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GOTM Staff
Nov 26, 2016
Welcome to the 6otM153 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please attach your victory save to your post.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
- What were key production/purchase focuses? Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the game modes affect or impact your play?
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- Did you enjoy your game?

Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.


Aug 22, 2011
The Netherlands
Domination Victory, T117, Score 1120, 15 h

A great game that required early careful building followed by a rushed expansion.

Build up a couple encampments with Ordu while waiting to complete the research for Horseback Ridding. Then spam horsemen and take neighbors. Early on, focus on exploration to find out where the capitals are, and try to prepare city states to take down far away enemies. Second priority, go for Foreign Trade and Currency to improve visibility for combat bonuses. Also, after Horseback Ridding, go for Printing for more Diplomatic visibility.

Early game
First surprise as I moved the warrior west and found Zhangye Danxia. This is a perfect wonder for Genghis Khan army and trade routes game. After some thoughts, I settled on place and decided to settle the Natural Wonder with the second city. Found a second scout in a village, two scouts really help to explore this kind of all land maps and I benefited from it I think. Chandragupta and Gilgamesh were at war. I stumbled with pillaged cities, and declared on Gilgamesh to steal a couple of builders. By T52 I got my first Great General, Ordu and Government plaza.

My first army was made of warriors and archers that I was forced to produce to defend from rampaging barbarians in the area. It also had a Battering ram for Delhi had walls already.

Began the war with Chandragupta on T61 and got Delhi in a single turn. Declared on Gilgamesh on T65. On T68 took Chandragupta's third city, I will leave him alive with one city, while I will defeat Gilgamesh in T77 after taking all of his land. By that time I already had a few horsemen.

Turned the army to the North-east after Kublai Khan, reaching him in T82. In parallel, my new horsemen were sent to the west after Saladin, beginning the war in T88 after tricking him to war together to Menelik, so he was fighting two sides while I was protected from Menelik by Saladin himself. By T90 the war with Kublai Khan was basically completed, but I was confused the leader was still there, so I started to look east with a couple horsemen, a crossbowman and a settler, and north-east with a horsemen. These will be relevant later on.

As the World entered the Medieval Era, I already had Printing (for combat bonuses), Stirrups (for Knights) and even Shipbuilding to cross certain choke-points through lakes.

In T95 I find Kublai's last city, Almaliq, hidden in the east, and take it with a couple of horsemen that will swiftly be upgraded to coursers.

Finally in T97 I found the last civilization I was so francticaly looking for: Cleopatra. My search of Kublai's Khan cities found me with three light cavalry and a settler in the area.

In that same T97, Saladin was defeated and I started the war with Tomyris. Part of the army were the warriors I had been using in the east, now upgraded to man-at-arms, while some others were new horses that had joined through land and others that crossed the lake with recent Shipbuilding. Found a nice spot for a city with a lot of niter and put there a settler I had captured earlier from Chandragupta or Gilgamesh.

By T100 things were looking good. First of Tomyris cities was falling, while Chandragupta, Gilgamesh, Kublai Khan and Saladin were already done. I had not found yet Cleopatra's capital, but was hopeful I could find it in the large unexplored spot to the Northeast.
Captura de pantalla de 2023-02-18 21-04-39.png

37 cities, funded 7, but only the initial 3 were important to me, the others I funded to access Niter and to get a boost for Sailing (and galley's era score).

On my core, I prioritized encampments and built the government plaza in the capital. For conquered cities I focused in Commercial Hubs and Entertainment complexes, to help the efforts of war, although I ended with a sizable amount of campuses I repaired.
Diplomacy and war
Tomyris had some walls, but fortunately my Battering ram was in this group, so no problem conquering his land. This army will end the game following her track of cities to the North.

From T100 to the end, it was a chrono to reach Mansa Musa's lands with meaningful units. He was my trade partner for most of the game, and the only civilization I befriended for some time. Early on I noticed he would be the last one to fall, and started to send a catapult and some of the last mounted units built in conquered cities towards that direction. Also, I identified a few city states that would be interesting for launching attacks on his lands and made missions and focused envoys on them.

