad🔺
155 - 🏁Renaissance Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Field cannon🔺 Sewer! Library! Madrasa! Shrine! Factory! Settler🔮 Settler🔮 Settler🔮 Cavalry🔺
156 - Rocketry🧪 Granary! Trader! Entertainment complex! Library!
157 - Coal power plant! Settler🔮 Builder🔮
158 - Refining🧪 Urbanization🎵 Settler🔮 Imhotep👨 Builder! Trader! Temple! Stupa🔮
159 - Advanced Flight🧪 Angkor Wat🏰 Holy site! First Railroad🌍 Library! Temple! Stupa🔮 Settler🔮 Water mill! Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥
160 - Trader! Diplomatic quarter! Settler🔮
161 - Satellites🧪 Scorched Earth🎵 Industrial zone! Campus! Temple! Stupa🔮 Sewer💰 Settler🔮 Hatting🏠 Builder🏠 Tabuk🏠 Builder🏠 Monument💰 Cahokia🌐
162 - Combustion🧪 Mausoleum of Halicarnassus🏰 Rajendra Chola👨 Madrasa! Campus! Barbarian encampment (+45 gold)🔥 Arena💰 Settler🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮
163 - Plastics🧪 Consulate! Aerodrome! Market! Madrasa! Ayhab🏠 Builder🏠 Taruga♟
164 - Electricity🧪 Colossus🏰 Barbarian encampment🔥 Aerodrome! Giovanni de Medici👨 Granary! Library! Research lab! Entertainment complex! Zabid🏠 Builder🏠 Monument! Builder🔮 Trader🔮 Trader🔮
165 - Synthetic Materials🧪 Mobilization🎵 Intelligence agency! Barbarian encampment🔥 Monument! Water mill💰 Arena! Builder🔮 Divine architect (Moksha)💼 Space initiative (Pingala)💼 Spaceport🔮 Encampment🔮 Neighborhood🔮 Campus!
166 - Military academy! Campus! Library! Library! Research lab! Bologna♟
167 - Composites🧪 Colosseum🏰 Aqueduct! Research lab! Madrasa! Library! Campus! Granary!
168 - Nanotechnology🧪 Natural History🎵 Ruhr Valley🏰 Potala Palace🏰 Library! Madrasa! Madrasa! Workshop! Neighborhood! Jeddah🏠 Builder🏠 Hama🏠 Builder🏠 Al Karak🏠 Builder🏠 Al-Bab🏠 Al Karak🏠 Campus! Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Apostle🔮
169 - Industrial zone! Mimar Sinan👨🔮 Library! Bilbeis🏠 Builder🏠 Madrasa!
170 - Cybernetics🧪 Dimitri Mendelev👨 Research lab! Research lab! Monument! Monument! Madrasa! Library!
171 - Mass Media🎵 Granary! Research lab! Black marketeer (Magnus)💼 Industrial zone🔮 Commercial hub🔮 Spaceport🔮 Neighborhood🔮 Mechanized infantry🔺 Mechanized infantry**🔺 Workshop!
172 - Smart Materials🧪 La Venta🌐 Launch Earth satellite! Market👨 Bank👨 Industrial zone! Builder🔮 Temple! Stupa🔮 Shipyard!
173 - Raja Todar Mal👨 Research lab! Builder🔮 Madrasa! Madrasa!
174 - Offworld Mission🧪 Gao📢 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Monument! Workshop! Nazca♟
175 - Future Tech🧪 Charles Darwin👨 Industrial zone! Madrasa! Factory! Factory! Village (+75 gold)
176 - Niccolo Machiavelli👨 Writing👨 Workshop! Spaceport🔮 Theater square🔮 Cahokia♟ Campus! Harbor! Commercial hub!
177 - Cultural Victory🏆

Spoiler Detailed build order :

