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Nov 26, 2016
Welcome to the 6otM149 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please attach your victory save to your post.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- Did you enjoy your game?

Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.


Mar 4, 2009
241 CV.

Founded a religion, and attempted to spread all religions to all of my cities. Took China's early wonders with Varus, then built a bunch myself with the help of Brussels. Didn't expand much beyond my own home continent as land was scarce. Monopolies helped a lot too.
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Feb 8, 2021
CV, turn 217

Not exactly an easy map, with a massive useless desert, forced to go coastal, not too much food or production ... but after Krampus 2022 it felt like a walk in the park. Especially with Monopolies turned on.

I'm always conflicted about culture games with Monopolies + Corporations mode: the incentive to gain monopolies is so high, for me it usually transforms the game into a pseudo-domination game, which is what happened here. I left China with a single city, took one from Indonesia and eliminated Scythia to maximize the luxury resources and monopolies I could get. Could have gone after Khmer also for the 5th coffee tile but got tired of warring. But I did start to dismantle Vietnam, as she was the leading culture defender and I wanted to stop her accrual of more culture defense, which I very effectively did by taking three cities incl her capital. In the end I had 6 monopolies. Realized too late that even the ocean resources could have been monopolized this game (usually it's not practical to do so) but by then I couldn't be bothered as I was already quite close to victory.

So, here's a question: at what time does seeking another monopoly become not worth the effort? Because trying to get more luxuries for me usually means war, which means denunciations and closed borders and inability to send trade routes etc. So at what point does the 25-50% tourism gain that you sacrifice by endless warring outweigh whatever gain you get from the nth monopoly? Or are monopolies always more beneficial?

Thanks for the game!


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Aug 22, 2011
The Netherlands
Cultural Victory, T175, Score 853, 19.5 h
(Although no splash screen until T177)

This was a nice setting that worked well with Chandragupta's good domination abilities. India works well with religion, and with the natural wonder nearby, I focused on getting an early religion and exploited the Reliquaries belief once I found Yerevan in game. I combined sacrificing martyr apostles with expanding to control as many monopolies as possible, via both settlers and conquest.

Early game
Finding Yerevan early at T20, I went after a Reliquaries religion which I got at T65. Screwed a bit on not getting a Classical Golden Age, I should have gone after Irrigation directly without delay after seeing there were no farming resource for the boost, as the stepwell era score could have made a real change.

At T100, I am at 7 cities, a religion, one theater square already, a sizable army of warriors and archers, an olives Industry and a good deployment for monopolies in Olives, Amber and Jade, and I am looking to build my Varus for conquest of Qin Shin.
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-28 00-54-45.png

Tomyris decided to screw my plans and razed (not conquered, razed!) Yerevan, from all the city states the only one I really needed! Out of spite I declared a Territorial War in T123 and stepped over his lines, conquering 4 of his cities, including the capital. I signed peace in T141, I probably should have taken Issyk as well, for it would have given me Orange monopoly, but I was afraid of taking too much of his territory an Tomyris disappearing through pressure, as well as receiving too many grievances.

Although there was no coastal bridge to the third continent, I was lucky enough to eye contact through the ocean one of Hong Kong's galleys on T118. I sent Amani there and got suzerainty on T126, obtaining diplomatic contact with Ba Trieu, Kublai Khan and Cahokia. Then, I moved Amani to Cahokia to find Cyrus, completing the civs list.

The second and last war was with Qin Xin Huang, I took his capital, to get monopoly with Jade and build up towards whales. I hopped to get also Coffee monopoly, but it resulted the other copies were in my ally's island. Also conquered Bologna, Qin's ally, to secure monopoly in whales (and a failed attempt on coffee).

Had good relationships, and then alliances, with Gitarja, Jayavarman and Ba Trieu. Cyrus and Kublai Khan hated me for my wars. Trade was basically done with luxury resources, although I also sold the eventual iron and horse.

22 cities, 8 were conquered, and 3 more funded from captured settlers.
2 of Tomyris settlers served me great to secure the mercury and silver monopolies to the south-east of the continent.
1 from Qin I used to obtain the Jade monopoly in the tip of the western peninsula.

