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Nov 26, 2016
Welcome to the 6otM180 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please attach your victory save to your post.

- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
- What were key production/purchase focuses?
Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the map affect your gameplay?
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- Did you enjoy your game?

Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.

If this is a replay, please indicate 'REPLAY' at the top of your post. If you conduct regular restarts, please indicate 'RELOADS' at the top of your post. More posting helps us all get play better as we understand the methods of others, but want to clearly distinguish between a first run through without reloads and other submissions as it is much harder to recover in game from the mistakes we all make.
DV 125

Thanks for the game! Initially thought about setting up a religion but Canada was getting harassed by a barb camp spawning jaguars which made them an easy first target. Canada had forward settled byz making Constantinpole a quick take as well. After knocking those down, used horseman to raid and drive economy while army pushed around the map. Forgot that the Qhapaq Ñan allow you to teleport until near the end of the game, definitely could have shaved some turns there. Had fun with this one!


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Religious Victory at turn 280. I had converted every civilization except India at turn 175. It took more than 100 turns to get to that final conversion. One reason for this was that every other civilization banded against me because I took a former city state from Basil II and then they wanted to liberate it. That happened around turn 180.

I rushed as much as I could to get first to a religion but Russia beat me to it so I started to convert his cities resulting that he started a war against me.

My focus otherwise was to get as many cities as possible between the mountains in the west and Canada/Byzanthium in the east and then build a Holy Site in each city.


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DV turn 101

Quick and dirty conquest. I settled just two cities, then started spamming warriors and archers which did most of the work.
I pondered for a while how to overcome that mountain barrier in the west until I realized that I had the Qhapaq Nan.
Overall, I met hardly any serious resistance, and somehow even got a great prophet 3 turns before victory (which of
course didn't make a difference at this point).

Short Fun game - thanks!


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