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Nov 26, 2016
Welcome to the 6otM151 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please attach your victory save to your post.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- Did you enjoy your game?

Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.


Nov 21, 2012
SV-247-1713 score pt
Settled 3 cities ,went for a fast religion(for crusaders) and encampments.
1 more mid game for oil
Early fake war with Congo(10 turns) for a wondering settler near my borders.
Started to conquered my neighbors as soon as I got impies armies .
England was the first casualty
France was my target as it was leading science .I spend the last 30 turn watching culture as I was at 6 turn of CV at one point.
Armies + converting cities kept me in all golden ages and loyalties.
Great Civ for waring
I had a blast
Thanks for the game


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Mar 27, 2010
DV T139

It was nice to build Statue of Zeus for a change. 3 early Campuses for fast UU, SoZ, took England before Corps. 3 Armies from there on; beelined Tanks to take out the last 3 Civs. Couldn't get ME to build railroads in time for Egypt. Surprised by only revealing 2 immediate improvable oil resources, had to delete my Arts. Pretty straightforward game, Ethiopia/Egypt as trading constants. Bad GP rolls. Decent first WC (lower prod. cost to build units; although also rolled +5 CS and as always AI picks melee. Countered by Alliance with Egypt and bribing her to declare on everyone to negate the -/+ 5CS). Given close proximity of all the Civs, decided for a DV instead.

Enjoyed playing Zulu as always, unique Civ. Thanks for the game.


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Aug 29, 2020
289 SV. Very fun game and map

i decided i was not in the mood to conquer some people at all. So I went turtle. This was my first deity level game post AI change patch, and they've improved a little.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
spam campuses and turtle up behind the mountains (even though conquering is the definite optimal strat, no doubt). Nothing really deterred me from my path, England was never aggressive and none of the other civs ever threatened a victory.
Despite being an old and arid map the land was pretty good and I was pretty isolated in comparison to England France Kongo and Ethiopia. This was probably the main thing that contributed to my win as the other civs were just in constant wars with one another. Kongo was down to 1 city in the first 50 turns.
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?
Campuses, and more campuses :mischief:
- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
this was basically playing a SV with no bonuses whatsoever since Shaka does not do much to help with SV if there is no conquering, so I went the normal route. Did pick up Bronze Working earlier to build an Ikanda for my classical golden age though.
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
they were a nice +8 era score.
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
settled to the plains hill two tiles NE of Mt Kilmanjaro. Early cities were settled along the river that borders England so I could secure the land for myself.
- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
I chose Divine Spark as there weren't really good options and i wanted a jump in the GS game.
Interestingly I got a great prophet from Exodus of the Evangelists but I never got around to building a holy site. So my Great Prophet was just sitting somewhere in my capital for many millenniums. I figured if he ever were to found a religion, it would have been wiped off the map fairly quickly.
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
classical republic-merchant republic-democracy-synthetic technocracy
went classical and merchant for the economic slots, and went Democracy for big production in my capital by trading with England. Picked up Synthetic Technocracy for the extra aluminum and power.
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
Pingala for the big boosts in science and culture, and Liang as she helped improve my land a lot with her strong builders.
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
Mainly chill with close neighbours. England's agenda meant i would never really have conflict with her. Kicked off a couple emergencies though as the AI would not back off from Fez and Taruga. However those were both on the other side of the map so i was relying on the other AI to complete emergencies against Egypt and France for me, which was not a recipe for success.
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
Gave me some nice yields.
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
Annoying barbarians, and France and Egypt wiping out Taruga and Fez. Could have shaved off tens of turns at least if both scientific CS were alive.
- Did you enjoy your game?
yes, great map, and i liked the civs in the game. england, france, and the rest of africa :lol:


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Aug 21, 2022
Console player here, so just participating in spirit. Score 1887 and turn 296 SV. My map had John Curtin on it so he snowballed science early. Managed to catch up late and managed to launch exo at the same time as him by using spies to slow him down. Launched several stations and eked out the win.


Aug 22, 2011
The Netherlands
Science Victory, T230, Score 2707, 45 h

Wow! What a game!

Seeing Shaka has no special bonuses for a Science victory and given the Pangea map, I decided to try go on a conquest to exploit Zulu war bonuses and use the Deity AI developed cities to push my science. Identifying the Corps and Army bonuses as my most relevant advantages, I decided to focus early on culture and beeline Mercenaries then Nationalism.

Early game
Settled the hills for extra production and to avoid the tundra. Went after Bronze Working for early Ikandas and to discover Iron. Thinking on an early war, I went with early builders to get the Apoge card soon, but this made a bit difficult to get the Iron Working boost as I was not facing enough barbarians due to only the initial warrior and scout. This lack of initial units and the difficulties to explore with so many tight places full of mountains and hills costed me the Classical era boost which ended being a normal one. So no Monumentality Classical Era.

My second city went to the east where land seemed better and to approach Victoria, but due to uncontrolled barbarians, third and fourth settlers I sent west, which probably was not the best option, but I would have had to delay settling otherwise. With 4 cities on the go, I switched to war mode, with Apoge, and started to build warriors, slingers and some spearmen hopping to raise their experience for impi.

Victoria had dozens of units around her land and had walls already, I think this is because she was soon at war with Mvemba. It made me doubt of my strategy, but already had a little army and my expansion without Monumentality would have been difficult. Decided to try my luck by sending the army past Victoria. It was a slog to move my warriors and archers through the mountain ranges with so many of her units in the middle. Some turns I had to just sit and wait. A total pain. There was no luck on finding a path to Mvembe's lands who was at bad relation with me. But found a path to Menelik who had no walls on his cities! Also, Catherine offered me 124 gold, 32 gold/turn and all her horses to war him. Deal taken.

Found Kumasi, suzerained it and used its warriors and archers to take southernmost Menelik city on T73, Sodo, and advance north over Lalibela were I was halted by chariots and catapults. Meanwhile my army at the north was unsuccessful on my attempts to conquer Adwa as a catapult was pushing me away. There was then a pivotal moment that decided the war. While I was on this, Victoria was destroying poor Cardiff. The city state's archers destroyed all her melee but an English catapult took down the walls and all of the city life. My two warriors that happened to be next by, healing from the Ethiopian catapults, offered an alternative, and in a swift move that changed my luck, there was war with Cardiff and a one round conquest. Moved Victor with the Commander promotion over the city, and thanks to Isibongo, I managed to retain the city.