Early on I realized I would need the many whales at the south-west end of the continent, and funded there a couple of cities, one with a holy city that I used to jump apostles and missionaries to the western continent once Cartography was discovered.
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-30 17-56-10.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-30 17-56-21.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-30 17-56-31.png

Pantheon (T40): Earth Goddess, I wanted Desert Folklore but it was already taken.
Religion (T65): Reliquaries and Holy Order, later Tithe.

With holy sites, Earth Goddess and stepwells, my faith output was solid and soon had a few Apostles with martyr thanks to Yerevan. Gitarja and Jayavarman had many missionaries I used to sacrifice my apostles, but soon I was restricted for lack of enough temples. I tried to get the Apadana but failed by 6 turns. It could have been a real turn over...

After failing the Apadana for short, and with Yerevan lost, I focused on Mount St. Michel, which I got in T160, one after getting Petra for a nice desert city. Also went after Saint Basil's for even more relic slots but game ended 1 turn before completion.

Natural wonders were basically useful for good Holy site adjacencies. Exploiting the initial lake for an early Territorial Expansion maybe could had been a better idea, but I felt it would tax too much the growth of my capital, and preferred to work coffee and amber for culture.

There were a few outposts that got out of order and required extra work. It forced me to slot an early Apoge card and build an army to clean an outpost in the Olives fields with many archers making my day painful there. Also, at the east and south of Tomyris lands two outposts had gone crazy, spamming musketmen and crossbowmen without stop. Fortunately I had an Apostle with barbarian conversion, and I used it to clear three outposts and obtain 4 or 5 musketmen and a couple crossbowmen. Without that apostle things could have turned very very bad.

Monopolies and Corporations
Obtained monopolies in Olives (T144), Salt (T153), Mercury (T154), Silver (T154), Amber (T157), Jade (T159) and Whales (T174). To obtain control of some of them I had to secure suzerainity of a few city states. Could have obtained Oranged conquering one more city from Tomyris, and I think I should have done. Coffee was also close, but required conquering one of my allies, which I did not want to do.

Found one bug, when you obtain control of a luxury resource, the percentage of control is not recalculated and the resource is not counted towards monopoly. I had to undo an improvement at my territory and build the improvement again, then control percentage is recalculated taking into account the copies in your city states and the monopoly is properly granted.

My monopolies bonus to tourism ended at +1002%.
Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-30 17-55-28.png

Special abilities
The extra movement and +5 Strength on declaring a Territorial Expansion war, was incredibly powerful and helped me secure at least 5 of my 7 monopolies.

Stepwell is better than it seems, for you can fit it on places that otherwise would be difficult for a farm, and in this particular map with not many places for farm diamonds, worked very well. Also, you can build it in the desert, which is a plus when you have coastal cities that just need more housing.

The Varu was also very strong, specially when you have archers to shot from behind, it just makes your ranged units stronger.

The bonuses to religion were nice, but not very defining, specially the belief of Tomyris religion, helped me nothing, for it was Choral Music but there was not holy sites in his land.

Final state
It was a very interesting setting for a fast cultural victory. I screwed a bit in some parts and could have done better, specially on defending Yerevan, building more Temples and securing the Apadana with a chop, but overall I am satisfied and definitely had fun with this one. A nice Christma's holidays gift after the Krampus hell!

Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-30 17-56-47.png Captura de pantalla de 2022-12-30 17-55-57.png

Spoiler Full log :