Meanwhile, Cleopatra fell with astonishing ease, my three light cavalry took all her cities, starting with the capital: moved them to the edge and took Ra-Kedet in the first turn of war, then mopped the rest with ease. On the west, Menelik required a bit more effort, but I had all types of units in the area and did not take that much to fell either, with Addis Ababa taken in T110.

I realized trying to open my way through Menelik's lands would only delay my efforts, and so signed peace when he still had two cities and was dangerously loyalty pressuring Addis Ababa (but I had Victor with the Garrison commander promotion!). Moved my light cavalry, now promoted to Cavalry through the lakes.

By the end of T117, many armies were in or in the outskirts of Mansa's territory, a couple early horsemen, Kumasi's leavied swordsmen, Johannesburg and Hong Kong leavied units, the catapult I sent, now a trebuchet, but it was the first two horsemen along with a couple of cavalries reaching from Menelik's territory who did the trick. Thanks to the trade post and Printing bonuses, they were able to take down Niani's walls with the only help of my first Keshig.
Captura de pantalla de 2023-02-19 02-28-18.png
Technology and Civics
Despite not building a single campus I did great in Science for this game. It came mostly from the large quantities of raiding the rival campuses. Also, having many Commercial Hubs for the trade routes bonuses to combat (and the gold), I took Free Inquiry, which brought some extra science and better boosts.

Technology went according to plan, and about Civics, I focused on getting better governments with more cards. Obviously took Oligarchy for the war bonuses.
Totally ignored. I find on quick victory conditions religion tends to be lost time as I need to focus on building the pertinent districts, encampments in this case.

The Pantheon though was very useful, I took God of Craftsmen, there were a lot of horses and iron around, and this gave me a great boost to produce units.

I built the Forbidden City, this is a good one and I figured out I could better focus the deer and forest chops in the capital on this rather than units that would not reach the front line in a meaningful time. Also built the Temple of Artemis in Delhi, to keep up with Amenities.

For Natural Wonders, the Zhangye Danxia was invaluable! Great Generals and Great Merchants came early and kept going for the whole game. A total blessing!

Leader and Civ bonuses
The Ordu extra movement works great in maps with so much land like this one, I think it was totally worth it! And it gives a lot of extras, like more experience and some needed housing as you are not building other infrastructure.

The visibility bonuses to combat also worked great, as well as the mounted extra attack. The horde really felt unstoppable.

The only so so bonus was the Keshig, it came late, and aside from helping damage Niani's walls, they had no time to do anything relevant.

Clans and Corporations
Hired a couple swordsmen from a nearby clan. Wanted to hire a galley too, but feared it will end in a lake as I had no coastal cities, so I did not. I could have done though anyway as the naval units I made were irrelevant in the end for Tomyris did not build any coastal city.

Corporations was not relevant aside from a few extra merchant points from the few Industries I built.

Forced me to build a small army of warriors and slingers/archers for they went wild in the beginning, but other than that no other issues. (Well, I got raided in my second city at the end, but was not relevant at that point.)
Final state
Very interesting domination game with the horde going at full over the world, thanks a lot for the game!!! :D

Spoiler Full log :