Suffered an emergency war for Sodo from Catherine and Menelik on T89.

With a base on the Ethiopian valley now, I could heal and improve my warriors to swordsmen as I entered a Monumentality Medieval Era. With this power, a couple early Great Generals from my Ikandas, and reinforcements arriving from the north, Adigrat T96 and Adwa T99 finally fell giving me my first corps. The two corps swordsmen would give me the definitive advantage to snowball from there on.

Captura de pantalla de 2023-01-21 21-13-26.png

Finished with 56 cities. 16 funded (6 settlers built at the capital, 1 late settler from barbarians, and 4 bought with faith), 2 loyalty turned and 38 conquered.

Captura de pantalla de 2023-01-29 14-27-37.png

Diplomacy and war
The war with Menelik continued with success, finally breaking through the south and joining my armies on the final conquest of Addis Ababa (T110) which required a gold bought siege tower. This happened as my explorations lead me to circumnavigate the globe.

Next, I moved my troops through Kumasi and the southern coast into Mvemba's territory, which was lightly defended and posed little challenge with men-at-arms and impis taking the Ethiopian territory with the help of a siege tower (northern branch) and two catapults from Kumasi (southern branch). Mbanza Kongo fell on T126.

Then went over Catherine. The southern coast cities had some difficulties but I managed, taking Avignon T151 and reaching Paris outskirts.

My science was very poor. I had relied in Ikandas' science and eurekas to keep up in technology, but by this time, Catherine, who was leading in science, had around 15 more techs than me, and her attacks were very harmful even for my corpses (I even lost a Knight corps). Noticing Marseille and Paris had Renaissance walls, I decided to conclude the war, accept some gold, and try to reduce grievances while I set my eyes somewhere else, and wait for my science to recover with Ethiopian campuses repairs and some new ones in home territory.

All this time I had friendship with Victoria, Cleopatra, Dido and Amanitore, which provided with gold and fruitful trade. But I was planning to engage Victoria and the time was approaching. I did not renew alliance with her.

Problem was she had Renaissance walls too and had blocked me from Kumasi suzerainty so I could not rely on the city state siege units (nice move there Vicky). Thus, I traced a plan gathering back to the west my trebuchets, upgrading them to bombards and the men-at-arms to line infantries. While I was setting up a new army at the north and bringing the eastern one to Victoria's southern lands, a barbarian outpost went crazy in between our lands, which required attention before it could go even worse.
Captura de pantalla de 2023-01-22 21-58-32.png

With the barbarian problem solved, I noticed one of Victoria's cities had Medieval walls. Thus, I setup my troops to attack Newcastle Upon Tyne from the south, while a courser corps ran through her cities on the first turn of war, blocking her north supply lines and putting the city on siege. It took me 4 turns to bring down the city with a single tile from where I could attack, but Newcastle Upon Tyne fell, giving me a passage to storm London from the south with my first army, while the second one attacked from the north. I left Victoria with two cities for I did not want too much grievances with the other leaders.

With Victoria almost done, I walked east once more, and went over Catherine to end her and capture Marseille and Paris that were great cities and were causing loyalty pressure on my conquests. It was tough but with better technology now, I managed to get Paris on T191, blessing Zulu lands with the Colisseum, Oxford University, Machu Pichu, Etemenanki and the Great Library.

After this, I went after Amanitore and Dido, which were easy walkovers as I had already military and technological advantage (and even bombers in Dido's case). Initially I planned to leave Dido, but it kind of enraged me she would not want to sign another alliance with me.

I had to pay an eye to the religion war for Cleopatra had been converting all cities, but this was the end of my wars and by this time I had all the campuses I needed for the victory and so I begun focusing on the end game. It was impossible to strike alliance with Cleopatra again once this one ended, problem of so much warmongering, but alas, I had no plan to go after her for she was my cultural champion (to avoid Culture Victory) and I kept feeding her with great works while it was possible.

In retrospective, I think I would have done better to stop war after conquering Paris. The rest of the cities took too long to repair, and aside from a couple good campuses from Amanitore and the Forbidden City from Dido, there was not much to gain for me from those wars. I could have used the focus elsewhere and maintained better trade relations for more gold. On the other hand that might have ended with a cultural victory, so maybe it was ok.

Technology and Civics
Focused on getting early Ikanda and spearmen and beelined for Impi afterwards with some stop to get Swordsmen, which was the key unit on my first conquest and the technology that really turned things to build my empire.

On Civics, I focused on Mercenaries for Corps, and then beelined Nationalism.

Pantheon: Fire Goddess, for early faith on the Kilimanjaro and geothermal fissures (in the long run I think Earth Goddess is better with so many mountains, but I think it was not available at the time).
Religion: Ignored completely religion, focusing on Ikanda's instead of Holy sites. In fact I only researched Astrology in T203.
At some point I bought some apostles and missionaries to push back Cleopatra as she was the only one with a religion left and had converted a great chunk of my empire.

Addis Ababa and Lalibella had fully developed holy sites, and I avoided raiding them because I did not had the technology (and used my time to raid the campuses instead). They were my main source of faith through a good part of the game.

The Kilimanjaro natural wonder was the most important feature allowing for early powerful growth. The other natural wonders were not meaningful.

As for wonders, built Petra, Kilwa Kisiwani, Potala Palace and Colosus. Only the Potala Palace was really meaningful, which I choped in a conquered city and used it to slot Colonial Taxes for great production and revenue in my conquered provinces.

A lot of conquered wonders, the most relevant for an end game push: Forbidden Palace, Coliseum, Machu Pichu, Great Library and Oxford University. An early conquered Hanging Gardens also had impact in growth I believe, which is science in the end.

Leader and Civ bonuses
It was clear for me this was a war leader and it was raiding and conquest what would give me a good science victory here. The early corps and the free corps on city conquest were the most useful bonuses by far, and what gave me a lead to win more scientifically developed civilizations.