1 - 🏁Ancient Era; Siberia🗾 Lake Retba🗻 Patna🏠
9 - Scout!
10 - Code of Laws🎵
13 - Astrology🧪
14 - Antananarivo🌐
15 - Tomyris🌐
19 - Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥
20 - Yerevan🌐
21 - Mining🧪 Craftsmanship🎵 Lemuria🗾
22 - Foreign Trade🎵 Qin Shi Huang🌐
23 - Settler! Brussels🌐
28 - Animal Husbandry🧪 Calcuta🏠
31 - Builder💰
34 - Holy site!
35 - Gitarja🌐
36 - State Workforce🎵 Magnus💼
39 - Slinger! Trader!
40 - Pottery🧪 Pantheon (Earth Goddess)🔮
42 - Archery🧪 Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥
43 - Military Tradition🎵 Warrior!
46 - Archer!
49 - Builder💰
50 - Mysticism🎵 Warrior! Warrior!
51 - Early Empire🎵 Provision (Magnus)💼
52 - 🏁Classical Era (Free Inquiry)
53 - Archer🔺 Village (+75 gold)
55 - Shrine!
56 - Horseback Riding🧪 Chinguetti🌐
57 - Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥
58 - Political Philosophy🎵 Classical Republic🏛
59 - Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥
61 - Granary! Holy site!
62 - Settler! Builder💰
63 - Irrigation🧪 Jayavarman🌐
64 - Agra🏠
65 - Settler! Simon Peter👨 Religion (Reliquaries, Holy Order)🔮 Eyjafjallajökull🗻
66 - Antananarivo♟
68 - Wheel🧪 Builder💰
71 - Government plaza! Amani💼 Settler!
74 - Masonry🧪
75 - Water mill💰 Yerevan♟
77 - Bologna🌐
78 - Drama and Poetry🎵 Monument!
80 - Settler!
82 - Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥
83 - Ancestral hall! Liang💼 Delhi🏠 Builder🏠 Hyderabad🏠 Builder🏠 Water mill💰
87 - Settler! Srinagar🏠 Builder🏠 Monument💰 Granary💰
88 - Construction🧪 Games and Recreation🎵
90 - Writing🧪
92 - 🏁Medieval Era (Golden Age - Exodus of the Evangelists) Sailing🧪 Mysore🏠 Builder🏠 Sun Tzu👨🔮
94 - Shrine!
95 - Currency🧪
96 - Granary!
98 - Bronze Working🧪 Temple! Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Akkad🌐
99 - Theater square! Apostle🔮
100 - Defensive Tactics🎵 Pingala💼
101 - Celestial Navigation🧪
102 - Monument!
103 - Galley! Apostle🔮
104 - Temple!
105 - Relic🔮
106 - Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥
107 - Galley!
108 - Shipbuilding🧪 Builder💰 Granary!
109 - Relic🔮 Apostle🔮
111 - Feudalism🎵 Theater square!
112 - Mathematics🧪
113 - Amphitheater💰 Amphitheater💰 Writing🌐 Writing🌐
114 - Apostle🔮 Encampment! Granary!
116 - Military Training🎵 Settler! Ha Long Bay🗻 Akkad♟ Builder💰 Yerevan💀
117 - Ancient walls! Scout💀 Relic🔮
118 - Builder💰 Hong Kong🌐 Apostle🔮
119 - Apprenticeship🧪
122 - Campus! Spearman💰
123 - Builder💰 Harbor! Belief (Tithe)🔮 Joint Territorial War on Tomyris with Jaravaman⚔
124 - Warrior💀
125 - Iron Working🧪 Recorded History🎵 Researcher (Pingala)💼 Man-at-arms🔺 Man-at-arms🔺 Man-at-arms🔺 Campus! Varu! Stable!
126 - Hong Kong♟ Ba Trieu🌐 Kublai Khan🌐 Cahokia🌐 Arctica🗾 Spearman💀
127 - Writing🌐 Writing🌐 Apostle🔮
128 - Harbor! Harbor! Varu!
129 - Machinery🧪 Horseman! Village (+90 faith)
130 - Apostle🔮 Myriv📍 Builder📍 Theater square!
131 - Spearman! Rumi👨
132 - 🏁Renaissance Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Chennai🏠 Builder🏠 Monument💰 Pazyryk📍 Varu!
133 - Builder🔮
134 - Printing🧪 Lighthouse! Builder🔮 Granary! Quadrireme! Gitarja (militar)🚩 Jayavarman (research)🚩
135 - Divine Right🎵 Monarchy🏛 Builder🔮 Kostromskaya📍