  1. Cairo🏠 (T1): Scout > Builder > Settler > Slinger > Builder > Settler > Granary > Builder > Archer > Archer > Archer > Holy site > Shrine > Apadana > Water mill > Campus > Library > Temple > Aqueduct > Settler > Industrial zone > Madrasa > Trader > Workshop > Trader > Trader > Cuirassier > Trader > Builder F Stupa > Mahabodhi Temple > Factory > Coal power plant € Sewer F Trader F Trader F Spaceport F Encampment F Neighborhood > Ruhr Valley > Launch Earth satellite > Launch Moon landing
  2. Medina🏠 (T25): € Trader > Monument > Campus > Warrior > Warrior > Warrior > Library > Granary > Water mill > Encampment > Holy site > Shrine > Barracks > Temple > Aqueduct > Madrasa > Armory > Harbor > Military engineer > Military engineer F Stupa > Kilwa Kisiwani > Lighthouse > Shipyard > Trader > Trader > Trader > Military academy F Industrial zone F Commercial hub F Spaceport F Neighborhood G Market G Bank > Research lab > Workshop > Factory
  3. Baghdad🏠 (T39): Monument > Warrior > Horseman € Settler > Horseman > Horseman > Warrior > Great Bath > Granary > Temple of Artemis > Campus > Library > Builder F Builder > Madrasa > Aqueduct > Commercial hub > Market > Bank > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Holy site F Spaceport F Theater square > Big Ben
  4. Tawdeni📍 (T61): Monument > Holy site > Granary > Shrine F Settler F Settler > Trader > Temple F Apostle > Settler F Apostle > Campus > Library > Madrasa F Stupa > Commercial hub > Market > Sewer > Research lab > Entertainment complex
  5. Aleppo🏠 (T66): Monument > Campus € Water mill > Library > Petra € Sewer > Aqueduct > Madrasa > Industrial zone > Research lab > Granary > Workshop > Factory
  6. Niani📍 (T70): € Battering ram > Repairs > Government plaza F Settler > Ancestral hall > Market > Granary F Settler F Settler > Trader > Settler > Theater square > Bank > Amphitheater > Entertainment complex € Arena F Builder > Intelligence agency > Colosseum > Campus
  7. Smolensk📍 (T75): € Monument > Repairs F Builder > Water mill > Granary > Shrine > Temple F Stupa > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Aqueduct F Builder > Industrial zone > Workshop
  8. Moscow📍 (T78): F Builder > Repairs F Settler > Ancient walls > Shrine > Theater square F Builder > Oracle > Amphitheater > Entertainment complex > Arena > Aqueduct > Art museum > Temple F Stupa > Trader > Builder > Neighborhood > Zoo
  9. St. Petersburg📍 (T90): Granary > Temple > Trader > Aqueduct > Preserve > Grove > Commercial hub > Sewer F Stupa > Market > Potala Palace > Campus > Library
  10. Sana’a🏠 (T97): Monument F Builder > Campus > Granary > Aqueduct > Library F Builder > Madrasa > Commercial hub
  11. Damietta🏠 (T97): Monument > Holy site > Shrine > Aqueduct > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Temple F Stupa > Research lab
  12. Damascus🏠 (T105): Monument > Harbor > Lighthouse > Campus > Shipyard > Library > Madrasa F Settler > Granary > Diplomatic quarter > Consulate > Colossus > Research lab > Seaport
  13. Halab🏠 (T106): Monument > Granary > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Aqueduct > Industrial zone > Angkor Wat > Aerodrome > Workshop > Factory > Oil power plant
  14. Addis Ababa📍 (T106): Repairs > Library > Madrasa > Commercial hub > Temple F Stupa F Builder > Market F Builder > Industrial zone > Workshop > Factory > Oil power plant
  15. Barqah🏠 (T108): Monument > Harbor > Encampment > Barracks > Lighthouse > Campus > Aerodrome > Library > Madrasa > Shipyard
  16. Mecca🏠 (T108): Monument > Commercial hub € Market € Bank > Aqueduct > Granary > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Research lab
  17. Lalibela📍 (T108): F Builder > Repairs > Granary € Builder € Builder > Temple > Aqueduct > Library € Builder € Builder F Stupa € Builder > Madrasa > Research lab > Commercial hub > Market
  18. Aden🏠 (T112): Monument > Aqueduct > Campus > Library > Madrasa F Builder > Research lab F Builder > Industrial zone F Builder F Builder F Builder > Workshop
  19. Harar📍 (T112): € Galley > Repairs > Library > Madrasa > Temple F Stupa F Builder > Research lab F Apostle > Harbor
  20. Ar-Raqqah🏠 (T120): Monument > Harbor > Lighthouse > Mausoleum of Halicarnassus F Builder > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Shipyard > Industrial zone
  21. Homs🏠 (T120): Monument € Granary > Campus G Library G Madrasa F Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse
  22. Tripoli🏠 (T126): Monument > Campus F Settler > Library > Madrasa > Commercial hub
  23. Taif🏠 (T128): Monument > Granary > Campus > Library > Madrasa
  24. Gondar📢 (T139): Monument > Shrine > Temple F Stupa > Water mill F Builder > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Research lab
  25. Tula📢 (T145): Monument > Temple F Stupa F Builder > Entertainment complex > Arena F Builder F Builder > Neighborhood
  26. Kapiti📍 (T152): € Monument F Builder F Builder > Granary > Library > Madrasa > Theater square
  27. Preslav📍 (T152): F Settler F Settler F Settler F Settler F Settler > Repairs > Campus > Library > Madrasa > Trader
  28. Hatting🏠 (T161): € Monument > Harbor
  29. Tabuk🏠 (T161): Monument > Water mill > Granary > Campus
  30. Ayhab🏠 (T163): Monument > Campus
  31. Zabid🏠 (T164): Monument € Water mill > Campus > Library > Madrasa
  32. Jeddah🏠 (T168): Monument
  33. Hama🏠 (T168): Monument
  34. Al Karak🏠 (T168): Monument > Harbor
  35. Al-Bab🏠 (T168): Monument
  36. Bilbeis🏠 (T169): Monument > Campus
  37. Gao📢 (T174): F Builder > Madrasa