The Ikanda is also a great district, with its fast construction, you can focus early on in war, for it gives you a bit of all you need, housing for growth, gold to maintain your units, and science to keep up with tech.

The impi were kind of ok but not worth it. I failed to get Statue of Zeus, but anyway, I felt my melee and cavalry units were contributing more, and the impi got obsoleted too fast for them to be a thing.

Monopolies and Corporations
I did not worry too much on obtaining monopolies and building corporations for I knew eliminating rivals would keep me from having too much tourism.

Posed a lot of trouble. Early on will force me to switch settling targets. Then I had a couple outposts in the northern snow that become pretty dangerous and forced me to deviate units there. Also one to the southwest menaced my coastal city and required a lot of effort buying an archer and a galley.

Later on I had that one in between Victoria and Menelik's valley that become crazy mad producing line infantries almost every turn. It was very dangerous but managed it by defending in rainforest hills with a man-at-arms corps and a general.

From there on, everything ok.

Final state
My end game priorities for cities development was to build Research labs everywhere, with a few museums for culture if the AI had a Theater square. Then I went after Entertainment complexes to ensure positive amenities to boost late game science and production, and Commercial Hubs with markets for coin (to buy Spaceports) and extra trade routes to focus production on Spaceport cities. Also some Industrial zones here and there were good adjacency was available and to power all the research labs and spaceport cities.

Hard built 3 spaceports and bought 3. Although all of the launch projects and most of the laser stations were on the capital built one powered by trade routes, the two bought in London and Addis Ababa also considerably contributed with 3 laser stations each.

After the Mars Colony launch, I took a pause to build the Royal Society at the capital, for I did not had the chance. Then started to build builders in most cities, and traders in the farthest ones.

In the end I invested a lot of time on this game, as I had a lot of units to move through a lot of choke points, had a lot of cities to plan, and more than once had to switch targets and move my units in different directions. But it was worth and a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for the game!

Captura de pantalla de 2023-01-29 14-29-42.png Captura de pantalla de 2023-01-29 14-29-33.png

Spoiler Full log :