1 - 🏁Ancient Era; Pangaea🗾 Zhangye Danxia🗻 Qaraqorum🏠
2 - Africa🗾
6 - Scout!
9 - La Venta🌐
11 - Animal Husbandry🧪
13 - Gilgamesh🌐
16 - Vilnius🌐
17 - Settler!
18 - Village (scout) Saladin🌐
19 - War to Gilgamesh⚔ Builder📍 Denounced by Saladin🔥
21 - Builder! Qarabalghasun🏠
22 - Chandragupta🌐
24 - Builder📍 Slinger!
26 - Kublai Khan🌐 Caguana🌐
27 - Denounced by Kublai Khan🌐
29 - Foreign Trade🎵 Peace with Gilgamesh🕊
30 - Denounced by Chandragupta🔥
31 - Kandy🌐
33 - Granada🌐
34 - Monument!
35 - Bronze Working🧪 Village (+1 pop) Village (+1 pop)
36 - Settler!
37 - Ngazargamu🌐
38 - Archery🧪
39 - Hong Kong🌐
40 - Barbarian outpost🔥
41 - Craftsmanship🎵 Builder!
42 - Kökeqota🏠
43 - Early Empire🎵 Trader! Amani💼
44 - Encampment!
46 - Tomyris🌐
47 - Singapore🌐
48 - Monument! Granada♟ Europe🗾
49 - State Workforce🎵 Encampment! Victor💼 Kumasi🌐
50 - Horseback Riding🧪 Mansa Musa🌐
51 - Archer🔺
52 - Trung Trac👨 Government plaza! Garrison commander (Victor)💼 Ordu💰
53 - 🏁Classical Era (Golden Age - Pen, Brush and Voice) Archer!
54 - Caguana♟ Geneva🌐 Pantheon (God of Craftsmen)🔮 Archer!
55 - Military Tradition🎵 Warrior! Monument!
56 - Masonry🧪 Political Phylosophy🎵 Battering ram💰 Oligarchy🏛 Barbarian outpost🔥
57 - Pottery🧪 Spearman! Zhang Qiang👨
58 - Irrigation🧪 Horseman!
59 - Geneva♟
60 - Writing🧪 Circumnavigation🌍 Ordu💰
61 - Horseman! Horseman! Joint war with Kublai Khan against Chandragupta⚔ Village (+40 gold)
63 - Delhi📍 Settler📍
64 - Hong Kong♟ Gobustan🗻 Johannesburg🌐 Sun Tzu👨 Horseman! Builder💰
65 - Currency🧪 Mysticism🎵 Surprise war on Gilgamesh⚔ Builder📍
66 - Iron Working🧪 Warlord’s Throne! Embrasure (Victor)💼
67 - Games and Recreation🎵 Horseman! Swordsman🔺 Denounced by Tomyris🔥
68 - Wheel🧪 Patna📍 Horseman!
69 - Swordsman🔺 Menelik🌐
70 - Military Training🎵 Encampment! Ordu💰 Horseman! Oceani🗾 Nippur📍 Granary💰 Denounced by Menelik🔥
71 - Builder! Commercial hub! Swordsman💰 Settler💰
72 - Engineering🧪 Defensive Tactics🎵 Pingala💼 Johannesburg♟ Hannibal Barca👨 Ancient walls!
73 - Builder! Granary💰
75 - Bad-Tibira📍 Etemenanki📍 Great Bath📍
76 - Machinery🧪 Drama and Poetry🎵 Venice🌐
77 - Market! Commercial hub! Uruk📍 Defeated Gilgamesh💀
78 - Feudalism🎵 Kandy♟ Trader! Denounced by Kublai Khan🔥
79 - Colaeus👨 Horseman! Crossbowman🔺
80 - Recorded History🎵 Boudica👨 Trader! Horseman! Connoisseur (Pingala)💼 Kobdo🏠 Crossbowman🔺
81 - Sailing🧪 Brussels🌐 Swordsman🔺
82 - Water mill! Bireme👨 Quadrirreme👨 War to Kublai Khan⚔ Fez🌐 Galley💰 Ngazargamu♟ Choir📍 Granary💰 Monument💰 Builder💰
83 - Theology🎵 Builder📍 Trader! Ngazargamu💰 Denounced by Chandragupta🔥
84 - Horseman! Denounced by Mansa Musa🔥
85 - Lagash📢 Builder💰 Mount Everest🗻 Builder!
86 - Printing🧪 Apprenticeship🧪 Catapult! Builder! Settler📍 Johannesburg♟
87 - Builder! Xanadu📍 Ürümqi📍 Man-at-arms🔺