  • GOTM148 SALADIN 177 Cultural.Civ6Save
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Aug 21, 2022
Turn 294 CV. Not sure why the Science victory never materialized. Just too much culture I guess from buying both Theater Square buildings along with Campus buildings with my faith. Had a great start with Etemenanki, and plenty of production, but somehow stalled when getting the space projects done. I think I got unlucky with the Great Scientists. Only managed to get Carl Sagan AFTER I launched the exoplanet expedition.


Dec 17, 2022
Science victory. score 1483. Turn 323. First time doing a Game of the month. Really enjoyed it. Still figuring out how to really play/maximize all of the things you can do in Civ 6.


  • SALADIN 324 1903 AD.Civ6Save
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Feb 8, 2021
Sci Vic, turn 224

Turns out Arabia is pretty good on a wetlands map after all.

Not much to add from what others said- also took Lady of the Reeds and Marshes, prioritized getting Etimenanki but Mali built it first, so took him out early with some levied troops.

Fairly relaxing for a science game- thanks for the game!


  • GOTM 148 Sci Vic 224.Civ6Save
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May 2, 2006
Science Victory, Turn 378
Mali was hot on my heels for the science victory.
Generated a lot of faith which was useful for getting GPs

Fun Game.


  • AutoSave_0378.Civ6Save
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Aug 19, 2005
Thank you for uploading the game. It was quite fun. I succeeded, without succeeding. A cultural victory, no science victory. The most difficult thing is to avoid other wins. Therefore, as a player you need to play like a fool to win. Didn't have the patience. For this reason it's hard to win on science, because others grasp can away other victory conditions. Not on this game, but on harder games. I had heaps of fun though. Thanks to the team!


  • AutoSave_0188.Civ6Save
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Mar 27, 2010
SV 157

I really enjoyed this one. Something about playing Arabia on Wetlands.. quite harmonious.