1 - 🏁Ancient Era; Oceania🗾 Kilimanjaro🗻
3 - Ulundi🏠
4 - Antananarivo🌐
7 - Scout! Nuna🗾
10 - Victoria🌐
12 - Code of Laws🎵
13 - Mining🧪
14 - Zanzibar🌐
15 - Builder!
16 - Mvemba🌐
17 - Mu🗾
19 - Village (state workforce) Catherine🌐
21 - Craftsmanship🎵 Africa🗾
22 - Settler!
23 - Denounced by Mvemba🔥
24 - Menelik🌐
25 - Kwadukuza🏠
27 - Foreign Trade🎵 Builder!
28 - Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
29 - Warrior!
31 - Slinger! Trader💰
32 - Bronze Working🧪
33 - Animal Husbandry🧪
36 - State Workforce🎵 Magnus💼
37 - Village (+20 faith)
38 - Cardiff🌐
40 - Monument!
42 - Ikanda!
43 - Masonry🧪
44 - Early Empire🎵 Provision (Magnus)💼
45 - Monument!
46 - Builder!
47 - 🏁Classical Era (Free Inquiry)
48 - Wheel🧪 Ngazagarmu🌐
49 - Settler!
50 - Political Philosophy🎵 Classical republic🏛
51 - Settler! Village (+exp)
52 - Military Tradition🎵 Ikanda! Oligarchy🏛
53 - Village (+40 gold)
54 - Warrior! Slinger! Ondini🏠 Water mill💰 Johannesburg🌐
55 - Pottery🧪
56 - Archery🧪 Spearman! Pantheon (Fire Goddess)🔮 Kumasi🌐 Umgungundlovu🏠
57 - Village (+1 pop)
58 - Spearman! Warrior! Jerusalem🌐
59 - Granary💰
60 - Village (Builder)
61 - Mysticism🎵
63 - Horseback Riding🧪 Barracks! Amanitore🌐 Dido🌐
65 - Monument! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Granada🌐
66 - Government plaza! Victor💼
67 - Sahara el Beyda🗻 Kumasi♟ Kumasi💰 Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
68 - War against Menelik with Catherine and Victoria⚔ Unmet city state💀
69 - Drama and Poetry🎵 Monument! Stable💰 Jerusalem💀
70 - Construction🧪 Games and Recreation🎵
71 - Sun Tzu👨 Archer💰 Warrior💀
72 - Sailing🧪 Military Training🎵 Galley💰 Antananarivo♟ Slinger💀
73 - Archer! Sodo📍 Monument💰
74 - Builder!
75 - Ancestral hall! Garrison commander (Victor)💼
76 - Builder💰
77 - War to Cardiff⚔ Cardiff📍 Cardiff💀
78 - Iron Working🧪 Horseman!
79 - Village (scout) Builder💰
80 - Writing🧪
81 - Defensive Tactics🎵 Liang💼 Swordsman🔺
82 - Ndondakusuka🏠 Builder🏠
83 - Heavy chariot! Granary💰 Peace with Menelik🕊
84 - Currency🧪 Granary! Water mill💰
86 - Hannibal Barca👨 Nobamba🏠 Builder🏠 Settler!
87 - 🏁Medieval Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Archer💰 Cleopatra🌐 Met all civilizations🌍
88 - Irrigation🧪 Swordsman🔺 Heavy chariot💀
89 - Received emergency war from Catherine and Menelik for Sodo⚔ Writing🌐
90 - Feudalism🎵 Water mill💰 Ancient walls! Ancient walls!
91 - Swordsman🔺 Heavy chariot!
92 - Campus! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
93 - Mathematics🧪 Spearman! Theater square! Chinguetti🌐
94 - Spearman💀
95 - Monument!
96 - Mercenaries🎵 Granary! Spearman! Adigrat📍 Monument💰 Nodwengu🏠 Builder🏠
97 - Kumasi💰
98 - Village (+60 faith)
99 - Adwa📍
100 - Military Tactics🧪 Theology🎵 Monument💰
101 - Ikanda! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Lake Retba🗻
102 - Engineering🧪
103 - Recorded History🎵 Amani💼 Campus! Swordsman🔺 Impi🔺 Impi🔺 Impi🔺 Mogadishu🌐
104 - Axum📍 Great Bath📍 Hanging Gardens📍
105 - Settler! Horseman**! Water mill! Lalibela📍 Trader💀
106 - Civil Service🎵 Impi🔺 Archer🔺
107 - Machinery🧪 Siege tower💰
108 - Apprenticeship🧪 Granary! Barracks!
109 - Settler🔮 Settler!
110 - Stirrups🧪 Circumnavigation🌍 Addis Ababa📍 Menelik💀
111 - Divine Right🎵 Johannesburg♟ Crossbowman🔺 Crossbowman🔺 Crossbowman🔺 Campus! Nongoma🏠 Builder🏠 Builder🔮 Monarchy🏛
112 - El Cid👨 Village (+20 favor) Monument!
113 - Library! Horseman**! Horseman**💀
114 - Medieval Faires🎵 Pingala💼 Man-at-arms**🔺 Man-at-arms**🔺 Man-at-arms**🔺 Builder🔮 Bulawayo🏠 Builder🏠 Kwahlomenlini🏠 Builder🏠 Scout💀
115 - Education🧪 Commercial hub! Victoria (cultural)🚩 Dido (militar)🚩 Cleopatra (research)🚩 Joint war against Mvemba with Dido⚔ Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Man-at-arms🔺
116 - Builder! Builder🔮 Water mill! Monument!
117 - Ngazagarmu♟ Diplomatic quarter! Mbwila📍
118 - Industrial zone! Builder🔮
119 - Won Emergency War🛡 Mbumbi📍
120 - Guilds🎵 Commercial hub! Connoisseur (Pingala)💼 Campus!
121 - Knight**!
122 - Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Ilkanda!
123 - Zhang Qian👨 Bakavu📍 Village (+120 gold)
124 - Diplomatic Service🎵 Builder🔮 Market! Aqueduct! Amphitheater!
125 - Castles🧪 Monument💰
126 - Military Engineering🧪 Foreign ministry! Grants (Pingala)💼 Library! Market! Jerusalem♟ Mbanza Kongo📍 Mvemba💀 Builder🔮 Barracks!
127 - 🏁Renaissance Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Banking🧪 Humanism🎵 Builder🔮 Man-at-arms**🔺
128 - Campus! Knight🔺 Courser🔺
129 - Campus! Aqueduct!
130 - Mercantilism🎵 Trader! Library!
131 - Trader!
132 - Gunpowder🧪 The Enlightenment🎵 Armory! Campus! Aqueduct! University💰 Trader🔮
133 - University! Water mill! Trader🔮
134 - Printing🧪 Astronomy🧪 Library! Library!
135 - Campus! Monument! Trebuchet💰 University!
136 - Scientific Theory🧪 Trebuchet! Trebuchet! Aqueduct!
137 - Metal Casting🧪 Ibn Fadlan👨 Amboise📍
138 - Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Industrial zone! Workshop💰 Campus!
139 - Campus! Archer💀
140 - Nationalism🎵 Researcher (Pingala)💼 Campus! Courser**🔺 Musketman**🔺 Pike and shot**🔺 Skirmisher🔺