136 - Settler📍 Musketman🔮 Spearman🔮 Galley🔮 Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥 Lighthouse!
137 - Stirrups🧪 Varu! Horseman! Crossbowman🔺 Crossbowman🔺 Ba Trieu (cultural)🚩
138 - Military Tactics🧪 Guilds🎵 Trader! Lighthouse! Pokrovka📍 Grants (Pingala)💼 Settler📍
139 - Castles🧪 Galley🔮 Apostle🔮 Trader🔮 Amphitheater💰 Writing👨
140 - Buttress🧪 Artemisa👨 Writing👨 Theater square! Cahokia♟ Cyrus🌐 Zanzibar🌐 Vaalbara🗾 Met al civilizations🌍
141 - Cartography🧪 Reformed Church🎵 Commercial hub! Peace with Tomyris🕊 Builder🔮 Amphitheater💰 Theocracy🏛 Caravel🔺 Denounced by Cyrus🔥 Denounced by Kublai Khan🔥
142 - Trader! Monument! Caravel🔺 Horseman💀
143 - Pikeman🔮 Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥 Pikeman🔺
144 - Medieval Faires🎵 Irene of Athens👨 Builder🔮 Kolar🏠 Builder🏠 Monument! Curator (Pingala)💼 Connoisseur (Pingala)💼 Builder📍 Olives🎩
145 - Diplomatic Service🎵 Builder🔮 Builder🔮
146 - Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥 Anshan🌐
147 - Square Rigging🧪 Catapult! Denounced by Qin Xin Huang🔥
148 - Barracks!
149 - Harbor! Aqueduct! Musketman🔮 Musketman🔮 Musketman🔮 Crossbowman🔮 Builder📍
150 - Military Engineering🧪 Exploration🎵 Library! Holy site! Shrine💰 Water mill! Trebuchet🔮 Joint Territorial War on Qin Xin Huang with Tomyris⚔ Ahmadabad🏠 Builder🏠
151 - Humanism🎵 Donatello👨🔮 Trebuchet🔺 Crossbowman🔺 Builder💰 Vilnius🌐 Preslav🌐 Circumnavigation🌍 Denounced by Tomyris🔥
152 - Builder📍
153 - Education🧪 Mercantilism🎵 Salt🎩 Courser🔺
154 - Mass Production🧪 The Enlightenment🎵 Mercury🎩 Silver🎩
155 - Banking🧪 Courser! Apostle🔮 Xi’an📍
156 - Amphitheater! Armory💰 Brussels♟
157 - Civil Engineering🎵 Moksha💼 Archaeological museum💰 Amber🎩 Builder🔮 Builder🔮 Musketman💀
158 - Gunpowder🧪 Astronomy🧪 Builder🔮 Gobustan🗻 Writing🌐 Writing🌐
159 - Scientific Theory🧪 Petra🏰 Holy site! Shrine💰 Temple💰 Jade🎩 Settler🔮 Builder💰
160 - Mont St. Michel🏰 Shipyard💰 Knight! Musketman🔺 Musketman🔺 Relic🌐 Monument!
161 - Temple! Trader! Musketman🔺 Relic🔮 Relic🔮
162 - Nationalism🎵 Reyna💼 Builder🔮 Trader🔮 Crossbowman💀
163 - Siege Tactics🧪 Barbarian encampment (+35 gold)🔥 Art museum💰 Sculpture👨 Settler📍
164 - Market! Bologna📍 Relic🔮 Arena! Apostle🔮 Varu💀 Sculpture👨
165 - Colonialism🎵 Sculpture👨 Holy site! Shrine💰 Temple💰 Settler🔮 Writing👨 Relic🔮
166 - Miguel de Cervantes👨 Madurai🏠 Builder🏠 Writing👨
167 - Ferdinand Magellan👨 Apostle🔮 Lighthouse! Writing👨
168 - Military Science🧪 Natural History🎵
169 - Jakob Fugger👨 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Builder💰 Theater square!
170 - Harbor! Workshop! Settler💰 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Jabalpur🏠 Builder🏠 Monument!
172 - 🏁Industrial Era (Golden Age - Hic Sunt Dracones) Industrialization🧪 Vilnius♟
173 - Metal Casting🧪 Taiyuan📍 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Denounced by Cyrus🔥
174 - Shipyard! Archaeological museum! University! Warangal🏠 Builder🏠 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Cuttack🏠 Builder🏠 Whales🎩
175 - Urbanization🎵 Harbor! Water mill! Monument!
176 - Economics🧪 Naval Tradition🎵 Forbidden City🏰 Industrial zone! Pike and shot🔺 Wuhan📍 Trader!
177 - Cultural Victory🏆