88 - Stirrups🧪 Civil Service🎵 Builder💰 Granary! Library! Joint war with Saladin against Menelik⚔ Surprise war on Saladin⚔ Builder📍
89 - Monument! Granary! Cairo📍
90 - Shipbuilding🧪 Horseman! Ulaanbaatar📍 Taruga🌐 Entertainment complex!
91 - Construction🧪 Horseman! Monument!
92 - Entertainment complex! Man-at-arms🔺 Baghdad📍
93 - 🏁Medieval Era (Golden Age - Free Inquiry) Military Engineering🧪 Zanzibar🌐 Horseman! Siege tower! Monument! Man-at-arms🔺 Samarkand🌐
94 - Castles🧪 Mathematics🧪 Divine Right🎵 Monarchy🏛 Hami🏠 Builder💰
95 - Education🧪 Arena! Builder! Mecca📍 Almaliq📍 Defeated Kublai Khan💀 Builder💰
96 - Mercenaries🎵 Ibn Fadlan👨 Irene of Athens👨🔮 Kabul🌐 Trader! Courser🔺 Courser🔺 Industrial zone!
97 - Military Tactics🧪 Courser🔺 Hattin📍 War against Tomyris⚔ Cleopatra🌐 Met all civilizations🌍
98 - Guilds🎵 Researcher (Pingala)💼 Grants (Pingala)💼 Commercial hub! Courser🔺 Courser🔺 Peace with Saladin🕊 Skirmisher🔺 Zanzibar♟ Monument!
99 - Gunpowder🧪 Æthelflæd👨 Armory! Trebuchet! Library! Denounced by Cleopatra🔥
100 - Medieval Faires🎵 Aqueduct! Ubsunur Hollow🗻 Kostromskaya📍 Pikeman🔺
101 - Courser🔺 Courser🔺 Crossbowman🔺
102 - Banking🧪 Siege Tactics🧪 Trebuchet🔺 Keshig! Commercial hub! Builder! Harar📍 Courser🔺 Pokrovka📍
103 - Metal Casting🧪 Knight! Skirmisher🔺 Mohenjo-Daro🌐 Courser🔺
104 - Buttress🧪 Forbidden City🏰 Market! Heavy chariot📍 Heavy chariot📍 Skirmiser💀
105 - Astrology🧪 Nazca🌐 Monument💰 Diplomatic quarter! Industrial zone! Keshig! Kumasi♟ Kumasi💰 Heavy chariot💀 Defeated Saladin💀
106 - Celestial Navigation🧪 Diplomatic Service🎵 Knight! Amphitheater! Adwa📍 Stonehenge📍 Marco Polo👨 Qeshqer🏠 Trader💰 Builder💰 Monument! Library! Trader👨 Venice♟ Chertomlyk📍
107 - Temple💰 Meeting house🔮 War against Mansa Musa⚔ Ayuthaya🌐 War against Cleopatra⚔ Râ-Kedet📍
108 - Horseman💰 Knight! Knight! Knight! Village (+20 faith) Musketman🔺
109 - Military Science🧪 Ballistics🧪 Entertainment complex! Thebes📍
110 - Rifling🧪 El Cid👨 Samarkand♟ Addis Ababa📍 Colosseum📍 Machu Picchu📍 Cavalry🔺 Barbarian outpost🔥 Heavy chariot📍 Pazyryk📍
111 - Refining🧪 Foreign Ministry! Johannesburg💰 Hong Kong💰 Granada💰 University! Harbor! Cuirassier🔺 Memphis📍 Cavalry🔺 Cavalry🔺 Cuirassier🔺 Military Emergency from Chandragupta and Mansa Musa for Delhi⚔
112 - Humanism🎵 Temple of Artemis🏰 Buenos Aires🌐 Sais📍 Trader! Commercial hub! Peace with Menelik🕊 Cuirassier🔺 Line infantry🔺
113 - The Enlightenment🎵 Varu📍 Workshop! Harbor! Akhetaten📍 Horseman💀
114 - Monument! Chariot archer📍 Settler📍 Chariot archer📍 Consulate! Builder! Line infantry🔺 Cuirassier🔺 Cavalry🔺 Neapolis📍 Defeated Tomyris💀 Barbarian outpost🔥
115 - Medina📢 Cuirassier🔺 Builder! Builder! Cardiff🛡 Defeated Cleopatra💀 Lahore🌐 Man-at-arms💀
116 - Mercantilism🎵 Field cannon🔺 Field cannon🔺 Lighthouse! Arena! Builder📍 Line infantry🔺 Iryai🏠 Builder💰
117 - Steel🧪 Commercial hub! Cavalry! Writing👨 Arena! Gao📍 Niani📍
117 - Domination Victory🏆