141 - Workshop! Library! Tsingy de Bemaraha🗻
142 - Jeanne d’Arc👨 Bombard🔺 Library!
143 - Commercial hub! Pike and shot🔺 Rouen📍
144 - Bombard**🔺 Amphitheater! Reyna💼
145 - Aqueduct! Campus! Ikanda!
146 - Sanitation🧪 Petra🏰 Library! Galley💰
147 - Shipbuilding🧪 Colonialism🎵 Charles Darwin👨 University!
148 - Buttress🧪 University! Campus! Library! Knight**💀
149 - Siege Tactics🧪 Settler🔮 Bank!
150 - Military Science🧪 Economics🧪 Barracks! Bank💰 Tea🎩
151 - Crossbowman**! Library! Avignon📍
152 - Ikanda!
153 - University! Entertainment complex! Crossbowman! Granary💰
154 - Settler🔮 Peace with Catherine🕊 Amanitore (cultural)🚩
155 - Cartography🧪 Sewer! Library! Library! Settler🔮
156 - Square Rigging🧪 Naval Tradition🎵 Library! Monument💰 Line infantry**🔺 Line infantry***🔺
157 - Mass production🧪 Industrialization🧪 Replaceable Parts🧪 Spy! Barracks! Library! Line infantry***🔺 Builder🔮 Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
158 - Jakob Fugger👨 University! Military engineer Knight***!
159 - Amphitheater! Entertainment complex! Commercial hub! Jade🎩
160 - Granary! Skirmisher💀
161 - Ballistics🧪 Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy👨 Market! Writing👨 Writing👨 University! Granary! Field cannon🔺 Field cannon🔺
162 - University! Taruga♟ Field cannon🔺 Writing👨 Hlobane🏠 Builder🏠 Builder🔮
163 - Military academy! Consulate! Builder🔮 Builder💰
164 - Steam Power🧪 Natural History Portsmouth📢 Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Builder! Arena! Campus! Archaeological museum! Khangela🏠 Builder🏠 Emangweni🏠 Builder🏠 Joint war against Victoria with Cleopatra, Dido and Amanitore⚔ Denounced by Catherine🔥
165 - Chemistry🧪 Urbanization🎵 Arena! Art museum! Market! Privateer💰 University! Johannesburg💰 Ironclad🔺
166 - Rifling🧪 Builder! Spy! Monument! Monument! Ranger***💰
167 - 🏁Industrial Era (Dark Age - Heartbeat of Steam) AT crew🔺 Industrial zone!
168 - Steel🧪 Mobilization🎵 Moksha💼 Factory! University! Cavalry! Newcastle Upon Tyne📍 Monument💰 Granary💰 Ikanda! Campus! AT crew🔺
169 - Rani Lakshmibai👨 Granary!
170 - Hydomous Bosch👨 Military academy! Bombard***💰
171 - Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Library! Builder! Pike and shot**💀
172 - Mimbar Sinan👨 London📍 Statue of Zeus📍 Oracle📍 Industrial zone! Courser💀
173 - Flight🧪 Zhou Daguan👨 University! Barracks! Neighborhood! Monument💰 Granary💰
174 - Conservation🎵 Naturalist🔮 Sugar🎩 Military academy! Monument💰 Settler💀
175 - Library! University!
176 - Refining🧪 Coal power plant! Ulundi🌄 Naturalist🔮 Workshop! Zoo! Bombard**! Mbanza Nsundi📍
177 - Radio🧪 Kilwa Kisiwani🏰 Neighborhood! University! West Ulundi🌄 Barbarian encampment (+80 gold)🔥
178 - Mass Media🎵 Space initiative (Pingala)💼 University!
179 - Albert Einstein👨 University!
180 - Aqueduct!
181 - Rocketry🧪 Potala Palace🏰 Research lab! Entertainment complex! Aqueduct! Stoke-Upon-Trent📍 University of Sankore📍 Peace with Victoria🕊 Builder💰 Builder💰
182 - Research lab! Aerodrome! Naturalist🔮 Joint Territorial War against Catherine with Cleopatra⚔
183 - José de San Martín👨 Builder! Builder! Builder! Library!
184 - Electricity🧪 Ideology🎵 Privateer💰 Arena! Cardiff🌄 Entertainment complex! Research lab! Water mill! Field cannon💀
185 - Builder! Research lab! Archaeological museum! Campus! Water mill!
186 - Advanced Flight🧪 Marseille📍 Temple of Artemis📍 Oxford University📍 Granary!
187 - University! Aqueduct! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
188 - Totalitarism🎵 Artillery***🔺 Arena! Stock exchange! Cavalry**🔺 Medic🔺 Fascism🏛
189 - Satellites🧪 Commercial hub! Library! Research lab! Arena! Commercial hub!
190 - Computers🧪 Naturalist🔮 Trader💰
191 - Combustion🧪 Victoria and Catherine declare Emergency war for Mbanza Nsundi⚔ Zoo! Research lab! Commercial hub! Neighborhood! Paris📍 Colosseum📍 Etemenanki📍 Machu Pichu📍 Great Library📍 Ranger**!
192 - Plastics🧪 Cold War🎵 Mogadishu♟ Market! Stock exchange! Trader! Monument! Water park! Ikanda!
193 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe👨 Writing👨 Trader!
194 - Synthetic Materials🧪 John Jakob Astor👨 Erwin Shrödinger👨 Trader! Research lab! Market! Writing👨
195 - Combined Arms🧪 Rapid Deployment🎵 Archaeologist! Tank**💰 Tank**💰 Tank🔺 Factory! Barracks! Granary! Artifact🏺 Nantes📍 Gypsum🎩 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne🌄
196 - Composites🧪 Factory! Builder! Workshop! University! Campus! Builder💰
197 - Nanotechnology🧪 Spaceport! Broadcast center! Amphitheater! Aqueduct! Rheims📍 Chichen Itza📍 Granary💰 Peace with Catherine🕊 Eye of the Sahara🗻
198 - Space Race🎵 Research lab! Commercial hub! Builder! Research lab! University! Research lab!
199 - James Watt👨 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart👨 University! Barracks! Territorial joint war with Catherine against Amanitore⚔ Bomber💰 Research lab! Water mill! Rock band🔮
200 - Builder! Music👨 Industrial zone! Workshop👨 Factory👨 Research lab! Coal power plant! Monument💰 Crossbowman**💀
201 - Advanced AI🧪 Research lab! Naturalist🔮 Music👨