Spoiler Detailed build order :

  1. Patna🏠 (T1): Scout > Settler > Holy site > Slinger > Warrior > Archer > Warrior > Shrine > Granary > Settler € Builder > Settler > Government plaza > Ancestral hall > Settler > Temple F Apostle F Apostle F Apostle > Galley F Apostle > Galley F Apostle F Apostle > Apadana > Harbor F Apostle F Apostle > Lighthouse > Trader > Mont St. Michel € Shipyard F Builder F Trader F Missionary F Missionary > Saint Basil’s Chapel >> Grand Master’s Chapel
  2. Calcuta🏠 (T28): € Builder > Trader > Archer € Builder > Warrior > Holy site € Builder > Settler € Water mill > Settler > Shrine > Temple > Granary > Settler F Apostle > Harbor > Varu > Varu > Varu > Quadrireme > Lighthouse F Apostle > Trader > Catapult > Courser F Apostle > Theater square F Missionary F Missionary > Shipyard > Amphitheater
  3. Agra🏠 (T64): Monument > Theater square € Amphitheater > Encampment > Stable > Horseman > Varu > Harbor € Armory > Knight € Art museum > Lighthouse > Shipyard
  4. Delhi🏠 (T83): Granary > Campus > Spearman > Theater square € Amphitheater > Library > Art museum
  5. Hyderabad🏠 (T83): € Water mill > Monument > Granary > Theater square F Builder F Builder F Builder F Trader € Amphitheater > Commercial hub F Builder F Builder F Builder F Builder F Builder > Petra € Builder > Market > Archaeological museum > Archaeologist
  6. Srinagar🏠 (T87): € Monument € Granary € Builder > Theater square € Amphitheater € Builder > Ancient walls € Builder € Builder > Harbor > Lighthouse > Holy site € Shrine > Temple F Apostle > Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  7. Mysore🏠 (T92): € Spearman > Campus > Horseman > Harbor > Lighthouse
  8. Myriv📍 (T130): F Settler > Monument > Aqueduct > Water mill > Angkor Wat
  9. Chennai🏠 (T132): € Monument > Granary F Builder > Holy site € Shrine € Temple F Apostle F Missionary € Builder € Settler F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary > Harbor > Lighthouse
  10. Pazyryk📍 (T133): Repairs > Arena > Industrial zone > University
  11. Kostromskaya📍 (T135): Repairs > Monument > Barracks F Builder > Forbidden City > Holy site
  12. Pokrovka📍 (T138): Repairs > Amphitheater € Archaeological museum > Trader > Workshop > Archaeologist
  13. Kolar🏠 (T144): Monument > Holy site € Shrine € Temple F Settler > Theater square
  14. Ahmadabad🏠 (T150): € Monument > Harbor
  15. Xi’an📍 (T155): F Settler > Repairs > Water mill > Art museum
  16. Bologna📍 (T164): Repairs > University > Harbor
  17. Madurai🏠 (T166): Theater square
  18. Jabalpur🏠 (T170): Monument > Holy site
  19. Taiyuan📍 (T173): Repairs
  20. Warangal🏠 (T174): Monument > Trader > Holy site
  21. Cuttack🏠 (T174): Monument
  22. Wuhan📍 (T176): Repairs


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Mar 18, 2008
Helsinki, Finland
CV T300. Quite a challenging game. I decided early that it's not viable to get tourism from improvements nor really even from GWs, so I dedided to go IZ heavy and spam wonders. I got 16 altogether. Peaceful game, got one city with rebellion from Tomyris.


  • CHANDRAGUPTA 301 1860 AD.Civ6Save
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Aug 29, 2020
Certainly an interesting game, Turn 247 (HOF) Diplomatic Victory.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
I was on the fence about what VC I would go for. I knew with MC a CV would involve me conquering my entire continent, and getting monopolies up for insane tourism gains. This was nice, however when I saw the heavy desert right beside my cap, I decided to pivot to a diplomatic victory where it wouldn't require me to have incredible production or yields. I reckon this victory could be done much faster as a CV, but I didn't feel like conquering. Plus, the map forced me to play in a unique, interesting way.