Spoiler City build order :

  1. Qaraqorum🏠 (T1): Scout > Settler > Builder > Slinger > Warrior > Settler > Trader > Encampment > Monument > Government plaza > Archer > Warrior € Ordu > Horseman > Warlord’s Throne > Horseman > Horseman > Builder € Settler > Builder € Granary > Trader > Trader > Trader > Builder > Builder > Forbidden City > Foreign Ministry > Commercial hub > Market
  2. Qarabalghasun🏠 (T21): Monument > Builder > Encampment > Archer > Spearman € Ordu > Horseman > Horseman > Commercial hub > Market > Horseman > Horseman > Builder > Granary > Horseman > Siege tower > Armory > Keshig > Knight > Harbor > Cuirassier
  3. Kökeqota🏠 (T42): Monument € Battering ram > Horseman > Horseman > Encampment € Ordu > Commercial hub > Horseman > Catapult > Granary > Horseman > Horseman > Trader > Knight > Knight > Harbor > Lighthouse > Cuirassier
  4. Delhi📍 (T63): Repairs € Builder > Ancient walls > Water mill > Entertainment complex > Arena > Commercial hub > Temple of Artemis > Market
  5. Patna📍 (T68): Repairs > Library > Builder > Industrial zone > Commercial hub > Market > Workshop > Entertainment complex
  6. Nippur📍 (T70): Repairs € Granary > Library > Builder > Entertainment complex
  7. Bad-Tibira📍 (T73): Repairs > Monument > Amphitheater > Courser
  8. Uruk📍 (T77): Repairs € Builder > Monument > Library > Keshig > Cavalry > Granary
  9. Kobdo🏠 (T80): € Galley > Monument € Builder > Trebuchet > Knight > Commercial hub
  10. Choir📍 (T82): € Granary € Monument € Builder > Entertainment complex > Aqueduct > Industrial zone > Spy > Arena > Builder
  11. Lagash📢 (T85): € Builder > Monument > Commercial hub > Market
  12. Xanadu📍 (T87): Repairs > Builder > University > Repairs > Temple
  13. Ürümqi📍 (T87): Repairs > Entertainment complex > Arena > Commercial hub
  14. Cairo📍 (T89): Repairs > Knight > Trader > University
  15. Ulaanbaatar📍 (T90): Repairs > Keshig
  16. Baghdad📍 (T92): Repairs > Arena
  17. Hami🏠 (T94): € Builder > Monument > Diplomatic quarter > Consulate > Harbor
  18. Mecca📍 (T95): Repairs > Builder
  19. Almaliq📍 (T95): Repairs > Monument > Builder > Commercial hub
  20. Hattin📍 (T97): Repairs > Knight
  21. Kostromskaya📍 (T100): Repairs > Builder
  22. Harar📍 (T102): Repairs € Monument > Courser
  23. Pokrovka📍 (T102): Repairs € Temple F Meeting house > Builder > University
  24. Adwa📍 (T106): Repairs
  25. Qeshqer🏠 (T106): € Trader € Builder > Monument € Builder > Industrial zone
  26. Chertomlyk📍 (T106): Repairs > Temple
  27. Râ-Kedet📍 (T107): Repairs > Builder
  28. Thebes📍 (T109): Repairs
  29. Addis Ababa📍 (T110): Repairs
  30. Pazyryk📍 (T110): Repairs > Entertainment complex
  31. Memphis📍 (T111): Repairs
  32. Sais📍 (T112): Repairs
  33. Akhetaten📍 (T113): Repairs
  34. Medina📢 (T114): Builder
  35. Iryai🏠 (T116): Preserve
  36. Gao📍 (T117)
  37. Niani📍 (T117)