202 - Launch Earth satellite! Rembrandt👨 Arena! Workshop! Kawa📍 Sewer💰 Bulawayo🌄 Painting👨
203 - Telecommunications🧪 Astrology🧪 Research lab! Commercial hub! Library! Faras📍 Granary💰 Monument💰
204 - Advanced Ballistics🧪 Celestial Navigation🧪 Globalization🎵 Harbormaster (Reyna)💼 Trader💰 Military academy! Research lab! Naturalist🔮 Research lab! Industrial zone! Armory! Oil power plant! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Napata📍 Jebel Barkal📍 Pyramids📍 Monument💰
205 - Nuclear Fission🧪 Class Struggle🎵 Marina Raskova👨 Armory! Market! Commercial hub! Newcastle-Upon-Tyne East🌄 Communism🏛
206 - Lasers🧪 Ikanda! Manchester📍 Mary Leakey👨 Research lab! Market! Builder! Meroë📍 Apadana📍 Terracotta Army📍 Sewer💰 Sewer💰
207 - 🏁Modern Era (Heroic Age - Heartbeat of Steam, Hic Sunt Dracones, To Arms!) Nuclear Fusion🧪 Professional Sports🎵 Defeated Victoria💀 Flood barrier! Research lab! Market! Zoo!
208 - Guidance Systems🧪 Robotics🧪 Adam Smith👨 Factory! Commercial hub! Industrial zone! Trader! Military academy💰 Specs Ops**💰 Factory! El-Kurru📍
209 - Temple! Ferris wheel! Settler! Nuri📍 Builder📍 Mogadishu💰
210 - Smart Materials🧪 Social Media🎵 Optimization Imperative🎵 Launch Moon landing! Kerma📍 Contractor (Reyna)💼 Spaceport💰 Oil power plant! Market! Barracks! Heh🔥 Peace with Amanitore🕊
211 - Predictive Systems🧪 Cultural Heritage🎵 Alexander Pushkin👨 Builder! Research lab! Trader! Trader! Bomber! Water mill! Neighborhood! Water park! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Joint Golden Age war against Dido with Cleopatra⚔ Specs Ops***🔺 Helicopter***🔺
212 - Seasteads🧪 Environmentalism🎵 Builder! Ikanda! Oil power plant! University! Granary! Synthetic Technocracy🏛 Isiphezi🏠 Builder🏠 Monument💰 Water mill💰 Granary💰
213 - Future Governance🎵 Aqueduct! Royal Society! Harbor! Trader! Chinguetti♟ Laying of off hands (Moksha)💼 Citadel of God (Moksha)💼 Oil power plant! Campus! Industrial zone! Research lab! Kty📍
214 - Advanced Power Cells🧪 Exodus Imperative🎵 Zoo! Synagogue! Barracks! Ada Lovelace👨 Monument! Biruta📍
215 - Offworld Mission🧪 Smart Power Doctrine🎵 Lighthouse! Military academy! Builder! Bank! Market! Builder! Research lab!
216 - Future Tech🧪 Stealth Technology🧪 Global Warming Mitigation🎵 Samori Toure👨 Ugarit📍 Stonehenge📍 Forbidden City📍 Stock exchange! Market! Commercial hub! Ferris wheel! Builder! Builder💰 Zoo! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Builder📍 Shrine💰 Temple💰 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮
217 - Mpinda📢 Builder! Research lab! Campus! Library! University! Monument! Trader! Builder📍 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Apostle🔮 Village (cybernetics)
218 - Future Tech🧪 Future Civic🎵 Reformed Church🎵 Launch Mars colony! Won military emergency🔥 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Harbor! Trader! Military engineer! Entertainment complex! Market! Research lab! Monument! Monument! Village (relic) Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Apostle🔮
219 - Stock exchange! Bank! Builder! Builder! Harbor! Granary! Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Settler📍
220 - Future Tech🧪 Builder! Armory! Stadium! Chancery! Trader! Granary! Aynook📍 Tyre📍 Sidon📍 Byblos📍 Monument💰 Granary💰 Monument💰 Water mill💰 Defeated Dido💀 Relic👨
221 - Cybernetics🧪 Launch Exoplanet expedition! Builder! Spaceport💰 Naturalist🔮 Lighthouse! Builder! Arena! Builder! Commercial hub! Granary! Research lab! Eziqwaqweni🏠 Builder🏠
222 - Future Tech🧪 Colossus🏰 Water mill! Comet (modern armor) Research lab! Aquarium! Bank! Builder! Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥 Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
223 - Future Civic🎵 Launch Lagrange laser station! Sarah Breedlove👨 John Monash👨 Market! Trader! Stock exchange! Zoo! Trader! Trader! Granary! Surplus logistics (Magnus)💼 Monument!
224 - Future Tech🧪 Launch Lagrange laser station! Granary! Janaki Ammal👨 Monument! Truffles🎩 Aqueduct! Granary! Lighthouse! Builder! Builder! Builder📍
225 - Launch Lagrange laser station! Launch Lagrange laser station! Stadium! Builder! Builder! Trader! Entertainment complex! Trader!
226 - Future Tech🧪 Future Civic🎵 Launch Lagrange laser station! Naturalist🔮 Spaceport! Trader! Builder! Builder! Bank! Armory! Industrialist (Magnus)💼
227 - Bordeaux📢 Paris🌄 Builder! Zoo! Builder! Trader! Market! University! Missionary🔮 Settler📍 Barbarian encampment (+30 gold)🔥
228 - Launch Lagrange laser station! Launch Lagrange laser station! Builder! Builder! Builder! Builder! Spaceport💰
229 - Future Tech🧪 Launch Lagrange laser station! Builder! Builder! Spaceport! Arena! Builder! Trader! Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Holy site!
230 - Future Civic🎵 Launch Lagrange laser station! Launch Lagrange laser station! Launch Lagrange laser station! Build Terrestrial laser station! Builder! Trader! Builder! Research lab! Bank! Temple! Shrine! Vertical integration (Magnus)💼 Missionary🔮 Missionary🔮 Builder!
231 - Science Victory🏆