The big event though that changed everything was when I planned for desert folklore work ethic cheese, but I see Gitarja had already selected it. This forced me to change a lot of my early builds and not go holy site heavy at the start.
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?
Frankly, this starting location was a struggle. Not much production around. Lake Retba was honestly just 2 useless tiles if it did not provide holy site adjacency. Lots of builders and getting settlers whenever possible. My capital mostly spent its time building itself up to build Mahabodhi Temple for +2 Diplo points. With such low production, lots of time was spent simply assuring I'd get a religion. It paid off, thankfully.
- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
Mostly focusing on Harbor tech and Cartography to meet all the civs (dont want to miss out on aid requests) for tech tree.
Civic tree was only important in providing Mahabodhi Temple and Statue of Liberty, those two were practically beelined.
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
To be realistic, not much at all. Only useful thing was +2 Missionary charges as those allowed to spread my religion for massive yields.
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
This might be my least amount of cities ever settled, but a meager 6 cities including my capital were ever founded. Just no good spots to settle at all.
- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
Builders and Holy Sites and Harbours were the main ones. Then wonders like Mahabodhi, Statue of Liberty, and Potala Palace were also important. Due to the game slogging up near the end, much of the time was spent doing city projects.
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
God of the sea. With no good land to expand to at all, I wanted more workable tiles so I made those fish tiles much, much better.
The religious beliefs changed my entire game. I started off with Work Ethic (the +4->8 production HS in my capital assured I would get Mahabodhi in time) and then Religious Colonization (probably a mistake, although saved me some faith in buying missionaries.)
Choosing World Church +1 Culture for every 4 followers was simply brilliant. I grew my cities tall so the population would be my religion and I used the +2missionary charges to help out with converting both the entirety of China and Scythia to my religion, despite Gitarja and Jayavarman's resistance. In total, ever since maybe Turn 80-90, I practically got an extra 40 culture to slingshot me across the civic tree and to get Statue of Liberty as quick as possible. Finally for my building I picked Pagodas for some extra diplo favour.
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
classical republic-theocracy-democracy. Theocracy benefitted me a lot as it helped me fight the religious war against Gitarja and Jayavarman and allowed me religious control over Scythia.
Wonder production cards were the most useful one, plus double holy site adjacency.

Due to the bad land, I actually went Audience Chamber, for once. I wasn't going to conquer and extra builders wont be helpful if i wasnt going to settle cities to get them.
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
Pingala helped, Liang improved the water land, and Amani got me an astounding 18 envoys with antananarivo when her ability to double envoys was activated.
Interestingly, despite Audience Chamber encouraging tall playstyle, I feel going wide with governors with it was better. I picked up all of them except Victor so I can get the amenities and housing in all my cities.
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
not really, just got alliances with everyone for the +1 diplo favour
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
went classical golden, normal medieval, golden renaissance, normal industrial, dark modern
- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
It didn't.
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
The final 60ish turns were a slog, but I guess that's what I signed up for when going for a diplo victory. The thin strip of liveable land was tough, but luckily I expanded the boundary by building a Petra city. Nothing was really too frustrating though, as I knew as soon as I picked up World Church and started spreading this game was already sealed pretty much.
- Did you enjoy your game?
Yes! Thanks for the game.

Screenshot 2023-01-01 220713.png


  • CHANDRAGUPTA 248 1685 AD.Civ6Save
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Mar 27, 2010
Opening Actions T105

Another great game seed guys! You killed it this holiday season!
Hammers? non-existent.
Expo opportunities? You'd kill to find a 2F/2H tile.
When all hope seems to be lost in what looks to be a miserable start and a slow game cadence amidst the dry desert, can the magnificent Chandragupta pull this start off?

Opened with scout into Settler. Then some units due to barb camp triggering.
I was first to meet Brussels and Antananarivo, but not the other CS on the continent. My general strategy for CV will be 100% monopolies, and no reliance on the RNG from Reliquaries as I learned the hard way from previous GOTM.

Around T40 it is clear an early war is necessary to get a decent entry into the Medieval Era. It was either China or Scythia. China was the clear target due to Brussels having the highest army avail. to levy, travel distance for reinforcements and theming coastal presence to the strategy I was aiming for.
Declared on China with 7 warriors initial army + 3 slingers and a warrior 8T away reinforcing. He already had 4 cities and his Cap was huge (pop 7 with walls!). It means we must be careful with loyalty and try to take 2 cities on the same turn and ideally establish 2 governors upon capture. In my game, I went ultra greedy and opted not to build GP in Cap, hoping to build one in China's cap given the greater adjacency potential. Before declaring I had open borders and looked for a perfect opportunity to strike. Once he had finished building the Pyramids, there was an opportunity as he had a barb camp north of his 2nd city (Handan) and sent 2 warriors to clear it. It had a 1Tile choke point, surrounded by a lake so I took positional advantage and split his army in 2. Gold purchased galley and 2 warriors worked on first city, the rest on second city. Captured both on same turn. With a little Governor micro, I had a repeating 4T window to take his Capital before the 2nd city kept flipping to loyalty. After flipping the 3rd time, I almost gave up provided my galleys got blocked by barbs to obtain a siege. However, with first Government I was able to get 3 envoys for 2 and have another levy army reinforce from Chinguetti. I let his 2nd city rebel and suicided Brussel's warriors as meatshields with the second levy army incoming and just marginally captured Chinas Cap. Around T65 I made peace as his last city will be used for a power spike shortly.
Behind all of this, first two cities prioritized holy sites and cap built 2 settlers whilst faith purchasing along the way. When city flips ensure you fix tiles to pillage again. In my case 3X for 1 gold mine and 1 quarry. Helped get an additional Settler.
Next priority: crappy tiles can be offset by beelining Industries. Although it meant no district discounts unfortunately.