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Jovan Kukic

Feb 8, 2006
Turn 166(1050.) domination victory, score 1273.
I crushed opponents mostly by Keshigs and siege units. I mostly used faster units to attack farther opponents, while closer enemies were attacked by more siege weapons.


  • r6otM153.Civ6Save
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Mar 28, 2004
Elmendorf, Tx
Domination Victory Turn 157, score 1655

I think I waited too long to start the first war.


  • 6otM153 Dom Vic T157 S1655.Civ6Save
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Aug 21, 2022
Console player here, so just participating in spirit. Turn 233 DV, score 2923. Got an early foothold, but didn't rush the victory. Built a huge empire and led my people to greatness. Was 2 turns away from a culture victory. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that I might be just about to take their capital, but those citizens are still like, "hey, want to check out GKs art collection?" Tourism should be limited in times of war. Anyways it was fun!


Nov 21, 2012
I opened the first game files that was turn 21....
Waited a few weeks to play the game with the right file but I still went to meet Kandy first ,could not forget this one :)
Settled 3 cities, first 2 went for Ordu, third for city plaza.
took Patna that was a free city with 3 warriors , 2 archers and a GG .then roll on all the civs
Keshnik were late in the game ,one allow me transport battling ram and a GG to Musa the last civ standing
Took Kubla and Egypt with raised army from CS
Had to juggle a bit with loyalty
All GA with monumentality(pantheon +1 prod +1 faith)
great game


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leif erikson

Game of the Month Fanatic
GOTM Staff
Feb 2, 2003
Plymouth, MA
This game is closed for submissions as time has run out.
You may continue to post here and attach saves if you wish. Results will include games above this post.


Mar 22, 2023
Domination victory, T301

This was a very fun game! I have been eyeing a Gengis Khan cavalry domination game and this was a great opportunity. The map served the fantasy well.

This was also the first time I did not do any save-scumming which I can attest greatly improves the experience - forces thinking through key decisions more carefully and better risk assessment. I was fine with it so far as I have been still learning the game. This challenge and the Immortal difficulty was a good place to start playing off a single save. Will definitely be the way forward for me.

Ancient Era (N)
Settled on the bananas 2 tiles to the East to avoid the desert tiles. Met Arabia as the first neighbour on T19. Since I felt protected from other civs by the rainforest and mountain ranges, I went double Scout > Settler > Slinger. Settled the second city to the East. Holy Site was the first district in the capital. I was happy to see the double horses as the base for conquering the world with my cavalry. Picked Work Ethic as the pantheon belief to improve the capital’s production. Mass archers defended me against the barbs wave from the south-east.

Classical Era (N)
Met another Mongolia led by my grandson Kublai which was a nice surprise. Built the Temple of Artemis for extremely good returns with plenty of pastures, camps and plantations around. Found the religion of The Great Horse. Started pumping out Campuses with the aim of getting to Stirrups as soon as possible. Met all civs and circumvented the world with my Scout in the effort to secure the Golden Age.

Medieval Era (G)
Picked Monumentality for some massive faith builder and settler production. First Keshig created T128, many to follow.

Made friends with everyone but Arabia, Ethiopia and Scythia. Swarmed Arabia with the Keshigs, under the Great General El Cid. Stopped short of wiping them off the map as the final city was amazingly well defended with a single tile access (later that city fell to me by loyalty pressure anyway).
I recruited a lot of Great Generals throughout the game since I focused on Encampments as the primary district in most cities I settled (followed by Commercial Hubs, Campuses and - later - Airfields).