Spoiler City build order :

  1. Ulundi🏠 (T3): Scout > Builder > Settler > Builder > Warrior > Slinger € Trader > Spearman > Monument > Ikanda > Builder > Settler > Settler > Slinger > Spearman > Spearman > Barracks > Government plaza € Granary > Ancestral hall € Builder € Granary > Settler > Heavy chariot > Spearman > Builder > Campus > Settler > Library > Settler > Industrial zone > Foreign ministry > University > Trebuchet > Workshop > Armory > Crossbowman** > Sewer > Military engineer > Military academy € Ranger*** > Factory > Neighborhood F Naturalist > Coal power plant F Naturalist > Research lab € Trader € Ranger** > Spaceport > Launch Earth satellite > Royal Society € Builder > Launch Moon landing > Launch Mars colony > Launch Exoplanet expedition > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station
  2. Kwadukuza🏠 (T25): Warrior > Monument > Ikanda > Warrior > Warrior € Stable > Water mill > Archer > Horseman > Heavy chariot > Campus > Spearman > Horseman** > Granary > Horseman** > Knight** > Library > Armory € University > Trebuchet > Commercial hub > Knight*** > Market > Military academy € Bombard*** > Bombard** > Entertainment complex > Arena > Zoo > Trader > Trader € Tank** € Tank** > Research lab > Spaceport > Build Terrestrial laser station
  3. Ondini🏠 (T54): € Water mill > Monument > Builder € Archer > Ancient walls > Granary > Settler > Campus > Commercial hub > Market F Builder > Library > Bank > University > Entertainment complex > Arena > Zoo > Aqueduct > Builder > Stock exchange > Research lab > Builder > Builder > Stadium > Builder > Builder > Builder
  4. Umgungundlovu🏠 (T56): € Granary > Monument € Archer € Galley > Ancient walls > Theater square > Petra > Entertainment complex F Settler F Settler > Amphitheater > Arena > Neighborhood > Archaeological museum > Broadcast center > Builder > Zoo > Harbor > Lighthouse > Colossus > Builder > Builder
  5. Sodo📍 (T73): € Monument € Builder > Granary € Water mill € Builder > Commercial hub > Ilkanda > Market > Barracks > Trader F Trader > Campus F Settler € Bank > Library > Big Ben > Stock exchange > University > Armory > Repairs € Military academy € Specs Ops** > Builder > Research lab > Trader > Trader > Builder > Military engineer
  6. Cardiff📍 (T77): Repairs € Water mill > Builder F Builder F Builder > Campus > Library > University > Spy > Builder > Builder F Naturalist > Builder > Research lab > Industrial zone > Ikanda > Barracks > Commercial hub > Market > Builder > Builder > Builder
  7. Ndondakusuka🏠 (T82): Monument > Ikanda > Barracks > Statue of Zeus > Campus > Water mill > Terracotta army > Armory > Library € Military engineer > University > Military academy > Builder > Research lab > Trader > Builder > Aqueduct > Commercial hub > Market > Trader > Trader > Trader > Builder > Builder > Builder > Builder > Builder > Builder
  8. Nobamba🏠 (T86): Water mill F Settler > Diplomatic quarter € Monument > Industrial zone € Workshop > Aqueduct > Ikanda > Barracks > Consulate > Campus > Library > University > Entertainment complex > Arena > Factory > Oil power plant € Sewer > Research lab > Zoo > Chancery > Granary > Stadium
  9. Adigrat📍 (T96): € Monument > Water mill > Campus > Library > University > Research lab > Commercial hub > Market > Trader > Builder > Bank > Builder
  10. Nodwengu🏠 (T96): € Monument F Builder > Aqueduct > Campus > Library > University > Granary > Industrial zone > Research lab > Commercial hub > Market > Workshop > Builder > Spaceport > Build Terrestrial laser station
  11. Adwa📍 (T99): Repairs > Campus > Aqueduct > Library > University > Commercial hub > Market > Research lab > Ikanda > Barracks > Industrial zone G Workshop G Factory > Armory > Oil power plant > Military academy > Bank > Stock exchange > Builder > Builder > Builder
  12. Axum📍 (T104): Repairs > Amphitheater > Trader > Campus > Library > Builder > University > Aerodrome > Research lab € Bomber > Bomber > Harbor > Lighthouse > Builder > Builder
  13. Lalibela📍 (T105): Repairs > Campus > Courser > Cavalry > Granary > Library > University > Research lab > Ikanda > Barracks > Water mill > Builder > Trader F Apostle > Trader > Builder > Builder > Builder
  14. Addis Ababa📍 (T110): Repairs > University > Aqueduct > Amphitheater > Crossbowman > Art museum > Industrial zone > Workshop > Builder > Research lab > Factory > Coal power plant € Sewer > Commercial hub > Market > Neighborhood > Bank F Apostle F Apostle F Apostle F Apostle F Missionary F Missionary > Stock exchange > Builder > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station
  15. Nongoma🏠 (T111): Monument > Campus > Library > University > Entertainment complex > Arena > Research lab > Settler > Aqueduct > Builder > Builder > Builder > Builder
  16. Bulawayo🏠 (T114): Monument F Trader € Builder > Kilwa Kisiwani > Campus > Library F Naturalist > University F Naturalist > Flood barrier > Harbor > Lighthouse > Water park
  17. Kwahlomenlini🏠 (T114): Monument > Campus > Library > University > Water park > Ferris wheel > Research lab > Harbor
  18. Mbwila📍 (T117): Repairs > Monument > Library > University > Ikanda > Barracks > Aqueduct > Commercial hub > Industrial zone > Research lab > Market > Bank > Trader > Builder > Builder
  19. Mbumbi📍 (T119): Repairs F Builder € Galley > Campus € Privateer € Builder > Library € Privateer > Granary > University > Research lab > Water park > Ferris wheel > Aquarium > Aquatics center
  20. Bakavu📍 (T123): Repairs > Aqueduct € Trebuchet > Campus > Ikanda > Barracks > Library > Spy > University > Commercial hub > Research lab > Market > Builder > Armory > Bank > Stock exchange
  21. Mbanza Kongo📍 (T126): Repairs F Builder > Archaeological museum > University > Archaeologist € Sewer > Research lab > Commercial hub > Market > Entertainment complex > Arena > Builder
  22. Amboise📍 (T137): Repairs > Granary > Monument > Potala Palace > Aqueduct > Research lab > Industrial zone > Entertainment complex > Arena > Zoo > Stadium
  23. Rouen📍 (T143): Repairs F Builder F Builder F Builder € Monument € Granary > Water mill > Market > Research lab > Builder > Trader > Builder
  24. Avignon📍 (T151): Repairs € Granary € Monument > Neighborhood > Amphitheater > Campus > Builder > Trader > Entertainment complex
  25. Hlobane🏠 (T162): Water mill > Monument > Commercial hub > Market > Builder
  26. Portsmouth📢 (T164): € Monument € Builder > Granary > Aqueduct
  27. Khangela🏠 (T165): Monument > Granary > Water mill > Campus > Library F Naturalist > University > Holy site
  28. Emangweni🏠 (T165): Monument > Campus > Library > University > Trader > Granary > Builder
  29. Newcastle Upon Tyne📍 (T168): Repairs € Monument € Granary > Arena F Naturalist > Zoo > Stadium > Builder
  30. London📍 (T172): Repairs > Research lab > Workshop > Factory € Spaceport > Oil power plant > Stock exchange > Military engineer > Builder > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Launch Lagrange laser station > Build Terrestrial laser station
  31. Mbanza Nsundi📍 (T176): Repairs > Barracks > University > Research lab > Trader > Builder
  32. Stoke-Upon-Trent📍 (T181): Repairs > Research lab > Repairs > Temple > Synagogue F Apostle F Apostle F Apostle F Missionary F Missionary > Trader > Aqueduct > Builder > Builder
  33. Marseille📍 (T186): Repairs € Builder € Trader > Military academy > Factory > Oil power plant > Research lab > Granary > Builder > Trader > Builder > Builder € Spaceport > Build Terrestrial laser station > Build Terrestrial laser station
  34. Paris📍 (T191): Repairs > Research lab > Zoo F Naturalist > Stadium
  35. Nantes📍 (T195): Repairs > Granary € Shrine € Temple F Apostle F Apostle F Apostle > Monument > Water mill F Missionary > Trader F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary F Missionary > Gurdwara
  36. Rheims📍 (T197): Repairs € Granary F Rock band € Monument > Builder
  37. Kawa📍 (T202): Repairs > Monument > Holy site
  38. Faras📍 (T203): € Granary € Monument > Ikanda
  39. Napata📍 (T204): Repairs € Monument > Market > Builder
  40. Manchester📍 (T206): Repairs > Monument > Armory > Builder
  41. Meroë📍 (T206): Repairs > Builder
  42. El-Kurru📍 (T208): Repairs > Factory
  43. Nuri📍 (T209-216): Repairs
  44. Kerma📍 (T210): Repairs > Canal
  45. Isiphezi🏠 (T212): € Monument € Water mill € Granary > Campus
  46. Kty📍 (T213): Repairs > Builder
  47. Biruta📍 (T214): Repairs > Market
  48. Ugarit📍 (T216): Repairs > Factory
  49. Mpinda📢 (T217): Repairs > Granary > Monument > Builder > Builder
  50. Aynook📍 (T220): Repairs > Temple > Repairs
  51. Tyre📍 (T220): Repairs
  52. Sidon📍 (T220): Repairs € Monument € Granary
  53. Byblos📍 (T220): Repairs € Monument € Water mill > Holy site
  54. Eziqwaqweni🏠 (T221): Monument > Granary > Holy site > Shrine > Temple
  55. Bordeaux📢 (T227): Monument
  56. Mlambongwenya🏠 (T231): Monument