Chandra's abilities can be greatly utilized in a hybrid balance of a faith + progressive domination in power spikes IMHO.
This means: First golden age: Monumentality. Used gold/faith to FP about 4 Settlers, help offset the lack of a settler production and war commitment.
Districts priority: Holy sites -> Harbors. it is clear this is a coastal only city game given the desert.
Next: Free inquiry as second Golden age. This times nicely as cities often are finishing the second district come Medieval Era. And the gold income is going to be a universal aid to help push city development faster and our war efforts.
I wanted to try and synergize Chanda as much as possible, and for the religion (Choral music was my first choice, but was already taken. So instead I opted for Jesuit (lack of production) helps expedite 3rd district buildings. Tithe as the gold generator and finally.. Crusade! With 5point Missionaries, I think Varus can be extended as relevant for a little longer, and allow to take cities in Medieval.

My strategy into Medieval was to utilize territorial expansion (left one of China's cities) and get a massive momentum towards Gitarja. She has 3 coastal cities and easily reached with the movement bonus. It would also eventually unlock another territorial casus belli against Scythia.

T100 I have 6 industries, 4 Varus hard built, religion spread to all cities, harbors coming online, shrines completing, first apostle purchased to get Crusade belief. Lumber mills where possible. The only downside - the world hates me and does not offer trades for my many luxes!
I declared on China and he immediately became SZ of Brussels and gave my travelling Varus some extra gold on route. GP Quadrireme and get ready to slot in the harbor bonus card. 3 Workers FP just before ending Monumentality. About to finish Warlord Throne before taking China's last city.

T102 Just realized Antananarivo has a massive upgraded army of 6 man-at-arms which I can not pass on and take levy of 1000G. Stashing 1 envy + 1 more on the way to safely stay SZ. Would not want to waste that gold and momentum! With help of pillaging (also China is SZ of Bologna and had a juicy harbor. It is an incredible power spike I was not planning for. Now I can wage 2 wars simultaneously with the movement bonus.
T105 The plan: Take dominance over my continent, tech monopolies reveal and aim to get the massive tourism bonus. Perhaps I will not have to build a single Theatre square!


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Aug 21, 2022
Console player, so just participating in spirit.

CV T218, Score 1101.

Probably one of my better Culture Victories. With so much desert about I rushed a religion and grabbed Desert Folklore and Work Ethic. The nice thing about India is you basically never have to worry about amenities if you plan a little carefully with your religion. Also went wide and used Religious Colonization and the culture boost for followers.

With work ethic, desert folklore, and Scripture, I was able to build a circle of wonders in my capital and plop a theater square in the center. I was getting 43 culture on that tile alone. I really started snowballing great writers early, and had a hard time building enough amphitheaters to keep up.

As soon as I found Caguana I grabbed suzerainity and built a ton of bateys, easy to get 5+ culture on those on an abundant map. I was slow on science so hadn't researched flight yet. That would have been a ton of tourism.

Just had one real culture contender, made the game last probably 20 turns longer. No wars declared the entire time. Two civs hated my guts, but never declared. Was almost going to skip this one since I played Chandra recently, but glad I didn't.:)

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Mar 27, 2010
CV T149

Forgot to submit this one. After conquering the rest of the continent, tried to get maximum monopolies and chopped theatre squares. Was able to get both water luxes monopolized: whales and amber., forgot the other ones now, but had over 1K Tourism boost. Flight came in too late. Not enough chops to attempt CV favoring wonders.


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