Set my eyes on Ethiopia next. Alhambra produced at T151. Spent 3 Magnus chops to secure it - well worth it for the extra policy card.

Industrial Era (N)
Conquered two cities from Ethiopia, but my attack had to stop here. Overstayed my welcome and lost way too many highly promoted Keshigs to the Cuirassiers. Made peace and spread the remaining Keshigs, Knights and Crossbowmen around for the amenities from the Retainers policy card. The city I conquered - Dessie - was meant to serve as a nice choke point and foothold for future attacks.
My Commercial Hubs started producing returns and I snatched a Great Merchant. First corporation created T201.
Started spreading around The Great Horse for increased loyalty (Stupas) and gold (Tithe).
Converting their cities really angered Ethiopia who attacked me and almost re-conquered Dessie as I forgot to build the walls there! That was the biggest “oh sh*t!” moment of the game for me as my military was scattered all around and I was catching up with the tech. The AI though… Pummelled the city with 3 Artillery units but their melee unit didn’t follow up in time. The field cannon in the city and the Bastions policy card saved the day. My freshly produced Cuirassiers overtook the attackers and pushed back.

Went into the Golden Age Modern Era thanks to Reform the Coinage and many trade routes completed, picked Heartbeat of Steam.

Modern era (G)
Secured the oil in the southern desert - with the plan of building a Petra (which sadly never came to be) - and upgraded my Cuirassiers to Tanks. Pillaged the hell out of Ethiopia taking city by city. My spies were hard at work here - increasing the diplomatic visibility for the bonus combat strength. Added some Artillery to the mix and made my way to Addis Ababa for some heavy fighting.

Continued the fight down south to get closer to Mali as they suddenly got a strong military so I planned to hit them while they were not too far ahead. In the end they spent their military on some wars of theirs, and those Siphon Funds spy missions were looking quite juicy, so I left them alone for now.
Produced a quick 6-turn Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, mainly for the double Great Engineer charge, although I had some catch up to do with the Industrial Zones which never really materialised. Spent 6k of my 8k faith to recruit a Great Engineer and secure 4 points for another Golden Age.

Atomic Era (G)

Picked To Arms! for the increased unit production. Finished off Ethiopia with the help of Bombers into Jets Bombers.
For a while now, I have been building the railway network throughout my empire in order to be able to move troops easily in case I needed to. Which came handy when I went to conquer a few Scythia cities (including the capital) to the northeast of my starting position as they were getting alarmingly high in science, culture and military force.
Switched to Fascism from the Monarchy that I was sporting for most of the game (following from Autocracy). Gave away all my Great Works to Cleopatra who was not too culturally or militarily advanced to avoid a cultural victory which was now in my reach.
My military alliance with Kublai, who became the most powerful opponent, ended just in time. Everyone turned on me because of my betrayal when I attacked him. Didn’t bother me much as I now had more firepower than all other civs combined and it’s the AI we are talking about, so the worst that happened was an occasional Tank banging its head against the walls and getting shot by the city and Encampment defences. I methodically worked to capture Mongolia’s capital and keep Scythia in check.
At this point the micromanagement was getting really tedious, so lacking patience I razed Babylon and India to the ground.
I completed the Earth Satellites to reveal the map, finding the use for Carl Sagan whom I recruited a while back with the thought of taking him away from the AI.
The game became mostly about building and juggling Jet Bombers and building railways and airstrips around. First GDR T292.

Information Era (G)
Picked To Arms! again although at this point it didn’t matter much as I have been producing GDRs already and had a healthy supply of Uranium.
The Hagha Sophia completed at T300 to my surprise, as I forgot all about it - that was my 4th and final constructed wonder.
I aimed to finish the game with a (thermonuclear) bang, but the thermo nukes in production were still a few turns away.
I quickly killed most of Mali with a few GDRs and at the same time proceeded to the far north where the Egyptian capital fell T301.

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