Opened with 2 Scouts into 2 Settlers. Towards the end of the Ancient Era, managed to steal 2 Settlers from Ethiopia (denying his only expansion route north of his Capital). Used them for settling cornering cities in the south-west corner of the continent. Baited (with Scout) spawning barbs towards Mali, with the intent to block his expansion(s) towards my Empire. He lost a Settler to barbs which I chased down 20 turns later. Purchased/built 10 Settlers with the help of the Furs Industry. Marsh pantheon without a question. Khmer soon attacked Ethiopia, rendering them irrelevant quite early. Mali built Etemenaki and was about to finish Pyramids.. but Russia launched a surprise attack and took Mali's Capital. Given the war, I had to wait for UU (built 3) before taking out both Mali and Russia soon after. I was happy to discover Peter's choice of settlement for Kazan, a crucial city for launching Laser Stations. Ended up with 21 cities in total, a nice Petra city and just Simmed away happily. Built ToA, Oracle after the settler wave. First to found a religion.. provided all the early war on my continent. Got 3 campus discounts in first 3 expos; prioritized holy sites, campus, theatres in most expansion cities. Had to avoid any Monopolies (knowing the insane boost to Tourism..

Choral Music helped early/mid game with the lack of culture. Should've picked the Amenity vs. Science worship building. The key was discovering Geneva at a crucial timing (Modern Era) to expedite research. Maori forward settled me, and I was surely counting on flipping his city (where I had originally planned to built Kilwa) but he grew in Pop quickly and retained loyalty throughout the game. I wish I had better planned settlement locations of a few cities (I was too focused on industrial zone adjacencies & getting carried away with Mohenjo's UB).

Avoided neighborhoods with the help of Monasteries (Armagh UB). Found 4 SCS exploring in the Industrial, 5th one discovered after launching a satellite. Had to wipe out the RCS in-between my cities to unlock 2 extra chops for space projects.
Planned for 4 Spaceports. Had very poor gold income, had to Faith buy 4 of them. Looking back now, I should've went with 3 Spaceports only - would've won 3-5 turns faster. Only 1 wonder GE (and Imhotep). Used it for Ruhr Valley.
With no way to keep up in Culture, I skipped on Synthetic Tech and just used the culture boost for Globalization. The Tech Tree was glorious and I avoided Robotics/Nuclear altogether. A lot of wasted hammers on my part towards the end; should've built 3rd/4th project in Cap and left the Laser projects to the chopping cities.

Thanks for the game!


  • GOTM148_SV157.jpg
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Aug 29, 2020
Bear with me here, it's still 2 hours before midnight and the year change where I live ;)
220 SV, tremendously fun map and game.

Wetlands map is interesting, what made it more interesting is Mali having a great start location with lots of floodplains and building Etemenaki stupid early. Unfortunately for him that land was rightfully Arabian and Mamluks absolutely proved my point. By then, I already had Mamluks so I just conquered the rest of my continent. Jayavarman was pretty tough for King standards, he got Domreys up early and his cities all had walls and racking up 40+ defense strength at like turn 115. It forced me to change my plan to finally use my Great Prophet I got from Arabia UA and pick up Crusade. After that it was smooth sailing, and with a favourable tech tree I got a nice science victory. Only wonders built were Ruhr Valley and Kilwa Kisiwani.

Spoiler Chaplain Apostle + Mamluks + retired Abu Al-Qasim = +35 Healing per turn for my mamluks. I reckon this could be a viable strat that can also be done on Deity :
Screenshot 2022-12-31 182456.png

Spoiler final capital :
Screenshot 2022-12-31 221601.png

Thanks for putting this together, great fun game.