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Dec 22, 2022
This one was a loss for me, but one of the more fun Deity GOTM's I've played. I'm still working on the right strategy for Deity with the Culture and Science victories.

I played too conservative early on. Should have been a bit aggressive and captured a few cities, instead I turtled up. I was able to have 10 cities founded by around turn 100, but I didn't ever really grow beyond that.

I did get a religion, but the beliefs available didn't help me out much, the best ones for Science were already snatched up.

Focused on Campuses early, but didn't crank out enough production to be effective. Got an early spy that I used to steal tech boosts, and eventually ended up with three spies, but I let my alliance with Victoria go on too long and didn't get to sabotage her spaceports before she started getting projects in the air. I also made the mistake of renewing the alliance to prevent losing a city during a dark age, right when I should've been targeting her hard with my spies. Once I realized my mistakes, I was starting to catch up but didn't have enough production to get there. Didn't have the army necessary to go to war with her, so once she got the final project airborne, I knew I wouldn't win. Finished it out to turn 334 when the defeat came. I was still 4 turns away from the Mars Colony, so I was well behind.

Fun map and fun game! Definitely learning more with every playthrough, and these challenges force me to change up my play (win condition, map size/style, leader, difficulty). Thanks!


  • Loss Turn 334.jpg
    Loss Turn 334.jpg
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Feb 8, 2021
SV, turn 234

Pretty much same strategy as the others- with no Zulu bonuses to science and pretty poor territory to the East, decided to make war as the way forward. Conquered London with 4 horsemen, which was by far the largest English city, allowing for stable loyalty. Then eliminated France, which was the science leader at the time. Pillaged literally every tile and district that I could. Ended up eliminating 5 civs, left Dido with a few straggler cities of no value, left Egypt alone as she was the culture defender. Was still slow on culture- should have invested more in culture early. Should also have pillaged Egypt at the end- could have saved a few more turns probably.

Fun game, agree with hitretz, this was the first time I ever built Statue of Zeus which was fun. Although it became a bit tedious at the end with almost 50 cities to manage....Also the first time I ever possessed all four extra policy Wonders (Alhambra, Potala, Forbidden City and Big Ben) although only built 2 of them (Potala and Forbidden City).

The Deity AIs were pretty slow in this game I think- they didn't make much progress on Great Engineers and Great Scientists, so no help there.

Thanks for the game!


  • GOTM 151 SV 234 SHAKA.Civ6Save
    2.4 MB · Views: 2


Sep 29, 2019
199 SV

That's my first ever sub 200 SV!

I have accelerated my SVs by a lot by realising that workers charges are a lot more impactful when spent on stripping sawmills and chopping than on sacrificing them for projects with Royal Society. I think this game I've unlcked Offworld Mission on turn 195, and managed to complete about 10 projects in the very same turn (9 spaceports overall). This has completely shifted the way I approach Science Victory - from now on, I will focus much less on production, and much more on preparing good "choppable" cities with a Spaceport in them.

Additionally, I have always thought that you can't really chop Laser projects for accelerating your spaceship, because the energy supply is calculated at the beggining of the turn - meaning the city will go unpowered immedietly and cease the support of the spaceship. However, this can be circumvented by also placing some renewable energy sources in the same city prior to chopping the Laser project. So by placing 3 solar farms, you can actually keep the city powered. A minor thing, but everything counts when you are trying to skim these last few turns (in this very game, such desperate attempt saved me one final turn, much to my delight ;))

In terms of the game itself, I went for a Domination oriented gameplay, making an early push with horseman and rushing Corps. Shaka is an incredible fighter, I managed to conquer England, Ethiopia nad Kongo. Then I declared war on France, pillaging absurd amounts of resources, and finishing her off with two Bombers.

Thanks for the game! I absoluely love the combination of Science Victory and Domination-oriented civ, as this allows for some combat with late-gate units, which is a rarity :)

Slightly offtopic:

Unfortunately no save to post, as I had to format my PC shortly afterward. My machine got compromised after I downloaded infected graphics card drivers (apparently Google Ads has no issue with promoting SSL-approved phishing websites above official Nvidia sites... extremelly easy to fall victim tbh). So I lost my save, but at least I managed to make them take these websites down :(
For those curious how deceptive these phishing attempts can be:
Spoiler Stay safe when downloading drivers! (the top result is a fake website) :

Jovan Kukic

Feb 8, 2006
SV 269
This is my first science victory in Civ6 :) , my first Civ6 game on my computer, and my first 6otM. About 3-5 years ago I played it sometimes at my friend's home. I was used to play Deity anyway, I mostly won by domination. Space race and monopolies were completely new to me.
I played peacefully until I realized France may be a problem in science and culture, so I crippled them taking some of their vital cities including capital. I stopped conquest when I realized I'm going to win by culture otherwise. I destroyed my luxury improvements in order to cease my biggest monopolies and avoid cultural victory, so I won science victory.


  • r6otM151.Civ6Save
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leif erikson

Game of the Month Fanatic
GOTM Staff
Feb 2, 2003
Plymouth, MA
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