  • SALADIN 221 1550 AD.Civ6Save
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Mar 27, 2010
Post submission goody-hut:
Attempt #2 SV T154

I took a save at T138 (Just before the second Governor rotation to buy Spaceports) to replay for a learning experience if 3 spaceports would've been faster. Here are some of my findings in case anyone finds it useful for their games:

- In an ideal game, 4 Spaceports is favorable, if you can afford it. Of course, we never HB Spaceports, so the limitation is the 5T establishing of your Governor (+ an additional 5T for Mag/Pingala if you are chopping.)
- Thus, you would want 2 Governors fully promoted to complete the 4 Spaceports.
- In my GOTM game, gold was an issue, I only had the luxury of utilizing FP Spaceports. In my initial playthrough, IIRC, the math on turns went something like: T133 -> FP Spaceport #1 (Gov already established), rotate Moksha to 2nd city, substitute in Magnus. +5T.. T138 FP Spaceport #2, rotate Moksha to 3rd city, substitute Pingala. T143 FP Spaceport #3. T148 Spaceport #4. T153 Magnus arrives at SP#4 to chop lasers. Wins in 4 turns.

- Second playthrough, I wanted to see if it is possible with 3 Spaceports, AKA the "poor man's spacerace". Provided a good Cap with 175+H (Ruhr Valley) exists: So at T138 Magnus is established in Spaceport City #1 and chops first two projects in 1 or 2 turns. (I think that's about 9-10 chops). Pretty standard to find such a city in most games and so far my most optimal way to SV. Opening the map helps plan on SZ any missed science city states. Of course work all science yields/buildings before the final chop to get maximum culture from satellites. While Mag travelled to SP City #1, Moshka is rotated to Cap to FP Spaceport #2. From this point, you have 10T to complete the 3rd/4th Project in your second city (must be 175H or more). I saved up 4 jungle chops and 2 wood chops + 2 woods from ring4. Usually you get these late game by removing a feature on an existing improvement. In some cases you will also find Ring 4 chops available by this stage in the game. Check if they belong to the intended city by checking neighboring tile radius. (It will say "Swap", meaning you can assume the chops go to the intended city. You need Royal Society and +6/+7 Worker spam each turn from neighboring city. You need 1 Chop workers or Military engineers to 1 turn Chop + immediately instantiate the feature to not undergo hammer loss. Each game will be different, but the ideal is to get the darn projects done with in 10T. Also with poor culture I did not get the 15% boost from the policy card. Nor was the final government available in time. Just Pingala's Space Initiative. Moshka travels to buy Spaceport city #3 and 2/1 turn workers await impatiently to begin chopping lasers. So in this second playthrough I was able to finish in T154. Could've been T152 ideally, but I lost 1T from going to war (see my comment below tagged Side-quest) thus losing Geneva bonus (2 techs costed 2 turns. And another -1T from the same triaging effect (-10% towards final chops from Future Tech.)

So with the 3 Spaceports strategy, this is currently my playstyle, hoping to hear some feedback maybe there are better strategies you guys were able to find in your playthroughs?

TLDR: Spaceport #1 chops project #1 and #2. Spaceport #2 in Megacity with high hammers (often your Cap). Royal Society / late game chops / Communism trade routes, spam 7 charge workers each turn into district, etc. (10T to complete 3 and 4).

- Side quest: In my GOTM playthrough, I frankly forgot and did not plan Governor points for it to matter. Upon the 3 tanks upgrade Eureka (which you should've gotten especially in this game as Arabia UU), you have a power-spike available to you - a strong melee army capable of doing late game pillaging and/or city raising. In coastal maps you should also have kept your 1-2 ironclads (from Steel boost). Usually a late game casus belli is avail. and you can target a near-by Civ who has 1-2 friendly CS (so you can pillage their lands as well). I did so with tanks/navy and got 5K gold from Maori's 2 Harbors and mines from CS. That's almost enough for a Spaceport. This would shave an additional 5Ts provided you have the Science/Culture to support the earlier time to launch. However, in my game it would've meant completing projects 3&4 in 5T which is impossible thus the 4 Spaceport strategy (in maps where you have giga chops) is more favorable. Of course this wasn't Diety so there is no gold from trades and other great boosts. My personal goal is to hit Sub T140 in Deity GOTM on vanilla settings.

It amazes me how much complexity this game actually has hidden in it, if you dare to min/max your game from T1. I learn so much from playing each GOTM.


  • GOTM148_R2_SV154.jpg
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